As you probably know, our gobshite police force questioned an artist in recent days for putting a painting in a gallery without permission.

Imagine that. 

These policemen, not renowned for their subtlety, levels of literacy or cultural sophistication were sent out to intimidate a painter who made a joke about the leader of government, as if they were qualified to do anything but direct traffic.

The man lampooned is not the head of state.  He’s a politician, who leads the party that presided over the collapse of our economy due to its close relationship with a bunch of criminals in the banking industry and construction.

The puppet police didn’t prosecute the builders who bankrupted our country by constructing thousands of over-priced houses, but they want to jail an artist for driving a single nail.

Dear God!  What a bunch of fools.

What a pathetic country we have.



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5 thoughts on “Art Police

  1. True BOCK. The country is pathetic. The Government certainly are. Fianna Fáil in Government were only ever interested in staying there and stealing as much as they could get away with from the public purse. That’s been their history, their motivation and their reason for being. Any criticism of FF was always put down by it’s rabid supporters.
    I remember my grandmother saying of DeVelera; “all he’s doing is lining his pockets”. She was correct as has since been revealed.
    So with that shower in power how could it be any other way?
    Very apt song from Cohen.

  2. somebody once referred to the Gardai as the Gardai Chickelleeeeeeney! and it’s so apt. Intimidation is probably their middle name, especially when it comes to soft targets. This artist is a soft target to them. They are not as quick on the ball when it actually comes to real criminals, real hardened criminals, and it’s a sorry state this country is in a the moment. The Goverment needs a good kick up the arse, as does the mickey mouse garda force we have.

    The Fart Police – full of hot air! they’d want to stop cutting the owl cheese, for a change.

  3. Thats the Garbage Siochana for you.Those plonkers will never pass up an opportunity to make assholes of themselves.I wonder was it the clowns in the Dark Vader suits that raided the artists house.No doubt offences against the state act and possesion of subversive material.

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