Blood is Nipp’d and Ways Be Foul

Nightly sings the staring owl

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8 thoughts on “Blood is Nipp’d and Ways Be Foul

  1. Brilliant shots.
    Got some myself on hills near Cappawhite.
    Having difficulty uploading them though.

  2. Brilliant! The four of us got out sliding this morning on our lower field – it was like a bottle. Patches of ice in the river, and all sorts of beautiful ice-crystal formations in places the sun didn’t reach. Altogether a fabulous, laid-back, day.


    Hope these links work.
    Took loads of photos while I was above the Fog on the hills above Cappaghwhite today.
    Unbelievably quiet. Loads of animal tracks and game birds about.

    Hope to spend more time in the hills over the holidays

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