Bock Has Virgin Mary Vision

Spoof video annoys atheists

I took a quick video of the sun and uploaded it to Youtube, with the following comment:

As I turned my camera towards the sun, Our Lady sent many coloured shapes to dance in the sky.  You can see them on this video and know that I am not making it up.  The dancing shapes told us to return to the one true belief.  Far away, a dog barked joyously.  It was truly a miracle and now we are changed forever.

The video is shite, and an obvious fake, but despite that, it’s getting comments like this, including some from my fellow non-believers:

Isn’t it a bit of a co-incidence that these? “Magic Holy Shapes” move when the camera moves? I am a photographer and it’s called the ‘Lens Prism Light Effect’. I am Christian and I find it offensive that you would claim to see something like this on false terms. It’s blasphemy. RELIGION EPIC FAIL

And this:

what an embarrassing load of? bollocks

and this

Who is the mental defective that shot this video? Hellooooooooo! that’s the SUN. It’s been around for about? 14.5B years…..

Jesus, if the people on my side of the argument are that gullible, I think I’ll take up a religion.

16 thoughts on “Bock Has Virgin Mary Vision

  1. fuck, sure everyone knows the sun is only 6000 years old.
    by the way did you know that gullible was removed from the dictionary.

  2. Fan — That’s what I wanted to explain to him, but he wouldn’t listen

    Grandad – It is very good that you saw the light.

  3. I never pay much attention to what anyone believes or not believes. What’s important is that your pork ribs are fabulous…All the best to you, Bock!

  4. hmmm..your own theres an idea..The Latter Day Robbists of Bock…Bockology so to could start by converting all the politicians and celebrities first for maximum media exposure. Before you know it you’d have Mary Harney bouncing up and down on Ryan Tubirdys couch spieling on about how much she loves Chips. You could hold ‘visions’ every Sunday in Nancy B’s after your congregation has recieved the holy porter and toastie..Sign me up!..What? ten per cent of me dole? not a bother me Holeyness..

  5. My body hit the floor when I saw this video. Damn chair broke half way through. By God, that means something!

    For one thing it’s time to buy a another chair.

  6. Bock – Yeah, I was afraid of that. Now my back is out. I suppose that’s a miracle too?

    How about “The United Church of Bock”? You could preach. Oh…wait….you do that already. Maybe you should wait until you grok in fullness.

  7. Letters Editor

    Daily Mail

    Dear Sir, In my letter which you published on March 25th under the heading “No justice if Cardinal isn’t arrested and questioned” you omitted the word buggered and my reference to the new laws on blasphemy. I assume that you are a male as the word “raped” seems to have been acceptable to you and the word buggered is not. Does the word buggered conjure up such revolting images in your mind that you could not bring yourself to use it? It is well documented that many Roman Catholic priests forced their erect penises up the back passages of young alter-boys in the sacristy before they said Mass and this according to any English dictionary is called buggery. Those same priests we were told, had the power to forgive us our sins and carry out the miracle of transubstantiation where during the Mass, they would change bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. Does it not make you want to vomit to think about it? The buggered alter-boy often had to help the priest into his vestments. The amice, the alb, the girdle, the stole, the maniple, and the chasuble. The names of those vestments were ingrained in our minds by the Christian Brothers while they also told us to burn everything English accept their coal. We were indoctrinated to be good Irish catholic boys, members of the “One True Church” More like a recruiting ground for the IRA, I would say. Of course we also learned Maths Irish, English and Geography. We all knew where the Border was.

    While all those scandals were, and still are emerging, what is the response of Dermot Ahern, our ultra conservative Minister for Justice? He introduces new blasphemy laws ( with the support of all Fianna Fail and Green Party TD’s ) to protect the omnipotent and omnipresent God that those monstrous paedophiles and the criminal cardinals and bishops, (who covered up for the paedophiles and moved them around different parishes to continue raping and buggering innocent children ) profess to believe in. Their God now has the protection of Dail Eireann, while we still await an amendment to our constitution to enact laws to protect our children. You couldn’t make it up. Our blasphemy laws, brought in by a Fianna Fail led government that has led our country to the edge of bankruptcy, are now the envy of fundamentalist Islamic States. In years to come historians and academics will debate who were most at fault in destroying our present day society, Fianna Fail, the Roman Catholic Church or a combination of both. Wake up Ireland, your unborn children are crying out for you to take a stand.

    The image of their God in my mind is some kind of beast, about ten foot tall with horns, a tail, cloven feet, and in a permanent state of sexual arousal. If my imaginative view of their God is in breech of Minister Ahern’s new blasphemy laws, then let him send his police to arrest me. My address is at the bottom of this letter. I’m at home most days except Tuesdays, when I go to the library to use the computer. If I am to be arrested and taken away in shackles, so be it. At least I will have stood by my civilized beliefs. Provided I’m not incarcerated in the Curragh prison which is referred to by prison screws as the Vatican because of the amount of catholic priests that are presently incarcerated there.

    If you publish this letter Sir, then you too could be in breech of the blasphemy laws, and you too could end up in the Curragh.

    I am sending a copy of this letter to Justice Minister Ahern and I will defend my right to my opinion all the way to the European court


    Michael Hogan

    High Road



  8. Michael, did you really expect a newspaper editor to take that letter seriously?

    I think I’ll have to set up a consultancy.

  9. It was written in all sencerity, so why should any editor not take it “seriously” and why should I have to consult with anyone before I express my views. I thought that you were for free speech.

  10. My point is simply that there are ways to maximise the impact. I presume you wanted to get our message across in the most effective way possible.

  11. I accept your last comment, but I think that it is a sad reflection on the maturity of our society that Cardinal Sean Brady has not been charged with perverting the coarse of justice. Michael.

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