Newstalk: The Emergency

Nick McGivney and friends have managed to sell a satirical political programme to Newstalk.

Saturday.  11:30 am.

Great news.  This could be Scrap Saturday all over again, which is something we badly need in these grim times.

Check it out here. Click on the pic.

18 thoughts on “Newstalk: The Emergency

  1. No 8, – Some people believe he is a bastard – maybe they believe that all children born out of wedlock are bastards ?????

  2. Much obliged for the shout, Bock. I hope your fans enjoy it. Expect a hearty side helping of Generous G Ryan (less 10%), your own Wee Willy, Dutch Bono, Golden Circles galore and hapes more. And Dev is just our poster boy, no more.

  3. The word bastard seems to be used in some sort of generic sense these days – and to think Kevin Myres was ran out of the IT for the use of same, although he was using the word in relation to unmarried mothers and their bastards which was technically correct as the word bastard is defined in the dictionary as – a person born of unmarried parents; an illegitimate child.

    But then the dictionary has another definition totally unrelated to the original.

    2. Slang. a. a vicious, despicable, or thoroughly disliked person: Some bastard slashed the tires on my car.

    Could it be that only people born out of wedlock go around slashing the tyres of peoples cars, the bastards.

    And what about when you spy a person with a bit of a spare tyre on him.

    He’s a fat bastard – or when a rugby team from Dublin defy the natural order of things and beat a Limerick side.

    “The bastards”

    It reminds me of Billy Connolly and his observation that they had a peculiar breed of dog in Glasgow, called a fucking dog.

    Brother Billy, a God fearing Celtic fan, was walking his wee mutt one day when some person told him to get that “fucking dog” out of here.
    Anyway, the mob came to the conclusion that Myres was a bastardo as they say in Mexico and he was handed a P-45.

    Meanwhile, old Dev was a good Limerick man and we loved him, the bastard.

  4. dev was off travelling around the states when real work had to be done at home. ok he was raising funds for the new republic, but of the $5million he raised he spent $1million on expenses. and this week we see fianna fail tds heading off again, somethings never change

  5. Dev swindled thousands of Irish-Americans by selling them worthless shares in the Irish Press Corporation. These were not shares in the Irish Press but in an American-registered company controlled by Dev. He then fraudulently used this money to buy a controlling interest in the Irish Press, making a fortune for himself and his heirs. Apart from members of the deValera family, no shareholder ever received a dividend payment from the Irish Press.

  6. Abdul

    Would you agree on the correct collective noun for a group of bastards; that being a shower?

  7. I’m subscribed to the podcast and I’m loving it. Laugh-out-loud funny and absolutely fucking vicious, as well it needs to be in this day and age.

    Green Party political broadcat is hysterical…

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