Fianna Fail Zombies

I’m a bit late coming to this, but what the hell. It’s worth a laugh any day of the week.

Have a look at these inbred fucking morons gaping at the camera during a news report. These are Fianna Fáil delegates at their annual conference, crowded around the camera like hillbillies at a hanging. These are the people whose party is in charge of this country.

We’re fucking doomed.

Look at them. Their family trees don’t fucking branch.

The fool on the left at the front looks like he was beaten with a shovel at birth, and to be honest with you, it’s hard to blame whoever did it. A face like a robber’s dog.

Look at them. If ever the word retarded had a relevance, it must be for these fucking apes.

Watch the fool at the back. The guy with the beard. Keep a close eye on him as the camera goes back to the studio. Watch what happens.

I remind you again: these fucking dimwits are the party that has crashed our country into a wall, and who’s surprised? Not fucking me. Put a family of orang-utans in charge of the country and they’d do a better job than this bunch of cretins. Look at them. Dopey, drunken gobshites.

Our party of fucking government.

We’re fucked!

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16 thoughts on “Fianna Fail Zombies

  1. abt 1:12 in great stuff with the bee gee impersonator popping up again the wrong way around…. lol

  2. That fool on the left was so ugly when he was a kid, that his mother had to tie a bone around his neck, to get the dog to play with him! God love him, he still misses it!

  3. That guy at the back looked like old Thomas Mac Giolla TD, but hasn’t he been dead for years an’ years?
    Jesus, please tell me it isn’t him!
    If it is, well, we’re all bollixed!

  4. I saw this on the day of the conference on the news and it struck me then , how strange they looked , all staring into the camera , like a herd of bullocks .
    The next time you pass a field with a herd of bullocks , go to the gate and stand there and call them over and they’ll stand there looking at you , just like that , that bullock look .

  5. You are late with this, but what the hell it’s good for a laugh, what a bunch of Cunts ..

  6. That’s what the bearded Bullock was doing Janeymac …he went down for a graze….

  7. Bet the they all have compooooters at home and billins in the bank.. Foster & Allen CD’s an all.

  8. Funniest thing I ever saw, I thought it was a send up at first. I was unsure if it was an FF Ard fheis or a Village Idiots convention. I recall some one once refering to the FF family, looks like theres a fair bit of inbreeding goin on there …… keep it in the family

  9. Village Idiots Convention sounds more accurate, Backhander.

    Difficult to say which of the delegates Peter Sutcliffe went down on during the “back to you Ann” break, no tell-tale smile even…..a sign of good clerical training gan dabhat from the recipient.

    I have a feeling these self same gobshites learned how to stare at TV cameras 30 or 40 years ago, when, as clodhopping kids, they’d invade the pitch on Munster Final day at Thurles or wherever, surround the interviewer and winning captain, screaming the county equivalent of “Up Dev” at the telly and get to stay up after “The Riordans” on the good of it.

  10. Now I’m scared ,The sad part is that one of those Muppets could be running this land soon…..
    As a general rule, don’t try to solve puzzles that open portals to Hell …
    Should we all move to Poland just to get away from this…..

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