John Hayes To Play for Bruff Against Belfast Harlequins?

Bull might play AIL game

Munster and Ireland prop John Hayes has had his ban for stamping on Leinster’s Cian Healy in the Magners League clash between Leinster and Munster reduced by a week.

The original suspension was due to run until November 14 but will now end on November 7 after an IRFU Appeal Committee today decided the initial six week ban was a bit on the harsh side.

However, neither Munster nor Ireland have have any fixtures from November 7 to 14 so the one week reduction in the ban is academic.

Hayes missed last weekend’s defeat to Northampton in the European Cup and will also will miss Saturday’s clash with Treviso in Limerick.

But he will be available for Ireland’s November International series, which is due to begin on 15 November with a Test match against Australia.

He will also be able to line out for a club side in the All-Ireland League. He is currently registered with AIL Division Two side Bruff player but has played most of his AIL rugby for Shannon.  The Belfast Harlequins game might just suit the Bull down to the ground.  A source close to Bruff RFC refused to rule out the possibility.

Meantime, once upon a time if you told a rugby player he was cited he’d assume you meant he was spotted falling out of the Duck & Drake at some ungodly hour of the morning.

But since the advent of the pro game players are now being cited every weekend – and it has nothing to do with being spotted flagging down a medivac after drinking gallons of porter.

Leinster flanker Shane Jennings is the latest to fall foul of the rules after allegedly making contact with the eye or eye area of London Irish lock Nick Kennedy during the defending champions’ defeat to the Exiles in the European Cup in Dublin last weekend.

Kennedy later admitted that he may have over-reacted – you wouldn’t have been trying to get Jennings yellow carded now would you Nick?

Nevertheless, the match citing commissioner Richard McGhee, from Scotland, decided Jennings has a case to answer. His case will be held tomorrow, Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the quote of the week must go to Ospreys coach Scott Johnson who compared last weekends 32-32 draw with Leicester to kissing his mother in law.

How does he know? Did he snog her indoors?

Munster have named a 26-man squad for next Saturday’s visit of Italians side Treviso to Thomond Park next Saturday.

Treviso beat French champions Perpignan last weekend and in a typical “understated” Italian reaction to the win team manager Franco Properzi (great name) claimed the victory was “the greatest in our Heineken Cup history.”

Is there another historic victory in them this weekend?

10 thoughts on “John Hayes To Play for Bruff Against Belfast Harlequins?

  1. Leinster flanker Shane Jennings was today handed a 12 week ban after being found guilty of making contact with the eye or eye area of Kennedy.

    An over reaction by rugby chiefs?

    Leinster released a statement this evening expressing their “shock” and “disappointment” with the ruling.

    “Leinster Rugby are surprised and extremely disappointed with today’s ruling even though there was clear evidence from the opposition player that the act was not intentional,” the province stated.

    “The ERC Disciplinary Committee appears to have found that Shane Jennings was careless with his actions, which is a shock to us. Shane has an impeccable record and a strong leadership role within the squad as our vice captain and we will be appealing this decision.

  2. Very harsh indeed. He won’t be back until the new year for Ireland or Leinster if this is upheld.

    Are European rugby chiefs being unduly harsh on Munster/Leinster/Irish players since we cleaned up last season?
    Andrew Beattie, the Bath player sent off for stamping against Ulster last Friday, has received just a three week ban.

    Hayes initially received a six week ban for stamping v Leinster?

  3. Jennings does seem a tad hard done by judging from the clip shown on TV today. However I’d imagine that the powers that be are coming down hard on “contact of the eye area” following high profile incidents involving Quinlan, Burger and Perrasi(spelling?)

    As for John Hayes playing for Bruff. This should not be allowed. A professional prop who trains every day against an amateur who most probably will go to work / college on the Monday is just mad. Amateurs and Pros in a contact sport should not mix. It should be Munster / Irelands responsibility to rehab big John.

  4. I agree totally with your statements about Jennings, It smacks of a hint of Soccer type “diving and protestation” by Kennedy who two seconds before was holding onto Jennings to prevent him getting up, he even threw his leg over Jenning’s head to hold on to him. There didn’t appear to be any deliberate attempt to gouge at all merely a “Hand Off” with a fully open hand to the cheek/face area. If he had been carrying the ball at the time it would have been totally legal. Totally ridiculous over the top decision and ban and now is going to bring the game into disrepute because it gives carte blanche to other gobshites for faking and cheating by lying.

    In regard to the John Hayes/Bruff thing it is worth noting that 4 Leinster full time professionals and three Leinster Acadamy players (Including Stephen Keogh, and Neilus Keogh, both former Bruff players whose brothers play and referee with Bruff and Brian O’ Riordan & David Toner and Rob Kearney’s Brother amongst others) lined out for Lansdowne against Bruff last Saturday.
    The Bruff lads were told that the budget for the Lansdowne team was 2.1M Euro this year, FOR THE SENIOR TEAM. Their U21 Budget is 250K. Bruff are probably running their whole club for less than the Lansdowne U21 Budget.
    The fact that Lansdowne spent 1.5M last season and failed to get promotion, coupled with the fact that Lansdowne are returning to Lansdowne Road next season and really really need to be back in division 1 may have had something to do with it. Bruff were told to take it as a compliment that such a strong team was sent down to play against a crowd of lads who had to get up for work on monday morning. It’s just the nature of the beast when Senior Rugby is involved and to be honest, the Bruff lads seem to thrive on it. They have to go up and face St. Mary’s (Division 1A) in Templeville Rd. this coming saturday in the AIB Cup after the hockeying they got last weekend though.

    If it happens in the Belfast Harlequins game, this may be the one and only opportunity for Bruff to have John Hayes on the pitch for them once again before he retires completely from the game. I know that they would probably love it and it would be a great boost for amateur players to have an opportunity to line out and scrum down alongside their most famous son. That’s one of the reasons that they keep it going to such an extent. Total unpaid amateurs lining out against the likes of these lads on a weekly basis, and competing very well against them (6th last year in the table in their first season in Division 2).
    Sorry for going on so long folks but club rugby is close to my heart.

  5. As it is mine Geek, but two wrongs don’t make a right. If a player is good enough for the professional game and gets a contract, his club should wave him good bye and take pride in the fact that “one of their own” made it. As much as Bruff may fell justified in playing Hayes, I believe that it is ethically wrong. The AIB rules are that you can have 3 contracted palyers in your matchday 22, 3 too many.

  6. I’d disagree with you No. 8,
    I think that that’s one of the good things about AIL, the opportunity for lads to play against the likes of these players whenever the opportunity arises, for god sakes it’s part of the thrill of it all, who you’re up against next week.
    If you’re good enough to be there and to stay there, you’re good enough to play with and against them.
    Where else can someone get bragging rights like that? ” I played against him?”

  7. Geek, I’m all for bragging rights and stories for the grandkids. I coming from a safety view point.. It has nothing to do with being good enough. Last year Marcus Horan played against Garryowen in an AIL game. He buckled his opposite number causing rib damage to a young inexperienced prop, unfair and unsafe. Can you imageine the physical damage a Mafi or de Villiers could do to an amateur centre. My concern is player safety.

  8. Then with respect 8, the young prop shouldn’t have been playing at that level.
    If he is not good enough for division 1A, he shouldn’t be playing there, that’s the coaches and selectors fault.
    It has more to do with that than bragging rights.
    At every level that I played (And I never got to senior) there was always the challenge of coming up against someone at a much higher level, I played against all of the Clohessy’s (Prior to professional mind you), Ger earls and more of their equals in many different clubs and they were definitely level(s) above us, but that’s what it’s about in Rugby and any other sport, or even life now that we mention it.
    How do you improve in any sport by playing people at your level or worse? You don’t, you can only improve by playing against those better than you and learning from the experience.
    Any coach will tell you that Junior clubs relish challenging themselves against teams in division three, and division three teams play games (pre-season friendlies are always like this) against division two and so on up along the line.
    All sports are the same, you improve by challenging yourself, not by staying at the same level.

  9. Geek, I think you’re missing the point. The Claws and Earls didn’t train 5-6 days per week and get paid for it. They trained Tuesday and Thursday like the rest of us, they may well have been better players but they were not full time professionals. Of course you measure youself against the best and improve by doing so. But you do so on a level playing field. The young prop was good enough for AIL, Marcus Horan is too good for AIL and shouldn’t play against amateur players. Someone is going to get hurt and when they do the game will get sucked into a legal mire.

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