BNP Leader Pelted With Eggs

Can we afford to tolerate intolerance?

Can we afford to tolerate intolerance?

Griffin with Nick Collett, star of Young, Nazi and Proud

Should we allow intolerant, absolutist, fascistic groups the same rights as normal civilised parties?

In my earlier days, I would have said that everyone is entitled to express their point of view, but lately I’m inclined to think not.

Lately, I’m inclined to think that people who spread hatred do not have the same legitimacy as the rest of society. It seems to me that those who would exclude any human being from the normal benefits of civilised society are no longer entitled to our indulgence.

I’m inclined to think that these people deserve no respect whatever.


Because they appeal to the basest, most ignorant and savage instincts within us.  These people thrive on fear and insecurity, and they mobilise the worst strata of society, as we saw with their forebears in 1930’s Germany.

Therefore I agree with the people out there shouting down Nick Griffin and pelting him with eggs.


Two words: Nie Wieder!


Mick Holmes, Griffin's bodyguard
Mick Holmes, Griffin's bodyguard










Young, Nazi and Proud:

53 thoughts on “BNP Leader Pelted With Eggs

  1. It is sad that such people let such thoughts coming up.
    And yes: Looking around (on this planet) ‘Nie wieder’ (sometimes) sounds like a song being whistled in the darkness.
    Thus, … to cut it short … fully agreed, Bock.
    However, will some eggs solve the problem?

  2. why is it that when ever we discuss groups like the bnp , we immediately go back to the year 1933 !


    seriously can anybody write an article about anti immigrationists , without digging up herr hitler , i have no love for the bnp , but i have seen mr griffin live on tv , saying the bnp are not going to deport anybody , but they are going to stop anymore migrants coming . seems logical when the uk is filled to bursting already , and now they have a huge recession , does anybody seriously believe that continued immigration is going to help the situation ?

  3. The UK filled to bursting? Why do people always keep saying this, when there are other countries in Europe which are more densely packed?

    As for the BNP not going to deport anybody, but will only stop immigration? Just how are they going to do that? They have 2 seats out of 785. They are effectively powerless there – however that doesn’t counter the odiousness of them having been elected. They have not been elected to the British government, nor will they ever I suspect.

    And regarding the comparisions between teh BNP and the Nazis – it is a very fair comparision. And time and time again, when humanity forget to look at the past, they are doomed to repeat the same mistakes again and again in the future. It is for this reason that the 1930s should be mentioned again and again, and never let anyone forget or misrepresent the circumstances under which Hitler came to power.

  4. But do not forget Mr Griffin got 940,000 votes with this in mind you cannot close the door on democracy just because you disagree with a party’s agenda, no matter what it is.
    If you do deny them free speech then you are no better than them

  5. Also look at Holland whose 17% of the electorate voted for the far right Geert Wilders Freedom Party.
    So if we do not like his mandate then would it be right to deny the 17% who voted for his party their voice in Europe.
    You have to beat racism with education and not stifle hard won freedoms with censorship.
    If you censor one party then censor them all

  6. You could ask the same question about whether we should allow tolerance of intolerant religions. There are many religions who are extremely intolerant of anyone who doesn’t believe what they believe, and they don’t even operate in a democratic environment.

    If you believe, for example, that anyone who denies your saviour is the only route to eternal bliss, will be condemned to hell, and you are OK with that, then this is an extreme form of intolerance – one that would deny happiness to the vast majority of people solely on the basis they disagree with your tenents.

    Just saying, you know.

  7. The only soloution to keeping nazi filth out of office would be to make it compulsary to vote. The reason the BNP got in was because people stayed away from the polling stations. Their vote didn’t rise by all that much.We must not rest on our laurels here either, that filthy scumbag from the ICP got over 600 votes in the Dublin by election , which is 600 too many

  8. I wonder if the infamous ex director of the BNP, Tony Lecomber, the London nail bomber, distinguished between nationality as he killed and maimed innocent people in Englands capital not so long back?

    Respect? ….My arse.

  9. Are you talking about that Talbot Gobshite Squid?
    Raving twat is what he is. and worse the 600 odd who gave him 1’s

  10. I think Nick Griffin is a real weed – all it takes is someone to throw an egg and he cancels his meeting. So much for fighting for British interests. Whats he going to do in the Euro Parliament, back down because someone threatened to give him a Chinese burn. John Prescott decked the bloke who egged him, even Mandleson carried on after a custard attack. Nick Griffin is a total wuss.

  11. Kim — I don’t care what anyone believes. I don’t care about a person’s religion, no matter how looney it might be. All I care about is people who pose a threat to the rest of us by what they’re prepared to do, and who would deny us the freedoms of a civilised society. Griffin, among his many achievements, has referred to the Holocaust as the Holohoax.

  12. I am getting more confused as this bnp thing the longer it is going on , the reason that people voted for the bnp is because they are being ignored by mainstream politicians in regard to some areas of Britain that is heavily populated by muslims (eg parts of Burnley, Oldham, Birmingham) so the brits who live there feel they have no option but to vote bnp then maybe someone will listen to there concerns, but you cannot keep calling people who voted bnp ignorant fools, if you mention immigration to some people they bring up racism immediately, so you will never have a balanced debate on the subject, then maybe people will not vote bnp. As for Patrick Talbot and the icp they need to be allowed have there say, because its to easy to call them names and slag them off, but 600 votes this time maybe 6000 next time. Dialogue is what we need not censorship

  13. Griffin is the man who referred to Alex Carlile, MP as this bloody Jew… whose only claim is that his grandparents died in the Holocaust

    Here’s another quote: I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that six million Jews were gassed and cremated and turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also once held that the world is flat … I have reached the conclusion that the ‘extermination’ tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie, and latter witch-hysteria.

    You want a balanced debate on this guy?

  14. It got me thinking. Diarmuid Scully received a more sever repremand from Fine Gael after the sequence of events which lead to him becoming mayor of Limerick than Jim Long did when he made his racially divisive comments following the Dell announcements. It says alot about the mainstream parties to be honest.

    The ICP would be taken more seriously if their points were based on actual fact. They claim that school places are being taken by foreigners and blame immigration. The reality is that the issue of school places has more to do with bad forward planning than immigration,.

  15. Eggs eggs eggs.Why is it always egs?A single cavity block would be much more efficient. 90% of those bastards are just easily led lager heads but unfortunately the remaining 10% are a danger to all rational thinking people.
    ARSEHEVIN-I think if you ignore the past you are ignoring the mistakes and injustices inflicted on people in the past.It all really happened and it isn’t going away.

  16. “People voting in BNP to Europe on the 65th Anniversary of the D-Day landings is like shitting on the graves of the Men who died stopping the Nazi’s in WW2” – Charlie Brooker

    I can’t add much more than that..

  17. Is the guy from the icp really a filthy scumbag, because i heard he is a really nice guy a family man- postman
    who just thinks we should have immigration control (he doesn’t advocate the killing of immigrants or does he

  18. I disagree that these people should have their right of expression taken away. If you do that then you become the problem not the solution. It is correct that this was a protest vote and I think the people that voted for the bnp felt totally disenfranchised( at least some of them). France had the same problem a few years ago when the National Front got more votes that the Socialist Party to go into the last round of elections with the eventual winner Chirac. Where are the NF now? they have been marginalized.
    The anti-immigration platform is an easy one to run on as it is more or less correct, unfortunately people don’t look a little deeper to see the bile beneath the surface.
    No in my opinion democracy is safe with these guys in the mix.

  19. i hate to be a spoil sport but if you wish to talk about the past , look at what happened to Ireland when we allowed a large group of people to just arrive here uninvited . i am well aware of history’s darker moments , i unlike so many other people in the world today , know that racial hatred did not begin with men in brown shits in a beer hall in Germany . in democracies we have a choice we can allow all opinions to be heard , or we can silence those that offend us , there lies the road to extremism and terrorism , which is maybe what a lot of these groups really want , we should not play into there hands .

  20. I don’t care about offensive talk. It’s good to offend people.

    What I object to is talk that can kill.

  21. @mule,
    Cavity blocks tend to be that little bit heavier and hence trajectory makes for a difficult shot, Quinnlite or similar however would be a different story. easier to target with and you don’t have to place yourself up high to drop it on someone.
    To Arsehevin,
    How can we as Irish who travelled the world working in very corner of it (And I did it myself), in all honesty turn around now and refuse entry to those who wish to come here to work? I’m not talking about any of the scobes that come for the better welfare money, I’m talking about those that come to work, set up a business and contribute to the economy.

  22. there’s nothing wrong with having immigrants , but it’s a numbers game in the end , Ireland no longer needs the type of migrant we have been seeing , the asylumseeker/economic migrant from africa , the EU migrant from the accession states , and countries like the Philippines would be much better off keeping their own nurses , all these people arrives as a result of the boom , this boom has ended , our unemployment rate has just passed 400,000 , ask yourself do we really need migrant workers anymore , wheres the work ,no we must face facts , migration to this country was nothing more than a feeding frenzy for business people , women packing mushrooms for 1 euro and hour , people taking out mortgages and renting to migrants , who were really living a hand to mouth existence , and now it’s over , the real Celtic tiger ended 5 yrs ago , what we saw since was just a credit bubble ,

  23. You say that Ireland doesn’t need the types of immigrants that have been arriving up to now? I tend to disagree with that.

    1. The asylum seeker/economic migrant. They are not allowed to work. It is the government’s fault for not having an efficient and speedy way of processing applications. Letting people stay for year and years while their file it being looked at is unfair to the migrant, their children who will have grown up in the country, and then kicked out through no fault of their own, and to the tax-payer who pays for their upkeep.

    2. EU migrant. Interesting that you specifically mentioned the accession states. What about the French, British, Germans, etc who all have the same rights to live in Ireland as the Poles, Lithuanians, etc? I think that the arrival of a lot of Polish, etc builders, plumbers, whathaveyou were good. They shook up the established companies who would promise the earth and deliver shite. And there is still a need for them. Fresh blood keeps things competitive.

    3. Filappina nurses. Who else is going to look after you in hospital or your (grand)parents in the nursing home? There isn’t enough Irish nurses to fill all the positions needed, so the govt went about looking overseas. And Filappina nurses are known to be well trained and to do the job well.

    Does Ireland still need migrants? Yes. Except for the asylum seekers, who receive a pittance in social welface, all of the others work, and are not allowed to claim social welface until after a certain amount of time, and payments are based on how much they paid into the system. Yes, there are 400K people out of work now. But how many of those are the scumbag indiginous Irish who have never worked a day in their lives? To those who lost their jobs, it’s terrible, but if they are claiming the dole, then they are entitled to it. It’s effectively their money. Nobody can just arrive in the country and claim the dole. If people do come here, it is to work.

    If they can find work, then why can’t other people who are on the dole?

  24. We should be training our own nurses , not robbing the rest of the worlds , instead of teenage girls getting pregnant , going on welfare for life , we should be giving them a place in health service . why should the labor market be competitive , nothing else in Ireland is competitive , Ireland is run by cartels , even our politicians are cartels and dynasty’s , as for asylum seekers , studies have shown that 95% of asylum seekers are economic migrants , you say it’s OK their kids will go to school here , yea but who pays for this , it’s now costing Ireland 120 million euros a year to teach English to the children of migrants , the government in this country just opened the door and said if you come we will build it , there was no planning whatsoever , as a matter of fact there was a deliberate media campaign to mislead the public , our European affairs minister said there would be no more than 5000 migrants from the eastern EU per year , when in fact we were getting 300 per day . Ireland doesn’t need asylum seekers , asylum seekers need us , and the genuinely endangered are not being allowed to remain because of the abuse of others .

    i find the term scumbag indiginous Irish to be in very poor taste .

  25. >We should be training our own nurses , not robbing the rest of the worlds ,
    Lack of government planning.

    instead of teenage girls getting pregnant , going on welfare for life , we should be giving them a place in health service .
    > Lack of education. Coming from poor areas perhaps. Failure of government.

    >why should the labor market be competitive , nothing else in Ireland is competitive , Ireland is run by >cartels , even our politicians are cartels and dynasty’s ,
    What’s that got to do with anything?
    Anyway, when the labout market is competitive, it results in being more efficient, better quality services, and being paid at a proper rate.

    >as for asylum seekers , studies have shown that 95% of asylum seekers are economic migrants , you say >it’s OK their kids will go to school here , yea but who pays for this ,
    This is why there needs to be a proper and efficient process for asylym seekers. Real ones can stay. Economic migrants who try to get in on the asylum card are sent back quickly before they have time to settle down and integrate.
    A failure of government.

    >it’s now costing Ireland 120 million euros a year to teach English to the children of migrants ,

    >when in fact we were getting 300 per day . Ireland doesn’t need asylum seekers , asylum seekers need >us , and the genuinely endangered are not being allowed to remain because of the abuse of others .
    You are mixing up asylum seekers, economic migrants, and the freedom of EU citizens to live and work where they like.
    Either give me verifiable figures and sources for your information, or you will seem like just another ranter who wants all the spongers out of the country – even when 90% of those you are referring to are working and contributing, others can’t because of their status (asylum seekers), and others won’t becuase they’re too damned lazy. The scumbag indiginous Irish.

    >i find the term scumbag indiginous Irish to be in very poor taste .
    That’s your problem, not mine. But where I am from, I know of families where 2 generations of all offspring have never worked a day in their lives. And the 3rd generation looks like it is following the same “career” path. These are the scumbag indiginous Irish.

  26. Arsehevin — I have no problem with talking about the scumbag indigenous Irish. We have plenty of them.

    If you’re going to quote studies and percentages, give your sources. Did you know that 83% of people who quote statistics are bullshitters?

  27. From what I have seen about the BNP; If we allow these people to come to power then we could end up with a government which is very simalar to the government in the film and books called “V For vendetta”

    I think Rob is right. Taking away these people’s right to freedom of expression, satisfying at this may be, is not (Legally) a good idea because then, as Rob says, you become part of the problem, not the solution.

    SOME of the BNPs arguements, I have to say, I agree with. They certainly seem a lot tougher on “reverse racism” which is a good thing. If you are a Straight, White, fully-able-bodied, non-religious young Male in the world, then the system can sometimes leave you thinking “What the hell kind of benefit or protection do I get?” allthough I must admit, I am not a Straight, White, fully-able-bodied, non-religious, young Male …I score a miss on the “Straight” part but thats a minor point. The “Protections” people get do notseem to favor everyone in the country equally and this is one of the things the BNP say they will stop.

    Fair enough. I’m all for affording everybody equal benefits and protection. Problem is the BNP want to kick all…erm…”non-white” people out of the country. That means I’ll loose a fair chunk of my friends and my step-nephew, they also want to boot out people who aren’t christian in some way or another…so all my Jewish friends would go bye-bye as would my boss and they want to rid England of all homosexuals too. Well…I allways wanted to move to canada. So I’d loose my friends, parts of my family, co-workers and my home. I’m sorry, but dreams of living in sub-zero temperatures in the winter or not, that does notsit right with me.

    Damn BNP arseholes.

  28. People who fight for freedom of speech is one thing, people who fight for the annhiliation of another race should be annhilated themselves. Or at least dropped butt naked and smeared with gorrilla menstral fluid into a cage with three silverbacks.


  29. J Lawler, – There’s a few people I know, including ……well, nevermind, nevermind,
    that would pay good money for that. I thought that 99% of people that use stats
    are bullshitters, or was that 99% of all stats are wrong, statistically, whatever.
    Far right parties, like militant Islam, will use democracy as a Trojan horse.
    In 1929 the Nazi party earned less than 3% of the vote in Germany. Ten years later
    they were goose stepping across Europe.

  30. Arsehevin regarding your comments that the Philippines would be better off keeping their nurses.I assure you the Philippines has all the nurses it needs.It has in fact an excellent health service that would put the one here to shame.Their nurses are sought after by every nation in the western world and their doctors also by Canada and the US.It also has excellent telecomunications engineers as I am reminded of as I write this My O2 internet keeps disconnecting as usual.Also Silicon valley in the US could not have functioned without Chinese Graduates.We need to be bringing people like those here.Their competence and work ethic is second to none,Now competence and work ethic is not exactly overly common amongst the native Irish is it.Ok am posting this before I finish as this damn “broadband” is doing my head in with disconnecting.

  31. @ william , having had a relative who worked in the Philippines as a missionary for 10 yrs , i find most of what you say to be complete shite , except for the part about the 02 internet ! you should move to NTL , i have cable broadband and its the bees knees , yes some aspects of Filipino society probably leave Ireland in the shade , but i have never seen thousands of limerick children out at the long pavement harvesting food among the rubbish , like i have seen children from manilla doing ! and it gives me absolutely no pleasure to say that , the reason silicon valley needed all those migrants is simple 90% of americans are the dumbest people on earth ! the other 10 % are the smartest people on earth ! you comment on the competence and work ethic of the Irish is borderline racism ,

  32. everybody know blacks are lazy and don’t exactly have a good work ethic , not very nice when you say stuff like that about blacks , but it’s ok to say it about irish people . what william just said is racist , take out irish and put in pole or uzbek or nigerian and violla racism !

  33. Have you noticed the state of this country lately? Do you detect an abundance of competence or work ethic?

  34. Sorry was making tea , cmon now we only elect those assholes , we have absolutely no control over what they do when they get in , the only reason i vote is because if i don’t they might take it away . there is no doubt we are fucked , truly fucked , but thats not my fault , i kept my end up , worked hard paid my tax , they worked hard too bock . just for themselves and their cronies , like they always did , the bottom had to fallout someday , didn’t bob marley say something about that .

  35. No control over what they do?!

    Sorry Arsehevin but I whole-heartedly disagree with you there. The sole reason a government is elected (or not) is because of their policies. Every government knows that if they make a policy AFTER being elected to office that pisses people off, they won’t be elected again.

    We may not have total control over what a government does, but if you don’t like what they do don’t vote for them. As I understand it (please, correct me if I am wrong) thats the way the system has worked in these two countries for hundereds of years

  36. If we don’t exercise control over them by voting them out, as we failed to do in 2007, then we deserve all the criticism that can be thrown at us.

  37. i have never voted for FF FG PD SF , i generally tend to vote for independents , i have never met anybody in this country who actually sits down before an election , and reads the parties manifestos , and cherry picks their way through them , i like this , i like that , no i don’t like you gay marriage proposals , lol people in this country vote FF because they grew up in a FF house , because Devilera gave someone a cut of bread back in 1938 , it’s just like people who follow football teams , the entire first eleven could be a gang of crazed midget rapists , but fuck it their our team , half the people of this democracy never even bother their arse to vote . which is just the way FF FG like it , ff have 34% of the 50% who actually vote and they think they have a right to rule like royalty ? make no mistake we are fucked .

  38. Arsehevin not only have I lived in the Philippines but it is also my second home and my wife is a Filippina.And I am telling you that it is not the backward country you assume it is.A large percentage of the population is higly educated and some of the biggest shopping malls in the world are there so they are certainly not all poor.The Phils is like two countries in one.One rich one poor.The kids your relative speaks about would probably have been collecting aluminium cans to sell rather than scavenging food but thats possible too.If you reread my post instead of jumping to conclusions you will see that I never said that they were all wealthy.But they do have a health service that is a hell of a sight better than Irelands.An example my sister in law needed to see a specialist last year,she went to the hospital,no appointment needed,was seen in under 20 minutes,was then sent on to other medical personnel and treated which I believe involved some surgery and all in just over an hour .The hospital was spotless fast and efficent and of course as always polite and friendly.Tell me where you can get that level of medical care in Ireland?.As regards their telecommunications they have ecellent broadband in fact this year they are totally phasing out dial up.I wonder what kind of country it would be if they had got all the free Eu billions that Ireland has wasted.Regarding racism you assume that because there are poor people there that they are lazy or incompetent,Nothing could be further from the truth.The reason many poor there is overpopulation as unfortunately the catholic church has the country in its grip.Regarding your comments about Americans that sounds racist to me.Regarding my comments about Ireland well then explain to me why nothing seems to work right here.And finally thank you for your advice regarding broadband

  39. And also arsehevin it is a bit hypocritical of your missionary friend to comment negatively about the country as it is the philosophy of him and his buddies that has caused so much problems there.Far better if him and his mates stayed at home.

  40. Someone stated that ireland hasn’t go enough nurses so they had to hire foriegn ( Filipino ones). Then why has Ireland have a surplus amount of nurse graduates that couldn’t find jobs even before the announcement of the recession? And this is added to every years. The fact is irish graduates in nearly every field are been pushed out of work through lower wages offered to immigrant workers and that doesn;t even cover the outsourcing. So it’s a serious economic burden whatever way you look at it and Ireland does not need it further immigration especially in these times of crisis and recession where 100’s of thousands of native irish people are out of work. People who’s familys and previous generations have contriuted their whole lives to paying taxes and being subsequently dispossessed by foriegn plantations and ripped off by the State ( who sold out all its major resources to foriegn private businesses at low prices).
    I forsee major social unrest comming the longer this problem is allowed to incubate. We must think objectively about this serious issue.

  41. The problem with Ian O Doherty – and his prose – is one of flatulence caused by over consumption of bacon and eggs.

  42. Why has the subject changed so much, it was about the bnp being democratically elected to have seats in Europe, why do some people object so much to democracy or do they only like democracy when you agree with them, i thought people like them are called dictators, i think its better for the bnp to be given a platform and let people make up there own minds about them, let everyone see if they really are racist thugs or are they just airing there constituents worries about what the areas they live in are turning into

  43. The post was not about the BNP being democratically elected.

    It was about whether it is possible to tolerate intolerance.

  44. Sorry Bock, but a lot of people are intolerant of the BNP and we have to tolerate there intolerance of the BNP, democracy should always come first.

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