South Africa Rugby Fined For Bakkies Botha Armband Protest

Small fine for South African rugby cynicism

The South African Rugby Union (SARU) have been fined £10,000 for bringing the game into disrepute.

Well ho-dee-ho-dee-ho!

There are those amongst us who believe that the South Africans’ very presence on the field brings the game into disrepute.

The Boks were penalised for wearing armbands in protest at Bakkies Botha’s suspension during the July 4 Test match against the Lions in Pretoria.  Botha was done for charging into Lions prop Adam Jones, who left the field with a dislocated shoulder and the Welshman is expected to be out of the game for another four months as a result of the injury.

The Boks lock was handed a two weeks ban following the incident.

Subsequently, the South African team wore white armbands saying, “Justice 4” in reference to Botha’s number in the final game of the series.


SARU must cough up the 10 grand and the players, including I presume, Munste new signing, Jean De Villiers, must pay £200 each, except for their vociferous captain John Smit, who has to fork out £1,000. However, the International Rugby Board (IRB) has expressed its disappointment at the weak level of punishment in the ruling delivered by the independent disciplinary committee, which is a feature of the IRB justice system,

It is understood that the IRB are considering whether to bring an appeal against the levels of sanctions imposed.  Moreover, it was noted that there was no formal apology, acknowledgement, contrition or clarification from either the players or the SARU themselves in relation to the incident.

However, the Lions are sympathetic to the Boks’ plight and reckon Botha was harshly treated.  Lions assistant coach Warren Gatland said after the game concerned: From our point of view we don’t have an issue with Bakkies.

We thought it was a very tough decision on him. Adam Jones didn’t have a problem with it and none of the Lions management had an issue with that clean out.

So were the Boks hard done by?  After all, fining people for cleaning out in rugby is a bit like handing out tickets for speeding at a Formula One race.  It’s a contact sport. To paraphrase Ricky Hatton, “It’s not a tickling competition.”

And why all this animosity toward the Boks? Limerick, New Zealand, Wales and South Africa, the current World champions and a damn fine rugby team, are the spiritual homes of the game.

But while we all tend to be lyrical about the exploits of the wonderful All-Blacks, who, of course, we are leading 31-21 on aggregate over three legs since the 3-3 draw in 1973, everyone seems to hate the Boks.

Is it cos they is white?

Meantime, what of our own Bok, de Villiers, who is now officially a Limerick man of course.  How will he be able to afford the 200 quid seeing as Munster are paying him only $350,000 a year.  I can just see him now selling copies of the Big Issues.

Perhaps we should have a whip-round for him.  A charity night.  Maybe Adam Jones would do MC.

On a more serious note, there seems to be more than a passing danger that deVilliers could turn out to be the new Christian Cullen, and folks in Munster ain’t too happy about the possibility.

5 thoughts on “South Africa Rugby Fined For Bakkies Botha Armband Protest

  1. I think Botha’s treatment was harsh to say the least,it was a genuine attempt to clear a ruck just the bastard is so big he did a lot of damage,if it was Paulie who did it we’d be protesting too no doubt.
    As for JDV,the man hasn’t even passed a ball in red yet,give him a chance..I’ve watched him play in the super 14s over the last number of years and he’s a truly world class player.He has a great break,excellent speed,which you’d expect from an ex winger and is really a strong ball carrier,something we were missing when Rua got injured this season as Paulie seemed to be doing all the carrying thereafter.There is one downside,the fucker’s really injury prone and has been all his career.The problem with Cullen was he was a crock when he got here and the all blacks knew that,his agent did a number on the munster branch apparently.Im sure the Munster branch learned from that but let’s not forget the wealth of talent we have at our disposal in the backline this season…that Felix Jones is one to watch out for,unbelievable in the this year’s’ Churchill cup,much like Earls for the previous 2,only problem with Keith is he may be played out of position and is not the complete center just yet and has a bit to learn in defense.Here’s hoping the Bok has a clear run through to Paris in May next year!

  2. Good question Seconds Out, what it is about the arrogant racist South African pricks we dislike so much? Do you remember in the 1st test this summer, Brian O’Driscoll was lying face up and defenceless, and one of theirs ( can’t remember who , prop maybe ) stood over him with his fist drawn back. The game was well over at that point . I think the South African elite are still caught up in a defensive isolationist place and feel as if the world is against them ( which it is as long as they continue to behave like monsters ).

    But as you say, right now they’re the best around, and also like you said, bastards !

  3. There is obviously lot of animosity toward the Boks for ideological reasons, mostly the apartheid era. It’s not fashionable to like them, nor PC., although they do have a few black players on their side. They are a world class rugby side however. Meantime, Bafana Bafana will play in Thomond Park next month and how many white players have they in their side? – down with Bafana Bafana the racist gits…..

  4. Okay, but here’s a thing Mr. Out, soccer is the people’s game, the most democratic and best of all. ( preachy old me ) This may be the reason for the no-show (well,not much show) white guy on Bafana Bafana . Not racist, just no white players.

    Note to self, get tickets this evening !

  5. Enjoy the game Sniffle, hopefully they will produce a better performance than last time out. I reckon they’ll make the play offs for the WC and the Italians will secure the automatic qualifying berth. The Italians, as tradition dictates, sleep walk through most qualyfing groups, then realise in horror that there will be thousands of]fans waiting to pelt rotten fruit at them at Rome airport, wake up, and qualify.

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