Printing Money — The Lenten Miracle

A trillion dollars out of nowhere, just like a habit out of a rat.

A trillion dollaroonies!  Now you see ’em, now you don’t.

What a brilliant idea.  What a bunch of geniuses these high flying economists are.

Can you just see them, over there in the Fed’s offices, scratching their glistening pates and hefting their sweaty paunches out over chafing belt-leather.

What’ll we do, Ben?

Dunno.  Ask Greenspan.

Greenspan’s gone.

Let’s ask President Bush.


Sorry.  Just kidding.

Don’t joke about something like that.

I have it!

You do?

Yeah.  Let’s ask ourselves, What would Jesus do?


Yeah you do.



Rising from the dead?

No.  The other one.

Water into beer?

The other one.  Loaves and fishes.

If it’s good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for us.



10 thoughts on “Printing Money — The Lenten Miracle

  1. So there I am, too old to work and living on a few dollars I get from my savings and Ben comes along and gives them money for nothing.

    “Listen”, they say to me, “we’re not paying you five dollars for a hundred anymore, or anything like that; no, we’ll pay you maybe one dollar for two hundred. Yeah, we know that it’s your pension, but that’s hard luck. We have some seriously important guys in trouble and we’ve got to help those guys”.

  2. Righteous wrath is what I hear in your words. I thought priests were supposed to be calm and serene and slightly drunk on fine port, in contemplation of the ludicrous religious delusion they adhere to.


    Is this a sign of renewed anger among the clergy?

  3. At least you’ll die rich. We cultural Catholics are screwed. No self control.

    Won’t it be great to be a rich dead fucker?

  4. useless fact – a trillion euro would pay an unemployed irish person (single with no dependants) 5133470225.8726899383983572895277 weeks of dole……..

  5. …or buy ya 222222222222.2 pints (but i’m sure if you were buying in such bulk the barman might let ya off the price of the last .2)

  6. Well it worked for the Weimar Republic, Opps well no it did not actually. Zimbabwe then? Again no. But it must work for America because the whole world depends on America , besides The People Republic of China own America now and they can always do a little “bail out” if push comes to shove.

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