Electronic Voting To Be Scrapped

The electronic voting machines are being scrapped because they don’t work.

They don’t do their job.

The results can’t be verified, the machines are vulnerable to hacking and the system doesn’t adequately reflect the single transferable vote system operated in this country.

Therefore the machines and software are not fit for purpose.

They don’t work.

So here’s my question.  Did NEDAP fulfil its design brief or did it not?

It’s a very simple question.

If NEDAP did everything set out in the brief, yet produced a voting system that didn’t do what it was supposed to do, then the brief was fatally defective.  Who drew up this brief, how was it checked and who signed off on it?

Conversely, if NEDAP did not meet the criteria set out in the design brief, why was it paid?  Once the commission of investigation discovered that NEDAP’s system was a crock of shit, why didn’t the government immediately institute legal proceedings to recover the money that had been obtained by NEDAP fraudulently?

The implications of this question are very worrying.

Knowing that NEDAP had failed to deliver on its contract, and had produced a system that would inevitably be scrapped, did this government take a conscious decision not to issue proceedings?

Did this government decide instead to write off €50 million so as to avoid the embarrassment of admitting it had made a mistake?


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26 thoughts on “Electronic Voting To Be Scrapped

  1. The magic abacus from the Babbage corporation. Retro computing. On sale soon in a PC world near you soon.

  2. NEDAP provided 90% of the voting machines in France for the 2007 presidential elections in which, suprise surprise, Sarko was elected.
    Enough said.

  3. Why should Bertie dearest see a difference between a cash register, an e-voting machine and a poker machine? Our money goes in, fat cat money comes out. E-voting is probably the most lucrative of them all, the machines didn’t even have to function in order for someone to make 50 million out of them!

  4. Noting wrong with Sarko as long as the bird is with him C’est – meantime, t’was Dempsey that came up with the idea of the voting machines, Cullen tried to introduce same and fucked it up good and proper.

  5. That comment of Bertie’s is surely the most striking revelation of his own insecurity. Unfortunately it is also grossly insulting to the rest of us. And not worth €50m + storage.

    As far as the machines are concerned, could they not be donated, via a lottery, to some schools for use in the civics class. Can’t make up my mind if I meant that suggestion seriously or not.

  6. To add insult to injury, when Bertie embraced the brave new dawn of E-voting gizmo’s, we flogged most of the old ballot boxes for scrap, and they had to be replaced for the last General Election.

  7. I reckon so Ces’t, am all for it, she’d certainly brighten up eeeerocktus report, tits out for the lads they’d be roaring in Gaelic. Meantime, the Republicans have been left with the ballot box in one hand and their langers in the other in this case.

  8. “Na dide amach do na buachaillí!!”

    This was always going to happen, they’ve been saying the long goodbye for years while trying to save face, cue the shit storm now when people realise the cash wasted on this shiny folly when more deserving cases have had to go without.

    Oh it’s a great country alright.

  9. Give Bertie some credit for his foresight.

    He was right, and thanks to his munificence with our fast disappearing dosh, we are a laughing stock!!

  10. In his pencil speech, Bertie pointed out that all voting systems can be subject to fraud, implying that it really didn’t matter what system we had. Personally, I would prefer one that required physical intervention to perpetrate the fraud to one where it was invisibley carried out in a black box. At the very least, you can organise people to keep watch over the physical ballot papers right along the way.

    I remember, as recently as the 1960s, when it was possible to trace the vote of an individual, though I have no indication that this facility was ever availed of. There was a number on the back of the ballot paper which corresponded to the number on its counterfoil. I think this is still the case. But in those days the voter’s registration number was entered on the counterfoil by the polling clerk (been there, done that) and the individual’s vote could be traced if the administration was so motivated. I think the courts were eventually prevailed upon to forbid the recording of the voter’s registration number on the counterfoil. In any event this is no longer done.

    And I don’t think FF can claim any credit for this democratic change, which was, in effect, the introduction of the secret ballot.

  11. the tax payer will end up having to fork out for some company to scap these machines. The Green recyle ass wipe party have shown themselves to be the new PD’s.

  12. Take every politician in Ireland, yes every one of them. Tie a voting machine around their necks and dump them in a deep and dark lagoon.
    If the politician stays afloat then he/she is not really a hungry money grabbing thieving fuck but if he/she drowns then it means they were.
    The machines could be recycled eventually and made into mobile phones or toilet seats or artists palettes or something useful at any rate.

  13. Benny, – Bertie might know a lot about voting fraud, back in the 70s there was
    a famous case of people voting for Fianna Fail when they were actually dead,
    as in bereft of live – not pining for the Fjords. It was found that a person was claiming voting cards on behalf of a number of his deceased relatives, one of whom had been dead about ten years. “Sure, he would have voted Fianna Fail if he was alive anyway,” answered the cute hoor. True. Those were the days. These times they want you to have a proof of identity – and a pulse. Taking the fun out of democracy they are.

  14. No, but I’m sure he was a legend, after a fashion, a FF fashion – was he one of Hibernia’s dead generations that arose and feasted on first preferences?

  15. He was Charlie’s election agent and he voted twice voted twice, which was why he was called PatOConnorPatOConnor. It’s the Fianna Fáil way.

    That’s why they wanted the e-voting machines so badly.


    It’s the FF way.

  16. Surely the damn things could be disassembled and then reassembled as a giant robot called Destructor, who will stand in the Dail every day, programmed with one purpose, and one purpose only: to incinerate any TD who ever brings up electronic voting again.

  17. Maybe we have touched on a previously unmentioned point here – allowing
    dead people to vote. When Pearse and his gallant band of rebels stood on the steps of the GPO in 1916 they invoked the deceased, “Irishmen and Irish women in the name of dead generations”, etc etc.
    Taking their cue from Pearse, Fianna Fail have extended the franchise to the un-living, a form of celestial proportional representation if you like.Maybe that’s what FF meant all those years ago with their election slogan, “Arise and follow Charlie”…….. – visions of the ghouls in Meeehal Jacksons Thriller video here.

    “Its close to midnight and something evils lurking in the dark

    Under the moonlight you see a Ceann Comhairle that almost stops your heart”

    Meanwhile, Willie, I’d start canvasing Mount St Laurence if I was you, cause the living ain’t going to vote for you.

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