Scunthorpe Meet Millwall in Play-Offs

The Scunts beat MK Dons in a penalty shoot-out to get through to the League One play-off final. If they win this they’ll be back up to the Championship.

We didn’t get over to see them in a while now.  You might remember our last ridiculous attempt to see a Scunthorpe match, which ended in total failure after  Ryanair decided they couldn’t be bothered doing what we paid them for, and left us stranded at Dublin airport.


Anyway, as I said, the Scunts are bidding for a second shot at the Championship, and we all wish them luck.


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8 thoughts on “Scunthorpe Meet Millwall in Play-Offs

  1. A good week rounded off, then. a new website and the Iron in the final.

    Do they still have naming three England players who played for Scunthorpe as a pub quiz question?

  2. Sorry! Three England captains.

    Saw all three play – two at Wembley and one at the County Ground, Taunton – could no more afford to go to a Test match in those days than cruise on the QE2. Wembley was two quid for a ticket in ’79 while a ticket for Blondie was a fiver.

  3. As a Leeds fan for more years than I care to mention, I wish youse all the best in the final

  4. Tony has admitted that he’s a Leeds fan in public……and now we feel safe to admit same. “My name is Abdul and I’m a Leeds fan.” The group fall into an uncomfortable silence before acknowledging that their rasion detre is to welcome all walk of wretch into their group. “Right sit down Abdul, you bollix, we all have problems”. We remember Peter Patrick “hot shot” Lorimer (clocked at over 70mph striking a ball) netting in Paris in the European Cup final (not the Heineken Cup final note) against Bayern fucking fascist Munich and the bastard ref ruling it out because the late Billy Bremner was standing offside, fucking allegedly. We remember one of the most glorious passages of play in the history of English football, Leeds 1-0 up at the Dell v Southampton and holding onto the ball (without passing it back to the keeper, which you could do in those days) for three solid minutes – without a Southampton player touching it – until the ref blew the final whistle.I spoke with John Giles once – in other words I was speaking with God himself – and ventured the opinion that Leeds were playing total football years before the Dutch erroneously claimed to have invented the concept. Giles agreed, and like Moses passing down scripture to the chosen people said. “But the English psyche was never suited to slow build ups.” Great players too, Norman “bite your legs” Hunter. Kevin Keegan, according to his autobiography, travelled 300 miles to play in his testimonial and Norman leveled him three minutes into the game. “For fuck sake Norman, this is supposed to be your testimonial,” roared Keegan. “Don’t be fannying around with the ball on my patch, ” growled Hunter. Those were the days. And now we can’t even beat Millwall, and are marooned in the third Division. But we’ll be back. And like all true Leeds fans I hope that the Millwall starting eleven catch the Ebola virus. Come on the Iron.

  5. Abdul, Leeds since 69 – have a copy of the 1970 yearbook signed by all the first team to prove it.

    I became a fan for two reasons:

    – John Giles
    – ABU (nothing is more predictable than an Irish Man U fan)

    I presume you’ve read The Damned United. Not really about Leeds, but close enough (and a fantastic book in its own right)

    Leeds will be back, if they had had Grayson as manager sooner this season it would have been a wrapped up weeks ago

    Sorry for hogging the limelight, Bock – you need to get more Iron supporters on yer blog …

  6. Fair play Tony, we are a long suffering breed alright. Haven’t read same book no, will get around to it. Best soccer book I ever read was Dunphys “Only a game.” Of course, Kevin Keegan played for the Iron until he was bought by Shankly. Great man Shanks, great wit. Tommy Doherty wrote that when he was manager of Rotherham, Shankly rang inquiring about his striker. “One hundred thousand wouldn’t buy him, ” Doherty insisted. “Your right”, Shankly hit back, “and I’m one of them.” priceless.

  7. You’re in for a treat.

    Few more for you:

    A Season with Verona – Tim Parks
    Tony Cascarion’s bio (can’t think of the name of it just now)
    Football Against the Enemy – Simon Kuper
    Provided You Don’t Kiss Me – Duncan Hamilton (also about Old Big ‘Ead)

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