Aung San Suu Kyi Charged

aung_san_suu_kyiAung San Suu Kyi has been charged with breaking the terms of her house arrest and could be jailed for five years.

When is the world going to face down this criminal conspiracy called SLORC and simply squeeze the life out of it?  This is one of the most horrible regimes in the world, a regime that has carried on a programme of extermination against the Karen people, a regime that relies on slave labour to make fortunes for the small number of generals and colonels at its head.

A mafia.

It would not be hard to end their grip on the people of Burma if the world had the will to do so.

This is a crowd of complete bastards.


Burma. Send in the Food. Fuck the Generals.

Burma’s Rulers Worse Than Saddam Hussein

Three Leaders, Three Standards : Bertie, Olmert and Suu Kyi

14 thoughts on “Aung San Suu Kyi Charged

  1. The really sickening part of this arrest, from what I’ve read, is that some fuckwit American Mormon swam across a lake and entered her house, giving this bastard regime just the excuse they needed to put this remarkable, brave woman behind bars. WTF?

  2. That seems to be correct. Some fuckwit fucked up the delicate balance, but really SLORC need to be faced down. they’re just a bunch of criminals. Remember their behaviour after the tsunami.

  3. What are the chances fuckwit was hired by SLORC to swim over to her property because they’re running out of excuses to keep her out of the elections?

  4. The Burmese minorities have been abandoned here in favour of more popular causes. I think it is more acceptable today if coloured people in isolated countries do this to eachother, rather than if it seems the ‘white man’ is doing the bashing. Despotism is a cottage industry. 10,000 members of Burmese minorities get killed every year, and nothing is said. A few hundred prisoners in Gitmo and the Palestinians grab the headlines. Not to say that Gitmo shouldn’t close – but the priorities are a bit awry.

  5. You overlook one thing: the support Israel receives from Europe and the USA.

    If we were supporting SLORC as much as we support Israel, there would be an outcry at the actions of our client.

  6. Europeans are overwhelmingly hostile to Israel, unlike Americans. The difference between the two mindsets is astonishing. I take your point about America, but not for Europe.

  7. Is Burma in the Eurovision song contest?

    Europeans are hostile to Iraeli policies and actions, but perhaps you’re right: we should get tougher on Burma, not easier on Israel.

  8. Israel is a member of the European Broadcasting Union, so entitled to enter the contest as much as Russia, Azerbaijan and the like, who may not be in the EU nor even the European continent, really.

    Many Europeans are very hostile to Israel’s very existence – while nobody says Burma or Myanmar itself has no right to exist.

    However, I want to make it clear that we need to criticise mistakes made by Israel and the US in the hope of improving the general situation in those areas, but we should never ignore where the serious violations are happening further away from media attention.

  9. I’m not going to turn this into a debate on Israel, but since you brought up the subject, I’ll say only this much: many Israelis don’t believe Palestine has a right to exist either.

  10. I didn’t intend to turn this into a debate on that subject, believe me. I wanted to highlight the attention received by the like of Gitmo detainees compared to, say, the inordinate number of prisoners in North Korean gulags. In fact, North Korea has gulags purely for relatives and friends of people accused of crimes. One of which, known as ‘Camp 22’ has between 30-40,000 prisoners. Some are slave labourers in a nearby mine, but most are just there to starve. I just wanted to say how despotism is a cottage industry perfected by smaller more isolated countries (with the exception of perhaps of China, where the Tibetan and Falun Gong issues seems to have been all but forgotten also) who are far more likely to get away with it without any controversy. And then you have countries like Libya sitting on the Human Rights Council at the UN, a body whose official condemnations are directed at Israel 50% of the time.

  11. The Generals that prevented her taking up her legitimate seat in Government all those years ago did so in order to keep their grubby hands on the wealth of the Korean Nation and they do now possess incredible wealth. So much in fact that they can and do pay out bribes to stifle any foreign political interference in their criminal affairs.

    Their casinos are just a little part of their wealth resource and they make millions from that as it is. I wouldn’t be one bit be surprised to hear that that is where Fíanna Fáil are moving their Galway-Tent.

  12. Aung San Suu Kyi’s lawyer has now been stripped of his license and barred from the “proceedings.A crowd of complete bastards indeed.

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