Lions 28 – South Africa 9

Lions win final Test. Commentators lose the plot.

That was a fairly comprehensive demolition of the Boks, salvaging a little bit of pride, but unfortunately not enough to win the series.  I can’t escape the feeling that Flannery, Quinlan and O Leary would have made a big difference, especially in countering the Boks’ physicality in the previous two games

A pity, but there you have it.  What is, is.

I enjoyed the game yesterday and I’ve enjoyed the three commentators as well.  Paul Wallace, Ieuan Evans and Will Greenwood.  Have you noticed that they were all completely drunk for the entire tour?

You recognise that look people put on when they’re trying to appear sober even though, deep down, they know they’re as drunk as a busload of bingo grannies.  Wallace’s collar gave the game away, all pulled over to one side and his tie half open.  Greenwood’s glassy stare and his death-like grip on the arms of his swivel seat were a good clue as well, but the real giveaway was Evans talking utter, unmitigated shite non-stop throughout the game.

They were all fucking drunk, and I don’t blame them.

Dewi Morris must have been on something else completely because the quality of nonsense he projectile-vomited from his sideline perch was without doubt of Test Match standard.  World class drivel, which is probably why Sky Sports called Dewi’s contribution Special Comments.

Special?  Utter fucking tosh.

I loved it.

Stuart Barnes, on the other hand, is an absolute wanker, and his commentary was the most appalling example of English chauvinism you ever heard.  He couldn’t believe his luck in having so many Irish players to blame whenever something went wrong.  And while I’m on the subject, did anyone else notice the sniffiness of the British media in general concerning the large representation of Irish players in the squad?  They can’t understand why you’d pick most of your players from the country that won every major competition in the northern hemisphere this year.  What about that English reporter who was caught off-camera complaining about all the “potato-slashers” on the team?

They haven’t gone away, have they?

2 thoughts on “Lions 28 – South Africa 9

  1. Why the hell are they still acting as if they are going down there in a bloody ship where they have weeks if not months to develop. And why the hell do they still mess about playing every tom dick and harry when the important tests are left to the end.
    These days it is an eleven hour flight to SA Given a week to recover. Then the tests. Then and only then the provincial sides. The same should hold for NZ and Oz.

  2. I agree. The All Blacks won’t let themselves be kicked to bits by provincial and club sides when they tour the northern hemisphere. (Except Munster, of course).

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