Global wetting

It’s been raining solid now for about six months as far as I can recall.  Those sodden clothes hanging out there are vaguely familiar but I’ve given up hope of ever retrieving them, and you know what?  I don’t care.

I care not.  I care nothing. Nothing care I.

A pox on those clothes hanging there in my rain-sodden garden waving their soaked sleeves at me like so many sensible, beige, hate-crime victims.

Damn them.  I never liked that corduroy Wrangler jacket anyway. Let it rot in this incessant, unceasing, never-stopping precipitation.  Damn that jacket, even if it did have one or two tiny pockets useful for secreting life’s little embarrassments in time of oppression.  I prefer the Levis jacket though it may be full of holes and even if the cuffs are hanging off.

And as for those socks?

I wave my private parts at those socks.  Those socks are nothing to me.  They are ex-socks.

You see that cheesy -shirt that says Quick, get me another beer, you’re still ugly?

I haven’t worn that T-shirt in six months because for six months it’s been hanging out there in the never-ending Blade Runner rain, and guess what.  Life went on just fine without it.

The same goes for my Jesus loves you but everyone else thinks you’re a cunt T-shirt.  Anyway, that one was never great at business meetings.  Some people have no sense of humour.

I wandered out today with the Hound of Satan but I’m afraid we didn’t get far.  We couldn’t manage to negotiate our favourite riverside walk because there was no river side.  Just river.

As I studied the raging torrent with its whorls and whirls, its ineffable, intertwining, pas-de-double, alternating, unfailingly courteous vortices — after you, no no no after you —  I’m ashamed to admit that a base and unseemly thought crossed my mind for perhaps a nanosecond, or even a microsecond.

Very well then.  A second.

For a full second, as I gazed into the roiling spate, I thought, Now would be a good time to kick that fucking dog into the river.

This is to my shame and I know you won’t tell anyone.  Here’s a few pics of our uneventful stroll as I ruminated on the ineluctable modality of something or other and the dog wondered why there was nothing to kill.









Monday 23rd.

Here’s the footbridge at Plassey, with water right up to the deck, and I hear the power station is to release more water.  Could we be missing a bridge in the mornblackwater 001ing?

blackwater 002

16 thoughts on “Floods

  1. holey moley, sugar! forget the clothes, i had no idea how bad it was around YOU! (i’ll ask about that odd building later!) come to the sates for a holiday or at least to dry out! xoxoxo

  2. ‘Tis shockin’ Bock! We should get on to Willie O’Dea about it!
    And for feck sake, will ya stop havin’ bad thoughts about the hound!
    Great pics as per usual.
    We were having a discussion today about the summer, Herself says it was of a wednesday!

    (Sav, can I come too?)

  3. Ha, ha.
    It’s only rained here twice since July!

    Barrio del Pilar,

  4. It is amazing that ,as yet , no one has drowned in this country. No doubt the insurance Companies shall rack up premiums by 100% or so to pay for this. The Photographs are, as usual excellent! You make a disaster look beautiful. You could not kick the bowler into the flood, Deep down you are much to gentle a soul. Aren’t you?

  5. I had clothes out on the line (whirly thingy) sodden for about 3 weeks until last wednesday night when the wind snapped it at the base. 70 bloody euros worth, only bought it last year. Moral: Dont bother hanging out clothes in november, and if you do, bring them in if there’s storms forecast.

  6. The temperature here in Chiang Rai has plunged to a low of 15 degrees C at night.
    I think I’ll stay here forever!!

  7. Opps looks like it is Limerick’s turn in the barrel. The E.S.B. are going to release thousands of tons of water from one of their dam’s and recon that the city will be hit.

  8. As of around 14.00 hrs today, Ennis river level would be around 2 feet above the pavement level and 18 to 20 inches off the top of the river wall on the run to bindon place. The bank place bridge arch is not visable at the same time…pump appliances all around depositing street water into an already swollen river… what a howling fuck up…Were going to need new flood plains… I dont want to seem like a fatalist, but these weather systems are going to be a future feature and unless a major earthworks programme is put forward by the party of the day, shit like this will wind up as ” page 7 ‘and finally news”….God forbid…

  9. Floods ? I’ll give you floods a few fucking rivers overrun and the countries fucked the bishops are happy cause the spotlights off them the boys in the army are thrilled and the cops and whoever else, overtime !!!. Blankets blankets send um blankets they can live on the side of the road we have no money for this shite. Anyway enough, I’m off to the beach

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