Wales v Ireland

Hasn’t it been some transformation?  Isn’t there some difference between the Ireland team of today and the overtrained, squabbling, factional rabble who crashed and burned in France during the 2007 World Cup?

Now we have a team that hangs together, with players who fight for each other instead of trading punches in the dressing room.  For me, nobody exemplifies this better than Brian O Driscoll, who has reinvented himself as a humbler, more respectful man, and a courageous player willing to give everything for his team-mates.

This is a team where everyone has earned his place, and everyone knows there’s somebody at his shoulder ready to move in.  Not only that: it’s a team where everyone accepts that he must fight for his place and step down if he doesn’t perform.

I think we all agree that the uniting factor has to be the new manager, Declan Kidney, who brought Munster to two Heineken Cup victories, and who has imbued the Ireland team with something of the same all-for-one ethos.  No more preening mannequins.  No more Munster versus Leinster with a token Nordie thrown in for politics sake.

Despite all that, I don’t know who’ll win this afternoon and I won’t even try to predict the outcome.  Wales are formidable opponents and we must show them respect.



While I’m on the subject of respect, Welsh supporters have made a great tradition of coming to Limerick to watch internationals and they have always been the best of supporters, welcome wherever they go.  I hope that somebody will explain this tradition of respect to the Welsh supporter I witnessed yesterday evening pissing on the floor of my local pub.

Note to Newport Gwent Dragons supporters.  There are two things we disapprove of here in Limerick: making noise during a penalty kick and pissing on our floor.  This is something we tend to frown on.

15 thoughts on “Wales v Ireland

  1. Great camera shot of Jack Kyle looking very happy.

    Has the jeering come in from the continent? I was at two Top 14 matches last year and it seemed common.

  2. It’s great to see Brian O’D playing like a Munster man. In fact the whole team has performed.

  3. Well said you BOCK and perfectly right to berate that pisser who clearly cannot be a rugby supporter. Probably out on bail for the weekend more likely.

  4. Well Bock – it certainly makes a man proud to witness the transformation, as you rightly say. I hope you had a few shandies to celebrate. Would love to have been in Limerick for the game. Few smooth ones in Collins’ to start an afternoon can’t be beat.

  5. I am with this Welsh Rugby supporter from Cardiff whose comment I did just see on BBC:
    “Congratulation Ireland – you deserve it”.

    As almost always and everywhere: You have ‘pissers’, and you have fair sportsmen.

  6. Same team. Different management.

    And Dunne is World Champion.

    Is it possible that (other than sporting) our entire managerial class is incompetent?

    Politicians, Bankers, Health Service, Training Agencies (FAS €1,000,000,000), Accountants, Trades Union Leaders……or have they all just got skin in the game and won’t tell us what the rules are?

    Tomorrow we will hear endless metaphors of sporting achievement relative to Ireland’s current condition and we will be exhorted to “be positive”, “be a team player”, “put on the green jersey”.

    Happy to do it. Just let me know what the rules are.

    And give me a choice about those rules.

    Did Brian O’Driscoll give Wales a bailout when he made that try by millimetres?

    Did Bernard Dunne give Ricardo ‘Maestrito’ Cordoba a bailout having taken 100 blows?


    End the bailouts. Let’s have rules and a level playing field. Then we can all put on the Green Jersey.

    As long as Patrick Neary & Sean Fitzpatrick hold their pensions Ireland is going nowhere.

    Sorry for the serious tone. I just know I’m going to be lectured by RTE Current Affairs tomorrow.

    Glorious sporting day for Ireland.

  7. I’m just throwing this one out there,LITERALLY!but i sensed and enjoyed better celebrations in the same stadium in may,06…this team was and IS capable of anything,it’s just a pity that politics in its many forms(provincial or otherwise)curtailed its true potential !!!!Long long way to go yet lads,welcome to the munster ride…………

  8. A truly brilliant Day for Irish sport. The lads did us all proud. I was going to call for an Ambulance a few times. I thought I was having a heart attack. The Welsh penalty shot had me chewing the couch. However the lads came up trumps for the first time in sixty one years. Not so long ago Ireland would have been lucky to win against a schoolboy side. To put the cherry on top of the icing Bernard Dunne wins the World title by a knockout from a chap that had never been on the canvas before. A remarkable day all round . Well done to the fans at both events they were brilliant too.

  9. Awesome display, well done Declan Kidney and the team, great to watch. My fingernails are destroyed and my hangover is metaphysical but we got the Grand Slam!

  10. Gary, – Cordoba has been on more canvas than Rembrandt in his career and was left occupying a large area of floor space four times last night – but he does get back up, so fair play. Great win for Dunne however, and a great day for Irish sport. Kidney for T-shock and Dunne’s coach Harry Hawkins for finance minister.

  11. Abdul
    I defer to your superior knowledge . I know little or nothing about boxing. Merely repeating the reports of the R.T.E. commentators on the fight. One way or the other it was a good Day for Irish sport. Cordoba seems to be O.K. which is also good. I am off to see the rugby lads.

  12. Gary, Cordoba was down about eight times in his career but always gets back up to win He didn’t get back up last night however. He was dischraged from hospital today, thankfully.
    Check out boxrec (website – also known as the bible) click on names, write in names and active in the drop down menu to the left for complete records.

  13. Please do not take that incontinent supporter as representative of the Welsh rugby fans in general , more representative are the thousands of Welsh people who stayed behind to watch Ireland be presented with the Six nations trophy and to clap as they received it unlike cerain other sports where the stadium would have been empty but for those supporting the winning team.

    Well done Ireland on the Grand Slam it was worth the wait no doubt and if Wales couldn’t win the game I’m, glad you’ve got it.

  14. Of course I don’t think he was representative of Welsh supporters. They come here in their thousands every year for Heineken Cup and Magners League games, and they even come to watch the Six Nations on TV in the pubs, which is utterly crazy. They’re always welcome, and even that guy’s mates were deeply embarrassed (but they all got thrown out).

    It was a great game and it could have gone either way, right to the last second. Well done Wales.

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