Sunderland To Support Shane Geoghegan Trust

Sunderland to play in fundraiser for Shane Geoghegan Trust

Shane Geoghegan, a fine young Limerickman, was murdered last year by a scumbag who mistook him for a fellow drug-dealing lowlife.  The town came out in protest and the whole country recoiled with disgust at the actions of the mutant fools who ordered and carried out the murder.

Subsequently, another honest young man, Roy Collins, was murdered by the same scum.

We’re still waiting for action from the government.

Yesterday, speaking at Garryowen FC, the rugby club of which Shane was a proud and respected member, Sunderland chairman Niall Quinn announced that his English Premiership club will play a charity match in Limerick next year in support of the Shane Geoghegan Trust, which offers children access to sporting and creative activities as alternatives to anti-social and criminal behaviour.

Quinn said that Sunderland would be willing to play a charity game in Limerick at the beginning of next season but this raises its own questions.  Who and where?  Limerick FC are just not good enough to make it interesting.  It could turn out to be a match between Sunderland and an Ireland selection in Thomond Park, which would be appropriate.  Shane was murdered the same night that Munster played Canada at the newly-refurbished stadium.

I was there that night and it was a great occasion.  Our town was at its best, but was again dragged down by the moronic savage underclass that our PC society tolerates as if they had somehow earned the rights we so freely offer them.


Shane Geoghegan murdered

Limerick march against crime

Roy Collins murder

7 thoughts on “Sunderland To Support Shane Geoghegan Trust

  1. Niall Quinn, a true man amongst men. I’d be keen to support this in any way I can Bock. Would you keep me posted in the usual way, so that I can pass along ticket information to the various sporting clubs I’m affiliated with over here?

  2. Certainly. We’ll be in contact through the normal intermediaries with no names mentioned, at night, in the usual alleyways.

  3. an irish selection made up of entirely of players from our own league would be very interesting.

  4. That’s a good idea Gerryo. if promoted right you could pack out Thomond Park for this one.

  5. I remember a while back when Niall booked taxis for a large group of Sunderland supporters who were left stranded after an away game. He seems a fantastic bloke and a far cry from the “creep” that Dunphy, with his big battered face, described him as.

    I hope it goes well:-)

  6. It was the 31st March 2007, against Cardiff, the day after Munster played Llanelli in the Heineken Cup. I was there.

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