Serb Cousins Jailed For Burning 120 People in Bosnia

Bosnian Serb Cousins convicted of burning civilians to death

What can you do but shrug and look to the sky when you read about things like this?

People will tell you terrible things happen in wartime, and I always answer that things don’t happen.  They are done.

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Milan and Sredoje Lukic, two cousins, have been jailed by the War Crimes tribunal for appalling crimes in the eastern Bosnian town of Visegrad in 1992.

Milan, it seems, was worse than Sredoje.  He was the one who forced people into houses before setting them on fire.  Milan Lukic was involved in murdering Bosniak people on the bridge over the River Drina.

Every day truckloads of civilians were brought to the bridge by scumbags from the White Eagles, a paramilitary group associated with Vojislav Seselj, the disgraceful Serb academic and criminal.  The murder victims – adults and children – were shot and thrown into the river by Lukic and his accomplices.  Sometimes the children were thrown in and shot at as they fell to the water.

The census of 1991 showed that Visegrad’s population was 21,199:.  62.8% were Bosniak, 32.8% Serb.  After the JNA withdrew from Visegrad Lukic’s people took control, the extermination began, just as it did in the rest of Bosnia.

What always amazed me about it was the matter-of-fact way they carried it out. Somebody had to order and pay for the buses to transport the victims to their place of murder.  Somebody had to drive them.  Somebody had to put together the lists of those to be killed.  Somebody had to select and pay for use of the factories and warehouses where people were concentrated prior to  extermination.

And as often as not, that somebody knew the victims well.  Grew up with them.  Went to school with them. Played football with them. Went to night-clubs with them before the war.

It didn’t prevent all the cold-blooded murders or the rapes.

Two paramilitary Serb groups stood out above the others.  The White Eagles and Arkan’s Tigers, who were the dregs of Red Star Belgrade football club, led by the late Zeljko Raznatovic, otherwise known as Arkan, an international criminal and unprincipled lowlife. (He was taken out in 2000 by Milosevic’s hit squads when the things he knew became too much of a threat).

The Eagles and the Tigers followed the JNA around Bosnia, carrying out whatever atrocities the regular army – never noted for a weak stomach – refused to commit, tossing hand-grenades into cellars where civilans were hiding, murdering people in the street, raping Muslim women and, in the case of the Lukic cousins, burning people to death.

Milan Lukic is a piece of shit, a thug and a lowlife who would probably have emerged as a criminal no matter what happened, but Seselj is an entirely different matter.  He received a PhD in law at the earliest age ever recorded in Yugoslavia. An extreme Serb nationalist, he is a brute, without human feeling.  Even Slobodan Milosevic described him as the personification of violence and primitivity.


I remember Seselj once, in a TV interview, sneering at journalist Maggie O’Kane who raised the issue of mass-rapes by Serb paramilitaries against Bosnian women, and I can remember then what a pig he was.

Seselj’s trial at the Hague was suspended indefinitely last February following intimidation of witnesses.

People like the Lukic cousins, despite their murderous activities, were only the goons who carried out the designs of Seselj and his kind.  Arkan was just a criminal.  Milosevic was a self-interested crook, but Seselj is an idologue, who combines indifference to suffering with a strong intellect and fervent nationalism.  Of all the figures in the Yugoslavian conflict, he seemed to me the most dangerous.



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24 thoughts on “Serb Cousins Jailed For Burning 120 People in Bosnia

  1. What an old bicycle eyed, pock-faced hair combed over wankstain-faced turd-inflicted feckin’ civil-servant of an excuse for a man.

    Not a nice piece of shit. In fact, I have poked better stuff than him down the overflow when my bog got blocked up with diarhhea.

    Oh well.

  2. Good story Bock, I can remember that war, and it always crossed my mind that the good ol’ U.S. of A never got too involved, as they were wont to do in other places, maybe because these Countries didn’t have Oil!
    But it never ceased to amaze me, that the violence that was inflicted upon their enemies by these two opposing Armies was totally beyond belief!

  3. My, my, I’d say you are pissing your trousers in fear Bock. I’m actually jealous that you’re getting threats from someone calling themselves ‘chetnic’ (sic). Don’t forget to send on his/her e-mail address to the Gardaí.

    Mind you, I have to admire the author’s grasp of old Norse in the manner in which he describes your mother.

    For the record, in my opinion, Milan Lukic and his cousin Sredoje both deserved to dangle at the end of a rope.

  4. Just in case he murders me, his IP address is at 22:09. Pass it to the cops.

    It’s a London address.

  5. Indeed it is Serbo-Croat and means ‘freedom or death’. Unfortunately, once Tito passed away we saw Serbian dominance of the former Yugoslavia once again along with a virulent strain of nationalism that would make the murderers of the IRA or the INLA look like a bunch of hippies.

    By the way, chetnic (sic), we no longer use such archaic phrases (that is, if we ever did).

  6. Indeed Bock, Serbo-Croat translating roughly as ‘freedom or death’. Oddly enough, there is a documentary on Maggie O’Kane on RTÉ One right now.

    By the way chectnic (sic), we never used such phrases in Ireland as ‘…top of the morning…’. That’s a ‘stage Irish’ invention.

  7. Where did this “chetnic” person appear out of. I wonder does he have a nice comb over too, or just a small penis….

  8. Quote Ron: ‘What an old bicycle eyed, pock-faced hair combed over wankstain-faced turd-inflicted feckin’ civil-servant of an excuse for a man.

    Not a nice piece of shit. In fact, I have poked better stuff than him down the overflow when my bog got blocked up with diarhhea.’

    – Don’t hold back Ron, tell us how you really feel. For the record I agree completely, but I think you were being lenient. I would have also described him as a scum-sucking, inadequate rat.

    @ chetnik: truth hurts, doesn’t it? And you wonder why the rest of the civilized world doesn’t want you? Think about it. If that’s possible for someone of your intellect.

    @ Bock: thanks for the blog, I used to live in LK, I’m now in the Mid East, thanks to our politicians masterful leadership.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. @ cetniks POPUSILISTE KARINE JEBEM VAM MAMU CETNICKU. Srbija je ko zrno rize a i na njoj se dobra srpska picka lize :)

  10. Looks like the ancient feelings are alive and well. Drazo, I’ve been many times to your beautiful country of Croatia. It seems you are a prisoner of you hatred. Free yourself.

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