Crime Gangs — The Enemy Within

Tough new laws on organised crime are proposed in the Criminal Justice Miscellaneous Provisions Bill 2009 which contains measures to convict organised criminals on the evidence of a senior police officer, and makes gang membership a crime.

Criminal gangs are going to be confronted in the only way they understand: head first and without mercy.

The Criminal Justice Miscellaneous Provisions Bill 2009 contains measures to convict organised criminals on the evidence of a senior police officer when that evidence is corroborated by covert surveillance. There will be no need for juries or civilian witnesses who can be intimidated.


I have been saying for a long time now that these gangs are directly challenging the authority of our State. They feel no allegiance to our society, they contribute nothing. They kill our citizens. They terrorise our towns. They poison our peaceful lives.

They are subversives.

And yet, these people who hold nothing but contempt for our society and its laws are the first to hide behind the protections that were drawn up for compliant, contributing citizens.

I have always believed that these people are enemies of the State, and just as we wouldn’t offer elaborate protections to an enemy in a foreign country, we should likewise offer no such protection to an enemy within.

007The murder of Roy Collins brought 5,000 people onto the streets of Limerick last week to demand action. That march was not to send a message to the criminals, who are nothing but illiterate thugs. It was to remind our legislators that their first duty is to us, the law-abiding citizens of Ireland.

There’s only one way to deal with these savages and that’s to crush them. Show them no mercy, as they have shown no mercy to their victims and no respect for the land that supports them.

In the past, I would have been very disturbed at the possibility of the Gardaí receiving new powers, and I’m still worried because I don’t believe our police force possesses enough professionalism. But on the other hand, these criminals threaten to destroy the fabric of our society.

Enough. It’s time to turn savage.


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27 thoughts on “Crime Gangs — The Enemy Within

  1. I’ve little issue with smashing these gangs, it’s the how that has me very uneasy for I believe that the way this will be run will deny a defense.
    The Code Napoleon or at least part of it that is the Special worked because those carried before it were not going to offer a defense. This will not apply to this lot. And while judge only courts work very well they do so only where the state works as hard to get an acquittal as for a conviction.
    Further, if any conviction is declared repugnant either here or in Europe then all will be quashed and they can never be tried again. And as this is a scattergun approach everything under it will come under double jeopardy.
    A far better method would be to flood them with surveillance, at home and abroad to the point where they cannot move.
    And would they ever FGS put a curtain around the prisons which can block all cell phones.

  2. These guys don’t give a shit about surveillance. Have you any idea the kind of scum we’re dealing with here?

  3. Sorry BOCK, but the legislation is not in place yet. The T-Shock says he hopes to have it in by the summer. I believe that by the time the ‘advisors’ get their hands on it the shower in the Dáil will pass a very watered down version. That is their S.O.P. to date.
    If Fíanna Fáil wanted to put it in place on Tuesday evening they could have, they didn’t. Golf outing was the cover spin thrown up I believe.

    Remember the piece of legislation that was to be put in place almost two years ago which would have allowed a citizen to shoot any intruder breaking into the citizen’s home? Lenihan, currently Finance Minister, was Justice Minister at the time and he refused to sign it in to law. This after years of research by ‘experts”.

    What’s needed by the citizens and what suits Fíanna Fáil; are never the same thing.

  4. Vincent, I was told by a reliable source that following an argument between scobe (A’s) family and scobe (B’s) that a gang of scobes had offered to dig up the body of deceased member of scobe (B’s) family and fuck the corpse through the window of scobe (A’s) house. They were offering this service for €800 – this was later reduced to €500, probably on account of the recession. It never happened. But it gives an insight into the mindset we are dealing with – even to think of doing this…. I am not sure whether these new powers are constitutional. Convicting a scobe on the expert opinion of a senior gardai would be welcome if it leads to a jail term. But what if the senior police officer takes a disliking to YOU and your up in front of the beak…. The not jury trials are welcome, even if they draw uncomfortable comparisons with the Diplock courts in Norn Iron in the 70s

  5. prefessionalism. But on the other hand, these criminals threatern

    I couldn’t find an e-mail address to point out spelling mistakes personally…

  6. don’t think the new changes will be enough! A good shake up (even wake up!) is needed within the flailing Garda force. They make such a fuck up in getting the scumbags into court in the first instance! One has only to look at recent events. All they are capable of is trying to piece together scraps of evidence and then releasing the buggers without charge and preparing a slap dash of a file for the DPP. It’s a waste of tax payers money and these creatures are just laughing at them. Then there is the element of corruption, and that’s another story!

    A colleague of mine had her bag stolen at the weekend just up the road from Nancys. The culprit and his accomplice are clearly identifiable from cctv footage and she was able to describe them in detail. The Gardai knew straight away who they were. My colleague was told that they couldn’t just go an arrest them because, they would no doubt be expecting them! They have done nothing about it thus far. Also, a friend’s brother was mugged in town a while back. Again the culprits were clearly recognisable and the Gardai told him that he would be wise not to make a statement against these particular people, as he would be putting his life in danger. Needless to say, nothing was done and no one was arrested.

  7. I agree, it is time to turn savage on these criminals. The judiciary do little to help. They dish out lenient sentences and it’s no trouble at all to these lads to do this meagre amount of time.
    On lenient sentences, I was wondering what you thought about the extremely lenient sentence that was handed down to Eddie Halvey? I’m surprised you haven’t commented on it already.

  8. Filthy, as I have said three or four times, I’ll write about Halvey when I’m good and ready. Not before.

  9. We do not have an effective police force to enforce these laws, the Garda are unarmed, outnumbered, and incapable of stopping these people.

    The reality is a Rugby player and a man who was a relative of someone who went to court against these thugs were shot dead and something had to be seen to be done.

    The laws will be watered down by the time they are introduced but it won’t matter because the next time someone gets murdered they will be able to say they did something.

    All this ‘lets turn savage on them’ bullshit makes me laugh. Who exactly is going to leave their cosy armchair and turn off the flat screen TV and take to the streets to go savage on them? You? Me? The cops? The government?

    Not likely.

    Not in this country.

  10. It makes you laugh, does it? And when you’ve finished laughing, what do you suggest we do to solve the problem?

  11. Bock regrettably I am of the opinion that the solution is “the seven samurai or ,the magnificent seven” one .

    Were we aware that there is a state employee with the title of “Tap staff “ whose function is to walk before the judge and announce his arrival? All our learned friends are expected to bow their heads.

    Someone recently wrote in another house that the Judiciary do not live in the real world is it surprising?

    Whatever the Guards may try to do is futile if the Courts allow the filth to walk.

    The solution is in the hands of the People.

  12. In my opinion the soloution is a police force that works and is capable of enforcing these laws otherwise the laws are worthless, just words on paper.

    Of course this would mean the biggest overhaul of an Garda Siochana in the history of the state and would cost millions and we would need a dedicated and efficient government to do this……..

  13. Bock in the sixties Dublin there were a crowd calling themselves “the Animal Gangs” . They used to use bicycle chains and hatchets to fight one another on a regular basis’s . Then came “Lugs Branigan” who was in a position at the time to beat the living shite out of them. No fancy Barristers to whine about the “poor little lads” would work.

    The law is not an ass. It has developed into an arse hole. The scumbags are a cash cow for the legal eagles . At our expense. We have made our learned friends millionaires in the defence of filth.

    I regret there is only one solution to the problem.

  14. Bock what! When rape is inevitable lie back and enjoy it? I think not. Five thousand against at most one hundred? Where in lies the odds ? On this one I will back the Good. Limerick keep up the fight. The filth shall not prevail. An early Death is there reward.

  15. How about writing a letter to all the scobes in the county offering them an amnesty – similar to the revenue crowd offering a tax amnesty a few years back, a venture which was highly successful by the way.

    Dear Mr Scobe,

    Hope this finds you, Ms Scobe and the crew well. We heard you had a new addition to the family recently, congrats from the state; we hear he’s already glassed one of the infants the maternity – just like the old man, eh, har, fucking har. Meantime, it has come to our attention that yourself and the misses are driving around in top of the range beemers and you are both taking about four foreign holidays a year. We also notice the new extensions to your house. Seeing as no one in your family – or even your family tree – has done a days work, or made any meaningful contribution to this state since around the time Brian Boru was a teenager, we feel obliged to ask, how can you afford this on social welfare? But lets cut to the chase here. The deal is this. You have until July 1st to bring your anti social ways to a halt, to surrender any firearms in your possession and to hand over all drugs in your possession, or in the possession of your proxies, to the state. Furthermore, you will stop wearing shiny sports wear and saying,like, after every sentence. If you comply with our directive,
    like, and start behaving like a human being then we will drop all current investigations into your activities. But failure to comply will leave us with no alternative but to pass legislation through the Dail which will see you, the misses and all other Scobes in you house interned without trial, while your possession will be confiscated by CAB and sold with all proceeds going to charity.

    Yours Sincerely
    The State.

  16. Abdul the answer would be go fuck yourself. The State answer ? O.K. we will try now that we have fucked everything else.

  17. Yesterday a known associate of one of the gangs (he of the tattoos) walked out of court with a small fine
    instead of a 3 month sentence under a suspended sentence order. How is this possible ? Have these
    gangs got influence over the courts and the Garda ? This all took place after the march on Sunday !!
    Is no-one listening tothe voice of the people ?

  18. A certain solicitor from Limerick objected to this legislation on the radio the other day. I wasn’t surprised.

  19. The sooner the better people turn on the bleeding heart politically correct brigade the better, because they seem to be running the justice system, always whinging and whingeing about some scumbags human rights being infringed. I personally think it will take for a judge to be murdered for the judiciary to sit up and see whats really going on, If that’s what it takes then the sooner the better

  20. I was delighted to see that scumfuck gunned down by the gardai in that foiled armed robbery in Dublin on friday after holding a shotgun up to the unfortunate security guards head and shooting off a round like some western bank robber hero. Rot in hell you scumbag fuck and hats off to the garda who did what is the only way to deal with these scumbag cunt useless fucks, bring it on. Excuse my language, but thats the only way to handle these fucks

  21. Bock, how many of your readers / fans actually support these scumbags?
    Did you ever smoke a joint?
    Did you ever buy illegal substances , psychedelic or other so called chemical givers of pleasure?
    And just for the record, I would include illegally imported cigarettes and even dodgy DVDs in this!
    Because, without the support of the “general public” and unfortunate addicts, these people would not exist.
    We can use all the rhetoric at our disposal to slag off everyone we think is responsible, but how many of us can truly say we don’t support the scumbag industry?

  22. People should not buy anything from these scumbags. They could grow their own, if it wasn’t illegal. People should never buy DVDs in the market. That money goes straight to the scummers.

  23. these scumbags will eventually get whats coming to them, what goes around comes around,for every innocent person they hurt someone belong to them will suffer as well its just a matter of time till they realise it..

  24. When I lived in Dublin my flat was broken into five times, I didn’t have much but it was taken anyway even my portfolio. I eventually got to court,
    the thug had a probation officer, I had no one.

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