Declan Ganley’s Money

I bumped into my old buddy, Indiana Murphy the other day.

See that fucker, Dixon Gently? he said.

Do you mean Ganley?

Gently.  Grimly.  Grumbly.  Whatever.  The guy that bought a party.  Whatcha call it?  Liver-toss?

Libertas, I corrected.  Their name is Libertas.  Mr Ganley set up a party as he has every right to.

Well, said Indy, that’s as may be.  But did you know he’s been buyin’ and sellin’ thousands of Baryshnikovs, and that’s how he got all his money?

He’s been selling ballet dancers?  I thought he was buying timber in Latvia.

Ah, Baryshnikov, Baroshnikov, Barackobamikov.  I should worry about this already?  Whatever the fuck you call ’em.  He was buyin these Achey-fifty-sevens from the guys that used to be Russians, and he was sellin them to some other guys.  African guys.

For killing people?

Who knows?  They sure as hell wasn’t usin ’em for golf clubs.

Fuck, I thought he was buying timber in Latvia.

Well, maybe he was.  Maybe he was buying some timber, but it was shaped like a lot of handles and attached to things shaped a lot like  high-velocity assault Kashkropikovs.

I was astounded.  Could Indy be suggesting that a committed Christian might be capable of lying?  Or worse – dealing in weapons of death?  Surely not.

I’m astounded, I said.  Could you be suggesting that a committed Christian might be capable of lying?  Or worse – dealing in weapons of death?  Surely not.

Indiana Murphy shrugged.  Who knows?  When I’m out robbin’ tombs, I hear things.  Who knows what’s true and what ain’t?  I hear he lives in a castle in Galway.  They call it the Rifle Tower.

13 thoughts on “Declan Ganley’s Money

  1. There must be plenty of money in them Cashnikovs he’s flogging. He’s just been making overtures to a Swedish Euro-sceptic party in order to persuade them to adopt the Libertas tag. The deal included a sweetener of €900,000 and oodles of dough in the pipeline.

    The Swedes told him to take his tainted lucre and get stuffed. Money can’t buy you love anywhere in Europe these days if your name is Gauntly it seems.

    There’s money in sh*t obviously since he’s got so much of it to throw around and it doesn’t seem to bother him that his name is mud all over the EU.

  2. You know, the last thing Europe needs is another little jumped-up Falangalist.

  3. Sounds just the tonic for FF who need someone in charge with a record of having done something!
    He’d have got on great with Haughey who was an accomplished gun runner during the 70s..

  4. Agree with Unstranger, this fellow is ideal for FF if maybe a little left wing for some. FF don’t give a shit about the source of their income.

  5. Nonsense, with his contacts in the Pentagon, the CIA, Russia & Eastern Europe he could teach Soldiers of Destiny a thing or two.

    Ganley, with his exploitation of loopholes in the laws that apply to Native People in Alaska & his dubious involvement in the Financial Markets in Albania (mysterious Pyramids worthy of investigation by Indiana Murphy were spotted in the country during the 90’s), makes Fianna Fail seem like a bunch of country cábógs scraping the ground in a turnip patch.

    In any case, why would a British citizen be so interested in Irish political affairs and when is he going to tell us where the funding for Libertas comes from?

    It seems that any gobshite can wrap himself in the Tricolour these days and and represent the rest of us.

    Cashcropnikovs are only half the story, this is one shady dude.

  6. Any truth in the rumour that our Deccy is really Tanaiste McDuel reincarnated with a nice syrup?

  7. Did you read reports of that speech he made to the right-thinking gathering in Ballaghdereen? I’d say God mints his money for him, so unfathomable is its source.

  8. Is he the most arrogant self promoting wanker you’ve ever met? I don’t care where he gets his money he’s still an obnoxious prick.

  9. Ah now lads surely the follically challenged Furher hasn’t got you all upset. Well he is coming to play on home turf now, can we ensure his annihilation at the June polls? that means you lot getting up off yer holes and joining the active work.

    If Ganley is crushed here I think the French and Brits wuill take care of their own Libertas.

    the only one that has any traction is Poland , BUT the money has not even started to be spent , he has a bunch of interns setting up Twitter and facebook libberti but the Libertas France tTwitter is written in English despite |Libertas France ie the MPF being psycho nationalist extremists.
    Flag it, blog it and join and bring the voice of the people to the site run b Ganleys minion cocky monstrosity David Cochrane, and if that fails ………………….Bock better get to Venezuela

  10. This is nonsense, why didn’t it go ahead and say AK-47 or kalashnikov? Because in the eyes of the law, you are accusing him of selling ‘Ah, Baryshnikov, Baroshnikov, Barackobamikov’ or ‘Achey-fifty-sevens’. Which isn’t infact anything that truly exists, so therefore in the eyes of the law isn’t accusing him of anything. Guys, don’t jump to conclusions and believe all the propaganda you see and hear all around you.

    Ganley, in the first Lisbon treaty said the truth and was constantly accused of being a lier. That’s the sort of rubbish the man is up against, for being a libertarian. Lisbon 2 was a scam, it was rigged and used scare tactics along with false information.

    I’m angry as hell over what’s being going on in the world and its about time everyone WAKED THE FUCK UP and did something!!!!!!

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