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  1. Nevin,

    “sorry…. you lost me? Who is this guy?”

    A little more detail and with Bock’s permission some personal observation.

    He is the leader of the (current) majority party in Ireland, and became our Prime Minister (Taoiseach) by default. The previous leader of that party having been dismissed because of “financial irregularities”. Cowen was not elected by the people as leader. Cowen is leader by default only. He has an agenda but no mandate.

    Not dissimilar to James Gordon Brown Prime Minister of the UK, Cowen was previously Finance Minister. He is personally responsible for the current financial condition of Ireland. If he is not, then what is the point of having a Minister of Finance? Now he wants to suppress criticism.

    This is how a Conservative MEP (Member of the European Parliament) addressed Brown.

    It is a pity that Ireland does not have MEP’s capable of such.

    Cowen is a fascist without the shiny boots.

    He denies the right of the Irish electorate to reject the Lisbon Treaty.

    He now wants to suppress an act of satire by exceeding his Constitutional Authority.

    This is a test by Cowen to see if the people will respond. Others have tested this before, Hitler, Mao, Stalin. Not that I would compare Cowen to any of these murderers, he is BIFFO, he just doesn’t have the brains for it, thank God. I do however sometimes worry that there are those behind the unelected throne that do.

    Free speech is the one thing that Cowen cannot afford at this time.

    The difficulty for Cowen and Fianna Fail is that they are so stupid they picked on the wrong person, an innocent.

  2. All the good cartoonists draw (sometimes highly unflattering) caricatures of politicians, and many are published daily in major newspapers. This whole thing is ludicrous. What about “Spitting Image”? That wasn’t very flattering, and it was on ‘mainstream TV’. For heaven’s sake …

  3. Unstranger beat me to it. I was just going to say how svelte and trim Cowen was in that picture.

    Fuck!! It just came to me. Ireland IS the ‘Lost’ island. Would this kind of carry-one be tolerated anywhere else?

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