Blood-Injury Cheat Dean Richards Gets Worldwide Ban

Harlequins manager gets severe penalty for fake blood-injury

Rugby chiefs have thrown the book at ex-Harlequins boss Dean Richards, a former England and Lions number 8, and banned him from every rugby competition on the planet.

Just twenty four hours ago, Richards was banned from competition in Europe for three years for his part in the now notorious fake blood injury incident in last Aprils European Cup clash between Harlequins and eventual champions Leinster.

But the International Rugby Board (IRB) have now upgraded his ban to all competitions throughout the world.

During that Harlequins-Leinster game Tom Williams faked injury to allow Nick Evans, a drop goal specialist, back on the field.  Evans had been substituted earlier in the half but Williams’s departure to the blood-bin allowed the New Zealand fly-half to return to the action in the nail-biting final ten minutes.  Quins did manage to engineer one drop goal attempt but Evans miscued badly and Leinster held out to win 6-5.

Williams (four months ban) and former Quins physio Steph Brennan (two years ban) have also had their suspensions extended to worldwide bans for their part in the incident, which has now been nicknamed “bloodgate”.

An IRB statement read: Under IRB Regulations, and the application of the universality principle, all disciplinary sanctions handed down in rugby, including those arising from cross-border competitions, must be applied by all unions in membership of the IRB. The IRB operates a zero tolerance policy towards cheating of any form in the game.

Richards, 46, has been implicated in four other similar incidents. He has since resigned his position. Quins have also been fined £259,000 for their part in the affair and were very nearly booted out of this season’s European Cup.

A heavy price to pay, or justice done?


Decision of Appeal Committee

32 thoughts on “Blood-Injury Cheat Dean Richards Gets Worldwide Ban

  1. Delighted! This type of administration is what will set apart “the game they play in heaven” apart from the so called “beautiful game”

  2. You’re off your trolley man, the catholic church are in charge in heaven…….its GAA for everyone !

  3. Justice done. It’s cheating in the sneakiest way possible and a dark day for English rugby. I also think Cheika would not have been so cool about it if the result was different. I liked Leinster’s attitude in the aftermath of this game and after their semi-final win over Munster, they were graceful and humble in victory under controversial circumstances (remember Quinny playing peek-a-boo with Cullen?).

    watch this

  4. He’s a bollix, no sympathy for him.

    However if he moved to Ireland he’d be accepted immediately by Fianna Fáil as his is just the type of scum-bag character they like to have in their midst.

    He could even become Taoiseach given the Irish voters propensity to elect criminal types to govern us.

  5. Unstranger you do have a point.

    But one thing that is stranger still. Isn’t if funny how the club have got away with not being thrown out of the Heineken Cup this year? Not.

    They should have been banned for a year as well, just to make sure any other potential cheats get the message and realise the cost far outweighs any possible benefits.

  6. Pauleire — Agreed, up to a point. However, the ultimate sanction was not applied.

    Sula Man — If the Catholics are in charge, I would have thought it would all be Italian, or Spanish or Croatian. Soccer, in other words. Wall-to-wall fucking soccer.

    Unless, of course, you’re one of those people who believes Catholic means Irish, in which case, I can see where you’re coming from. Sort of. Well not really, since I’m Irish.

    Fuck. Now we’re stuck.

    Pappy — They’re a fucking disgrace

    Unstranger — Luckily, Fianna Fáil don’t play rugby.

    Mark — It would upset the money guys. Couldn’t have that.

  7. Slightly regional in your thinking there Bock………if the Filipinos have any say in the matter it will only be basketball up high in the sky……..anyway I meant Irish catholics…..the Premier fucking league of catholics…

    At risk of banging the same drum over and over……I can’t help thinking of the noise level coming from rugby folk if something like this happened in an FA cup semi-final……..and then the further clammer when only the individual involved is punished………as if no one else at harlequins knew what happended that day…….go on outa dat…

  8. Secounds out….Bock….are you two joined at the hip or somethin’……if so read the comment policy…

  9. Easies way out of the problem – no substitutes !!
    What kind of a professional player cannot last a whole game ??

  10. Thats good because i don’t want run the site and would’nt know how to anyway………..the last comment was supposed to be a joke……a joke remember that ? no ! oh well…..

  11. Reducing Tom Williams ban from 12 to 4 months is a farce. He was acquiescent in the whole affair when he took a vial of blood and stored it in his sock. He should be banned for life

  12. I’d like to think that if I had been Williams I’d have had the guts and presence of mind and calmness necessary to refuse to do what he did. However, Williams did what he was told and I think Richards would have been like a revered father figure to him and the other young guys on the team. In the heat of battle, when the boss whom you love and look up to gives you an instruction, you probably do what he says even if it sits uncomfortably with you. He clearly felt terrible remorse and was at pains to ultimately divulge the truth. I’m frankly astonished the club has thus far not received a ban from competition. I can’t get over the fact that they cut his mouth to make the injury “Real” afterwards. Savage. Richards was a fine player in his day though very tough. What he orchestrated was the antithesis of sport.

  13. Sport…….antithesis……..well said man and that girl ann is talking all kinds of sense aswell……I’m starting to like this forum, although I had to look up acquiescent and antithesis in the dictionary before I could agree.

  14. As soon as big money and salaries enters any sport the level of corruption, cheating, sleaze and greed increases. We have seen it already in cycling, football and athletics, the Olympics has become infested due to problems with drugs and cheating.

    Now we have it in Rugby.

    Rugby can no more assume the moral high ground in the field of sport should incidents such as this along with others such as eye-gouging and spear-tackling be allowed continue unabated.

    Cheating is to the detriment of sport as a whole and has an impact on influencing young people who idolise their heroes above all. Those who bring a game of honour such as rugby into disrepute (especially for financial gain) should have no part in its future.

    Harlequins should have been booted unceremoniously out of the European Cup this season, but I’d imagine TV had a hand in deciding otherwise. Ironic nonetheless that Harlequins play their games at a place called the Stoop. Maybe they should rename it The Stoop Lower.

  15. Thats 3 in a row now that I agree with….I feel a groundswell of common sense on the way……what’s spear tackling by the way ?

  16. Aggravated assault is what it is…………the whole thing would’nt play for me….what happened to the two lads that tried to kill o’driscoll ?

  17. Richard’s is now facing another wrap on four/five incidents involving Quins players and fake blood – we’re looking at a lifetime ban here. But did Richard’s think this all up by himself? I doubt it. I’d say there is quite a few coaches with “blood on their hands” out there. Rugby Union has an attitude to cheating, eulogised as part of the “manliness of the game”, which will be hard to eradicate – at least we could see Klinsman taking a dive.

  18. “Manliness of the game”………jesus mate be careful….I’m already on a slippery slope with that bock bloke for taking a swing at the father,son and holy game of rugby.

  19. Swwwwwwing Low…….Sweet chariot…..coming for to carry me home……….

    Now I’m fucked !

  20. Nobody gets binned for taking the piss. Only for personal abuse, or for being boring. That’s where you might have been in danger.

  21. You don’t think that my suggesting the scrapper got his langer pulled in the shower was taking the piss ?

  22. Going ? I don’t think its going anywhere…..we’re not in some kind of relationship are we….I intended that thing about the scrapper to be a piss take, if you did’nt think so thats your call.

    Two things caught my eye in regards to your site……one was the heavy input from rugby folk (almost enough to turn me off) and the other was Scunthrope Utd………I’ve been to scunthrope several times over the years….even back when they played at the old showgrounds and it made me curious as to why lads from Limerick would be supporting them…….and slightly more curious why there has been zero comment about them and the season is already well under way but if I cast doubt on your sincerity as Iron fan then I will never make it to the Bock top ten pick list.

  23. First, that would be Scunthorpe, not Scunthrope.

    Second, I don’t give a rat’s arse who doubts my sincerity.

    Third, that post was not written by me but by a genuine sporting person. It’s a sincere expression of one man’s views and stupid gay jokes from the back of the class just don’t fit in.

    Finally, if you want to contribute, that’s fine and you’re welcome. If you don’t, please say so now.

    I hope this helps.

  24. Howde dode,

    Just been watching Skynews again, this morning and listening to Bloodgate. You have all these coaches on saying aw, we should put it behind us now and get on with the season ahead etc. Well, of course they bloody should, but the fact is and you can see it in their faces, all of them must have known it was possible and there is a feel about rugby now that they are all a pack of cheating mudderfookers!!!!!!!

    I mean look back at that Munster v Leicester Heino Final a few years back and guess who was invlolved then, yep, Dean CheatFace Richards and his dirty motley crue. I love watching rugby in general and Im a footy nut, well sport nut in general, play water polo, surf and the thing that I loved about rugby is its fooking balls, no hard barred, get smashed, get up and get on with it. But now, all this cheating shite, Botha’s eye gouge against Lukey has taken some of the shine off it. Harlequins basically should be banned forever and all their players thrown out for all their covering up. That would sort it out. End of.

    Hill 16 is Dublin Only.

  25. Hmm it appears like your site ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any suggestions for beginner blog writers? I’d really appreciate it.

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