Fianna Fail — Lost

A good start. Now let’s finish the job.

cowen-lost001It looks like Fianna Fail is going to be annihilated in the local elections, and that’s great.  It’s better than great: it’s wonderful to see the crooked bastards getting it in the neck.  

But unfortunately, it isn’t good enough.


They’re still in power, that’s why.  Still in the driving seat and still running the country into the ground.

All we’ve done so far is kick out a bunch of Councillors who have no real function anyway.  Most of them spend their days hanging around the lobbies of local councils, trying to get planning permission for their voters’ horrible bungalows.  

Most of them have no idea at all why they’ve been elected.

I got a leaflet from one gobshite the other day, promising better educational facilities, more policing and less littering.  That’s how little they think of our intelligence.  Councillors have no role whatever in education or policing.  It’s not part of their brief, and I’d have told the gobshite to his face if he had the guts to show up, but he didn’t.  Instead, he shoved his unwanted leaflet through my letterbox and disappeared into the night.  Littering.

While the local elections are a good indicator of the way people see things, Fianna Fail are still at the wheel and they’re still drunk.  They’re driving this country over a cliff, so while I’m glad to see them getting stuffed in the local elections, it won’t change anything.  We need a general election so that we can kick them out properly.

But then we’re faced with the alternative:Enda Kenny. 

Dear God.

38 thoughts on “Fianna Fail — Lost

  1. Bock the idea of two party politics bothers me. There are other alternatives . Remember Tony Gregory ? He had C.J.H. by the short and curly and as a result greatly improved inner City Dublin. Imagine the party politicos worst nightmare a dáil full of independents ? I would not write off Labour.

  2. I’m ashamed to say I did not vote in this one. There is simply no candidate or party out there that reflects my values or can at least address our real problems. Ireland has no Ron Paul. Shame.

  3. I’m a big save-the-whale hippy, so I like the Greens. I’m sorry to see them take such a kicking, but hopefully it will make them pull out of Government and give us a General Election.

    I still think we need someone fighting for Green policies in power.

  4. The Green agenda is certainly the most important thing in the world, but unfortunately Green parties tend to attract a bunch of insufferable, holier-than-thou twats.

  5. The problem now, that the greens have had their arse tanned is that they are more than ever welded to FF. And cannot end it for the certainty they would not be returned.

  6. Geert Wilders sounds a bit frightening to be honest! I don’t know that we need anyone like him at all and should be proud that for all Ireland’s faults we haven’t got anyone like that knocking about in a position of power. In happy news, Joe Higgins booted out Eoin Ryan in Dublin. Yay!

  7. Bock indulges again in false rage and contrived political know all ism in dismissing the role of local politicos. Local government needs to de strengthened rather than demeaned. As usual the hurlers on the breeze block wall prevail, people with no intention of ever standing for any office, “too cool for those fools” attitude, if only people like me were in there and sentiments to that effect. Reality is that local politicians don’t generally conform to Bock’s stereotypical and cliched view and tend to provide a decent service to local democracy within the limited remit provided.

  8. I am really disappointed in the election results, Bock.
    FF still got 28% in my area!
    Yes, I was deeeeelighted that Batt’s baby boy, Mark, lost the seat his Daddy gifted him, but it just wasn’t enough.
    Until FF are down to less than 5% (you’ll always get a looney element), I will not be happy.
    No sane person should vote for these idiots.
    Are we total sheep?

    The Greens have taken to politics very well. They are clinging to power, and to FF, no matter what. They’re like the witch’s familiars.
    I love my planet, but I do not love the bloody greens. They keep telling us what they have achieved in Govt. What???? Light bulbs seem to be it, and those yokes give off rubbish light, so we’ll all have to use the Earth’s resources on treating our cataracts!
    The greens remind me of the pro-life campaign – life before life is more important than the children who are alive, that’s how they act. The greens think that the habitats of little slimy creatures are more important than that of human beings. The greens think that we can cycle 30 bumpy miles to work every day, or get the bus where there is no bus.

  9. This is FFs worse electoral performance since 1927, the year Lindbergh made the first solo, non stop flight across the Atlantic from New York to Paris.T’is a bloodbath, but having done such a fine job of carving them up the Irish electorate are left without a corpse.Fianna Fail are being allowed to stumble on, not so much a lame duck as a loon offend with a sawn off.How can a government that has lost the complete confidence of the people be allowed to govern. Biffo has managed to reduce FF to its core vote. But are the electorate pulling their punches? They know that the recent plebiscite is mostly to elect a shower of pointy headed brainless fucks to local councils. They are aware that they can afford to fuck around with team selection – in much the same way that Ferguson can sent out a team of reserves for the League Cup – because the biggest issue facing any local councilor in any given year is whether he’ll be able to get on the seven day junket to Guadalajara to study the mating habits of a one eyed, bandy legged lesbian orangutans. In short, no one gives a rattling fuck what our local councilors do, and as long as they don’t start interfering with farm yard animals they are mostly re-elected. Go on, name three councilors in your native city? Of course, if you can name three you are a sad bastard. Meantime, will the Irish electorate lose their nerve when it comes to the real thing. Considering the dearth of talent on the opposition benches – some of them can’t even speak proper English – there is a distinct possibility and FF could yet have the last laugh.

  10. The best thing from this election, the Aherns were put in their place. I have waited a long time for this day.

  11. And it gets even better. Declan Ganley announced today that he was stepping down from politics after acknowledging that the people had spoken – do people speak during elections? I thought they just made an ex on a voting slip.

    But then, according to RTE, this:

    Last night, the Libertas leader had requested a recheck of ballots in the North West amid concerns that some of its votes may have been inadvertently allocated to other candidates.

    But the recheck found that Mr Ganley had been awarded 3,000 extra votes in error.

    The 3,000 votes – for Independent candidate Fiachra O’Luain – were found in the Libertas bundles and Mr O’Luain’s first count total has now been revised upwards accordingly.

    Mr O’Luain said he is now asking Gardaí in Castlebar to investigate how his votes ended up in Mr Ganley’s bundles.

    So PC O’Plod has been called in. 300 votes would raise enough eyebrows, but 3,000, that’s about half the population of Mayo.

    But then maybe it was just an innocent thing in that the ballot counters said to themselve that there was no way that 3,000 people would vote for anyone calling themself Fiachra O’Luain (atic).

    And we thought Fianna Fail were corrupt. 3,000 votes ending up in the wrong bundle. Charlie wouldn’t even go that far.Would he?

  12. Don’t gloat poor little Libertas got some poor twit in France elected. It seems he went in with a party of three and is now all alone. All the money poor little Decco. Put in. It could not even buy his own place in Europe . Perhaps there is no God, sometimes I wonder.

  13. Now for a good old fashioned Rightist agenda compliments of the Blueshirts. Already they are moving to control Limerick City Council with the connivance of Gilligan and the exclusion of Labour. So the old saying “Be careful what you wish for” may never have been more true. Were this to be a national pattern then we could predict a strong shift to reactionary politics by an unrestrained FG. These guys also represent business and big farmers and have little affiliation with working people traditionally. This argument is not made from a FF perspective, who have disgraced themselves, but from a viewpoint that we have two powerful monetarist factions in this state and we have just given a strong shot in the arm the more evangelical one ; namely FG, while Labour also needs to be in there and standing solid on basic principles and policies. Don’t trust an unrestrained FG party.

  14. Dear Abdul,
    Can you please expand on why you think 3000, (in fact 6,510) would not give me their 1st preferences? In fact tens of thousands gave me their number twos beside that.
    The fact is I earned them through months of hard work and thinking on my feet.
    Keep in mind I have yet to make a more detailed statement to the Garda Siochana (PC O’Plod to you) and I am combing the internet for hints about why half of my votes went missing.
    Have you got anything left to say?
    Bit of a racist or something aren’t you? Do you live in Ireland North West. Do you live in Ireland?
    Do you actually know anything about what you talk about I wonder? 126,000 is the population of Mayo, half of that is 63,000. Did you get far in Maths and Geography in school I wonder?
    If you’re ever on a ballot paper with me, what do you want to bet that I wouldn’t beat the shite out you and your sarcasm.
    I doubt that Abdul is your real name, an real Abdul would have a better education and know that my name means ‘idea’ or ‘thought’ in Arabic, while here it means Hunter Of the Hound, but there are of course variations…
    Abdul darling, I’d love to debate you in public, let me know when you’re available.
    Get out of it Abdul.
    Fiachra Ó Luain

  15. Fiachra — Relax yourself. I never heard of you until the other day, but judging by this comment, you come across as an absolute knob-head and I’m not surprised you failed to be elected.

    The man wasn’t criticising you.

    You sound like an enraged toddler with drink taken.

    Let me give you a small bit of advice: never comment on the internet while drunk.

  16. Abdul,
    mind your back FIACHRA is gunning for you oooohhhhh!
    wot a Dick !
    anyone with an Irish name is dodgy especially now it’s in vogue to call kids names similar to knobhead
    I hope there is no fada in Abdul!
    Sorry but Fiachra has set me off does Bock or anyone harbour the same distain for Oirish names for their

  17. My aim wasn’t to get elected this time, it was to promote real ideas and challenge smug foregone conclusions like those you make a profession of. Had any investigative journalism been done with precision and interest we would have never had to deal with Ganley at all. RTÉ, IT and Indo propped him up and left it to real individuals and word of mouth to make sure that the electorate was not deceived and misinformed. You know why? Because the media know they have to give equal airtime in the run up to the referendum, so they realised had Ganley won a seat, we would have had to listen that whatever he spouted instead of be engaged in real debate.
    I’ve done exactly what I wanted to do mo chairde, sorry you don’t like Irish is that it? Is English your only language? Just wondering. Anglo Monoglots feel challenged by big words that they don’t understand, I know.
    I am relaxed Bock, I’m always sober on the internet Bock and happy to take on any of your shite Abdul.
    Had never heard of any of you until the other day either, what difference does it make if you’ve heard of me or not.
    Judging on what I know of you, none of you are from the eleven counties I ran in.
    Happy Days.

  18. Fiachra — I have no problem with the Irish language or irish names, and whoever said that is just being thick.

    If you were a regular visitor here, you’d know that I have far closer ties to Inis Mór than you’re currently aware of.

    By the way, in your righteous ire, you might have overlooked the fact that Abdul’s comment is critical of Ganley not you.

  19. Bock a mhac,
    I understand I just wanted to mess around with wee Abdul.
    As for Brian, I think he already ridiculed himself out of the debate.
    Fairplay Bock, the blog looks good and well done. Will be on it a bit more in future mehopes.
    See you around Inis Mór too maybe. I normally stay around Sruthán but have friends all over the island.
    Please shoot me off an email and I’ll send you a piece I wrote about an Aran Gentleman in Mexico in the 1800s.
    Sound man.

  20. I reckon we have a world exclusive here.

    O’Loon is claiming that’s he’s a politician – whose aim was to NOT get elected.

    What had he on his election poster? “It would be an privilege not to represent you?”

    But behold, a politician that doesn’t want to have his snout in the trough along with all the other hairy arsed reptiles.

    We bow our heads in awe.

  21. Aye the Concannons who built the Mexican House in Eoghanacht.
    Cill Mhuirbhe is also known locally as ‘Mexico’.

    James founded this:

    Let me know if you want to know more about what the Concannons did in Mexico.
    Connection to Douglas Hyde and Gaelic League.
    Abdul, how are now kid? Do you do everything wot the spellcheck says? Sure we’ll get elected the next time when I save up a bit of my dole money.
    Ná bac leis a mhac.

  22. Small world. Yes I know about the letters. Addressed from Livermore and Correo Real, a block behind the Zocalo where the brothers had their offices in Mexico City. I want to read them at somestage. Must ask the next time I’m down.

  23. Fiachra,
    I wish to apolisise for my unnessessary comments as they were totally inappropriate and rude.
    To Bock,Abdul or anybody else I offended, I will not comment when rat-arsed again.

  24. Sure isn’t great when we stop our respective shite and we’re friends all of a sudden. It reminds me of the Peace Process when the molotov cocktails in our hands suddenly turned into overpriced mojitos.
    I enjoyed the debate and think that Bock is doing a great job on the blog. Chatimid pronto. Bock, let me know if you and the other fella ever plan to go to Aran.

  25. Well, I imagine the other fella is constantly over there but you’d have to ask him that yourself. I might make it to the Rock before long if I can persuade the other fella’s uncle to put me up.


  26. The only annihilation I am hoping for is the physical annihilation of all Fianna Fail TDS, Ministers etc. They have destroyed the country. In any self-respecting country they would all be in Jail or dead. The Irish are a stupid, spineless people. The Irish people would have been far better off “under” the British.

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