Saturday in Limerick and Six nations Rugby

I’m sitting here watching Wales really carrying the game to England, with both sides producing exciting, gritty rugby, but I fell asleep in the middle of the earlier France-Scotland match. That must have been because it was a boring piece of shit.

Of course, it might have been because I gave in to temptation this morning when I went to the market for a loaf of brown bread and a bag of fresh fish straight from the quayside in West Cork. If I could only have gone for a coffee and a read of the paper, I would have been fine, but instead when I wandered into the hostelry I bumped into all sorts of demented people who kept me entertained for the best part of an hour.

Entertained, but not informed, since I got no chance to read my paper, as is my habit on a Saturday morning, a fact you know well. I have often brought you pictures from those Saturday mornings. But for some reason, the place was exceptionally busy and I had no place to sit down in comfort, so I stood by the fire instead, sharing opinions and idiocies with an assortment of opinionated idiots like myself.

I left with my paper unopened. Not good.

I’m a creature of routine, and I need to read my paper on Saturday morning, do the Sudoku and the crossword, and share some desultory conversation before blundering off home. If that doesn’t happen, my entire week is screwed, and that was why my eye fell on the nice Turkish café. And that was why I took a sharp right, went in, ordered their very nice lamb doner, their dark Turkish coffee, and spread out my paper for a thorough, forensic examination. And that was why I ended up eating a delicious lamb doner meal which both nourished and delighted me, but which also created a gigantic digestive burden, as it always does.

It makes me sleepy.

Therefore, when Parkenstein called to go walking with the dogs, I was already dozing off. And after four miles of walking, I was wall-falling.

And that was why I fell asleep and missed half of the France-Scotland match, but I didn’t miss much really.

It was shite.

Wales have just beaten England, and tomorrow Ireland play Italy.

Better stay awake for that one.

10 thoughts on “Saturday in Limerick and Six nations Rugby

  1. Whats the story with the french booing their own team because the fans are not being entertained??


    Also, I feel the need to point out the fact that the winner of the other match was the slightly less mediocre than the opposition.

    Aslo, I also feel the need to point out that, also, tomorrow will tell whether last week was a flash in the pan or we might actually be getting our shit together.

    Watch this space…


  2. Scotland played absolute shite. They need to decide whether they are playing professional rugby for their country, or giving needless penalties away like a bunch of Neds.

    A good, but expensive weekend of sport already half way to cock. I can only hope that Celtic win the old firm game tomorrow, or there will be some serious self questioning as to why I spent my hard earned, and got fuck all back in return.

    Cunts, cunts, cunts. Rant over, normal service is resumed.

  3. Jimmy Bastard,


    Would that be the Non Executive DirectorS (NEDS) Of Anglo Irish Bank?

    Or everybody who voted for Fianna Fail last time out?

  4. Bock just a quick note to say nice one… your posts are the best part of my completely ordinary every god damn day job. You tell it how it is. Keep it up dude. I was forced to watch ps I love I love you tonight on dvd (I bought her that so I brought it on myself). I ended up in the kitchen drinking vodka on my own doing youtube stone roses, the cure etc. Fantastic night!!

  5. Haven’t heard anyone but the Ma use “wall-falling” in an age!

    She is also often “gaspin’ with the droot”!
    That could be somethin’ ta doo with our scottish ancestry, eh Jimmy (bastard)?


  6. Demented indeed. When they call like that when you are fit only for sleep is the real curse of this nation. Why can’t people walk their dogs alone? Ha?
    Excellent post though!

  7. Prediction, Ireland to win by at least a 12 point margin today….seconds out.

    PS – I’m convinced that that’s Peter Clohessey staring out from behind one of the Cherubs in that auld pic by Michael whatshisname on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel?

    Did anyone else notice t’was the Claw?

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