Tribunal Lawyers’ Fees Reduced

It looks bad for the Tribunal lawyers.

They’ve had their fees cut by 200 a day, which is more than the average industrial wage.  Imagine that!  The cutbacks are hitting the Tribunal lawyers so hard that they’re losing one-and-a-half times the average industrial wage.  200 a day reduction!  My God, it’s savage.

How will they survive on 2,300 a day?

4 thoughts on “Tribunal Lawyers’ Fees Reduced

  1. Sure it’s almost enough to make you not want to have a tribunal, coincidently.
    Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to re-read your ministers post to see how many of them are lawyers.

  2. I can see a few applications for positions on the Bench coming from this horrific cut in our bewigged and l’rned friends already petty allowance.

    Christ, imagine having only €2,300 a day to get by on, with vicious rumours of a 60 cent increase on a snifter of brandy in the forthcoming budget instilling yet more gloom on this vital trade. By fuck, Lenihan is really putting the boot into his fellow advocates.

    Only a matter of time before they’re on the street corners dressed in silks and mugging ould wans outside the GPO.

  3. Your Honour,I object to the cheap suit my learned colleague has inflicted on us all present today.
    Overruled.This unfortunate man has been reduced to E2,300 a day.

  4. You want scandel. No charge yet for Seanie or Fingers. Where is DPP? No charge for Bertie (couldn’t decide which lie was was the truth). Where is DPP?. No charge for Jim Flavin. Where is DPP? No charge for Irish Life billion euro men. Where is DPP?
    Remember the old Jack Nickelson line from– One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest–in response to where the security guy was?
    “He’s probably over in the corner jerking himself off”.

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