Government Finds Out Figures On Morning Of Cabinet Meeting

The government didn’t realise the figures were that bad until the morning of the cabinet meeting.



Are these people supposed to be running the country or not?

They didn’t know, until the day they met, how disastrous the tax take was. They just didn’t know.


Are they working part time? Is that it? Are they spending most of their day doing part-time jobs painting houses or cleaning toilets or maybe a bit of landscaping?

Give me a minute while I shake my head.

This is the government, isn’t it? Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. The government. Those who govern.

What? They only found out on the morning of their meeting, at which they planned to govern us, how bad the sums were. They didn’t fucking know?

Why not? Was it a secret? Was there a bad civil servant out there saying, No! I’ll tell ya when I’m good and fuckin ready?

No. Of course there wasn’t. The reason they didn’t know is because they’re a crowd of fucking idiots.

That’s our government. Jesus, that’s what’s protecting us from oblivion.

We’re fucked.

14 thoughts on “Government Finds Out Figures On Morning Of Cabinet Meeting

  1. Again, Bock.


    But of course they knew.

    It’s just that their lies are catching up on them faster than they can run (or than they can get back door bailouts from Europe).

    Lie 1.

    The banks are solvent, it’s just a liquidity problem.

    Bank of Ireland and Allied Irish Bank are today INSOLVENT (as is the rest of the domestic financial “industry” ~ When did finance become industry?)

    Bank of Ireland @ €0.12

    Allied Irish @ @ €0.27

    Total market value = € 358,281,736

    The amount Fianna Fail has (or will) pass to those banks in the Dail (in the form of preference shares ~ which are worthless) ………….€7,000,000,000.

    That’s lie 1.

    Lie 2

    Ireland is solvent

    Lie 3

    Fianna Fail are competent.

    Lie 4

    An insolvent country can bail out insolvent banks.

    Lie 5

    The European Union will bail us out.

    Lie 6

    The Euro is a stable currency.

    Truth 1

    “That’s our government. Jesus, that’s what’s protecting us from oblivion.
    We’re fucked.”

  2. “artyeva

    March 6th, 2009

    we’re fucked aren’t we?”

    It seems like you have some question about that.

    I am clear on it.

    What do you need to know?

  3. Oh just lie back and enjoy it. I shall see you all on the main Street . I shall be the one with the biggest cap . Under the bridge can be quite comfy , when we all cuddle up together.

  4. …and here I am with 2 excited children.
    Excited ‘cos for the first time in 7 years we’re all going on a holiday together.

    Next month
    To Ireland. For a holiday. Next month. For a month.




    Be gentle with us

  5. Lenihan didn’t read the Anglo report, he didn’t know the extent of the tax shortfall until the meeting. Consistant. What’s the problem?

  6. protecting us from oblivion !!……..driving us at breakneck speed into more like.

    All aboard the Biffo-Lenihan Express. The Mary of your choice will serve ice-cold comforts and charge €5 a pop for you to wipe your arse in the jax before the door falls off the chopper as we collide into Debt Mountain.

    True Fianna Fáil philosophy, only a (chosen) few can climb the heights, but we’ll sure as fuck all go down together.

  7. Abbott_Of_Iona – hole in one to you! and BOCK there is too much truth in your posts.

    The Irish psyche was never meant to receive such toxic quantities of truth.

    How else could we possibly explain how we have had so many years of dysfunctional governance for feck’s sake? I mean are we to now accept that the irish as a race are just a bunch of fucking idiots? Hu? No, it must be the truth thingy.

    And, just to point out a slight untruth that’s kinda floating about,

    the banks

    the builders and

    the fianna failers

    are not three seperate entities.

    No, they are one. Akin to the mysterious Trinity, the famous three-persons-in-the-one-God, only in our case the three greats in one actually believe they are GOD!!!

    So, are we still calling lies by their softer sobriquet?


  8. they do seem to have a problem with numbers and figures. the proposed 1 cent tax per text message was suppose to raise €1.4 billion , this figure was later revised down to €146million. now the ray darcy show questioned both figures. by contacting phone companies and doing a bit of research they estimated a figure of around €60million. i know what figure i’d trust to be more accurate.

  9. Bock & unstranger,

    It is not that they do not know, it is that they know.

    There are known knowns. “Things we know that we know”

    The known knowns are for the consumption of the ignorant.

    “Your banks need you to sacrifice yourselves to keep the banks going, your health service is shit and you need to sacrifice yourselves to make it better, your priests are still raping your children and you need forget it and trust your leaders to bring in new regulation to stop it.”

    These known knows keep you occupied. It is their purpose.

    And the State Propagandist (RTE) will give you your fill of known knowns.

    That’s why the Grand Propagandist John Bowman gets to be ignorant on Questions and Answers, and why the rest of the employees of the State Propagandist get paid so much.

    It is their (excessively paid) job to continually give you known knowns.

    Listen to any one of them for more than five seconds and you will KNOW that they are lying.

    Tubriddy, Kenny, Finucan, ……and all the other deliberately vacant voices, …………..

    It all sounds like ‘Strength through Joy’ & ‘Beauty of Labour’

    “Both can be seen as an attempt to improve the status of workers, and their working conditions, as a substitute for wage increases”

    Social partnership anyone?

    RTE is the gigantic propagandist machine of your masters.

    They learned every thing they know from ……………….
    “All propaganda has to be popular and has to adapt its spiritual level to the perception of the least intelligent of those towards whom it intends to direct itself.”
    -Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf (“My Struggle”), Vol. I
    If they are the known knowns what are the known unknowns and the unknown unknowns?

    I’m tired.

    I’m going to bed.

  10. We are not fucked !! as long as you all can blog such vital truths, as long as you all have functioning minds and reasonably able bodies, we are not fucked !
    This is a phenonomal time in our growth and history because it is a time of vital change, yes, we will all feel the pain, but that is a neccessary part of growth and change, its not only time to root out the begrudgery and corruption, it’s time to turn the corner and change the rules, it’s the time for everyone to see through the seduction of of lies and a false economy, its time for personal accountability, so, how do we stop moaning and move forward and grasp the momentum of a nation, there has never been a riper time for positive change, how do we turn the information and ideas into action collectively ?

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