Brother Kent

The search for an old teacher

I’ve been approached by some former Christian Brothers pupils who would like to renew their acquaintance with a certain Brother Kent.

This Christian Brother, it seems, made a deep impression on them as children, and now that they’re grown men, they’d like to meet up with him and re-establish a relationship  as equals.

It seems Brother Kent has returned to Limerick after a long absence, so if you happen to know of his location, or anything about him, please leave a comment.  Who knows — maybe you too have abiding memories of your time with him.

If you’re shy about commenting, for whatever reason, you can always send an email to this special address:

It’s not completely beyond the bounds of possibility that Brother Kent himself is reading this in which case, of course, he can make contact directly.

I’m sure he’d love to meet these former pupils now that they’re not children anymore, and I know that they would dearly love to meet him and talk over old times.

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  1. Would B Kent have had any links to St. John the Baptist primary school in Garryowen Bock? When i was there in the late 60’s early 70’s there was a Kent who took over the headmasters position. I was told a few yrs ago how he used to endear himself to his students.

  2. a lot of children who attended st.john the garryowen will remember Bother kent ,in fact a lot of us have been living with the effects of this association all our lives,yes brother kent the next time you decide to drop in on us we wont be so intimidated by you…… referring to the said gentleman approaching me in a shop in limerick and trying to close me down as a person as he did when i was in school as a small helpless child all those years ago ,seems he cant keep away. .he was visiting limerick a few short weeks ago,

  3. Is the patient wait about to prove fruitful?
    I remember that man very well. Very well indeed.
    He used to love the competition with another brother who’s name escapes me right now but I’m sure someone will remember it. They were both moved on around the same time to other schools.

  4. I saw Guthrie in action. An animal. I understand he left and got married, He was fairly high up in the GAA at one stage.

  5. Some pupils took action against the brothers in st john the baptist. The DPP thought he knew better and dropped the cases,not enough evidence…..maybe he should look at the damage left in peoples lives. I’m sure he would see the emotional battlefield these kids had to endure every day of their lives and the ripple effect it had on their families and still does.

  6. The Bro Guthrie I knew was never known as Bro. Brock and when I attended CBS, Sexton Street, between 1968 and 1974 he was working there. He became headmaster around 1972 and was indeed involved in setting up Cumann na MBunscoil. I reported him for his horrible monstrous assault on me when I was 8 to the Minister for Education in 1972/3 and around 2 years later he left the brothers and I am told got married and had a family.
    I was never involved in any legal action against him. I have had disastrous affects on my adult life from what he did to me especially in regard to any authority figure in my life since which has resulted in me losing job after job to the point where I am now long term unemployed.
    However I do forgive him for the horrors he forced me to endure and wish him all the best and indeed I wish his family all the best too. I say this because I do not know whether he is alive or dead now and to continue hating him would only do me harm and not have any affect on him.
    It is good however to be able to express this as I have never had the chance before.

  7. There was a Br Wright in CBS Sexton Street, anyone remember him. Young man, impatient, very very impatient. Loved to give someone a dig in the mouth when they least expected it. Also [Edit: name and identifying details removed] He was a specialist in the T Square, turned on its edge it was a formidable weapon to use against any pupil out of his favour, a viscious thug. The pupils in his class were holding him back from his first million in the early 60s. So he took it out of them with a vengence.

  8. Yeah. The beloved Jack Wright. I was unfortunate enough to have him in fifth class in promary and 1st year in secondary. He didn’t really do me any physical damage but he was certainly the worst teacher I ever had. Red headed cunt.

  9. Kent the cunt we used to call him. A right fucking bastard indeed. I suppose hes an old man now so what would be the point of hitting him hard on the nose? Still,its a nice thought.
    But thats the kind of emotions these savages stir in people,even after all this time,pent up feelings of revenge and violence we never thought we had in us. Very negative vibes indeed.Talking about that savage Guthrie,there was an even bigger monster there in the form of Br. Sykes. Anyone remember this cunt? And while were at it,though I wont use his name because hes still unashamedly walking the streets of Limerick in his current guise as a property mogul,the big fat fucker of a lay teacher who taught science and who terrorised kids who had just made the transition from primary to secondary. What an introduction they had from this tramp. In case you dont know,his surname rhymes with a creature well known for its cunning or alternatively with something you would pick up if you dipped your wick in contaminated oil.

  10. why was my comments censored? they were not attributed to you i made them i can be traced by removing the comments you are behaving like those that we expose here you are abusing us all over again Bock

  11. It’s my site Manny. I’m responsible for everything that’s published here. Nothing goes up on this site without my approval, and I judge that parts of your comment were unsuitable. You’re lucky I didn’t delete the whole lot. I have no intention of being sued so that you can get stuff off your chest. That’s the end of the matter.

    If you think I’m abusing you, you have every right to go somewhere else and make comments, or start up your own site. That’s your business, but while you comment here, you will respect this site’s rules.

  12. so words to describe people like cunts etc are more acceptable than actual facts? you have joined the system Bock, you have left us to the predators. I have mentioned names and details in your other site of people who are still alive and situations that happened, you have a ver very slective way of giving your approval Bock. you are as much an abuser as they were. I am not afraid to say that a teacher in sextons school beat me up and his name is [deleted], he is still alive and thriving here in Limerick .

  13. Manny is now barred from leaving further comments for refusing to respect the site’s policy.

    Let me be clear: nobody has the right to get a comment published if I don’t consider it appropriate.

  14. Bock.
    I dont think any of the cretins mentioned here will sue you because you cant be sued for telling the truth.And Manny,the words used to describe these people ARE actual facts. I know because I experienced their savagery.

  15. They can sue me, but the likelihood is that they would not succeed. However, there’s still a substantial cost involved in defending such an action.

    When I decide to defend a defamation action, it will be at a time of my own choosing, and not a time selected by Manny who continues, incidentally, to post abusive comments about me. Manny seems to think I work for him.

  16. Manny & TonyC, I’m sorry ye had to deal with such brutality and abuse as young innocent children.. No one should have to deal with that, nevermind as a child, even though kids are very resilient and do what they have to do to get by and survive that kind of experience. The anger you feel is very understandable.
    I just hope they don’t win ever and turn people into what they are.. abusive, tormented souls, who possessed a distinct lack of empathy.

    It’s very hard to fight the urge for retaliation.. when I was out one time with friends for a quiet drink in a local pub, a former male teacher (who is also now a politician) of two of my friends got chatting to us. The wife had dark glasses on inside in the pub, trying to disguise what looked to be a black eye. He was only interested in talking shite and persuading us to vote for him.. so didn’t particularly like him right off the bat. But after he left my friends were telling me about him, how abusive he was to them in school..CBS by the way.. I was giving out to them saying why the fuck didn’t they tell me, I would have abused (not physically of course) him even more. I was very tempted to run out after him and tell him in no uncertain terms he can shove his vote where the sun don’t shine.. My friends were much more tolerant of him than I would have been had I known what a fucker he was when he was talking to us.

    Bock if you ever get sued for allowing potentially defamatory claims that happen to be true.. I would think you’ll have lots of support in terms of funds from your readers.. me anyways for one. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing, you’d increase your readership ten fold probably! :) I never knew you had another site.. manny – “I have mentioned names and details in your other site”…

  17. I haven’t got another site. I don’t know where he came up with that.

    However, if I had to relinquish control over what gets published here, and let commenters tell me what I had to put on the site, I’d close the fucking thing down first.

  18. “When I decide to defend a defamation action, it will be at a time of my own choosing”.. make sure you save it for an extra special cunt will you, so many to choose from though. :)

    Manny must have meant another post when he said another site. He’s just very angry Bock.. hardly surprising given what he’s talking about at the moment. Lashing out at the wrong person though..

  19. Hello Bock, you do have another site or page called Memories Of A Violent Teacher and i have read mannys account there . Why did you deny that on here ? Exactly what abusive comments did manny post on here i can`t see them here. He seems upset with you for being selective for no good reason.

  20. Fme, you should go to Memories Of A Violent Teacher, just type that into your search engine

  21. Patricia.. I’ve read that many years ago.. i will read it again.. I understand.. I really do..but understand this, they really never did take anything away from you.. they couldn;t no matter how hard they tried ever!! your soul, it’s yours.. just yours.. it;s untouchtable no matter what.. NO MATTER WHAT.. Manny and co. need to know that, they really do.

  22. Hi, Yes I remember bro guthrie he even used to thump jimmy the caretaker rip ,an animal is all you could describe him as .Also bro crowe a self rightous bastard , and bro cleary a sadist ,,,a real sadist .was at the cbs from 1969 to 1979 .

  23. Oh I remember Brother Kent and his leather very well, the other one was brother middleton. This was in stark contrast to Brother Atkinson who I found was a decent skin for a christian brother.

  24. I just remembered, after Kent came Br. Forde, or chin ho as he was known, another nasty piece of work.

  25. bro Ryan was a decent man known as bulldog …also bro Power arrived as I left in 79 he wa ok by all accounts .Some lay teachers were bastards as well I think that should not be forgotten .

  26. That is true, but they weren’t part of an organised machine. There seems to have been something very deeply wrong with the Christian Brothers, something far darker than most other religious orders. My own opinion is that they were in fact a Satanic cult masquerading as something else.

  27. Just read Tony C’s entry on May 21st,2010 and it’s like I wrote every word of of it myaelf. We had identical experiences and identical opinions of the same people. By the way does anyone remember Brother Mullins who taught in primary.

  28. I had no personal experience of him, but you’d have to wonder what made all these young men so violent. I think something bigger than them was at work.

  29. This is getting so popular, I’m thinking of setting up a CBS private forum for people who have strong memories of these guys.

  30. Brother Sykes an absolute cunt of the highest order. Tried to find the cunt in the recent past. Think he may be in Africa on the ‘missions’ The most violent fucker I have ever met in my entire life. I haven’t a violent bone in my body. But I know if I every came face to face with this bastard, I’d take him in his senses.

    The worst year of my life was the year I spent with this animal as my teacher.

  31. Guthrie, The Animal, I had nightmare,s over that evil Bastard when i went there in the 70,s, he used to catch me by the hair and lift me of the ground, as well as beating the shit out of me, he will rot in hell.

  32. I remember a guy telling me he was thumbing a lift to kilkee about 25 year,s ago, he was with his mate, who do you think pulled up to give them a lift, yes, the bastard, guthrie,he kept looking back in the mirror, at my mate, you look familure, said guthrie, do i know you, Well i know you guthrie , you evil bastard, said my mate, and continued to tell the bastard what he done to him at school, would you hit me now guthrie said my mate or is just little boy,s that you terrorise, at this guthrie stoped the car and told them to get out, guthrie you were a bully , and you did not like to hear the truth.

  33. just last week i was informed that the dpp only proceeds with one case in twenty five.nothing new in this fucking country .

  34. i seen guthrie expelling a lad in my class for calling him bro guts in the yard, he roared from the top window of 5th class at the lad as he walked up the yard, when he got to the top, he called him back and thumped him all over the class, sadistic bastard, there was a teacher there also called mr mare , another bastard, thought me in 5th class,

  35. Br. Alaxander Sykes a.k.a. Harry Hedgehog, a mother fucker. His speciality was fear, punishment and degradation. I had the misfortune of having this cunt of a “teacher” during 1968/69 term. Although he didn’t have a reputation as a molester, he did like to bring his pets swimming to the Shannon fields occasionally on Saturday mornings, as opposed to Corbally baths, which was the popular public swimming spot at the time. I am fairly resilliant and bear him no ill will now, but I know a few people who would like to take his head off to this day, such was the impact he made on their lives. I cannot for the life of me, figure out what attracted these misfits to join the disorder of The Christian Brothers.

  36. Probably in the same class, Mr Heedy. As I noted in my post above, he was some lighting cunt. Did not know his name was Alexander though. Hmmm…

  37. LJS, it was only recently I found out his first name. Do you remember him as Harry Hedgehog? If you spent the last six months of primary school singing in the choir, because in his estimation, “we were useless” then we were certainly in the same class.

  38. We had a class choir with the shithead. We done a few first communion and confirmation gigs. One in particular I remember was in Our Lady Queen of Peace church.

    I found a Brother Dominic Sykes in Africa with photo of an old geezer. Hard to know if its him. But he has that unforgetable square chin. Cannot find an Alexander though.

  39. LJS, I might be wrong about the Alex bit. Sykes wouldn’t be that old, probably in his early to mid sixties only. Wouldn’t mind getting a look at that photo, just to see for myself. If it is him, I’ll have it enlarged and throw darts at it.

  40. Heedy, I dont want to add the link, because it may not be him. But you should find it easy enough. Let me know what you think?

  41. LJS, found that link, but, couldn’t be sure if it was the bastard or not! I must ask Bock to point you out so that we can have a chat, if thats okay with you?

  42. What is remarkable is that the litany of anger by former Christian Brothers boys, has not abated over the years. The anger is still pallable. And why not?. In Australia. I went to CBC St Kilda from 1965-1973. Only the Christian Brothers can take innocent little boys and terriorize them. School was/is meant to be a place to learn, to mix and to have fun. Sure there is a place for discipline, but not thuggery. Look at how the Christian Brothers lived. All men, shit food, stuck together in an environment that is meant to be some sort of holy unity, but breeds disfunctional angry men. The anger they took out on the kids. There are no Christian Brothers left in any capacity at my old school, but their reputation lingers. How many ex CBC boys, sent their sons to the old alma mater?. I know of none. That alone speaks volumes of what the past students thought of them.
    Some years ago, I went with an old mate back to a reunion. As we approached the school, we could see its outline as we crossed the Park, as we got closer, we both became uneasy. It had been 30 years since we left, and here were 2 grown men, who if we were not together would probably not have entered the school grounds alone. That’s how it really felt going back.

  43. Just came across this topic and in response to heedymortal above I have checked out that link and I am positive that this is the very man – Domonic Sykes. I had the misfortune of being in this monsters class in CBS sexton st circa 1969 and just after I returned from a comprehensive school in west London! It was hell.

  44. Yes – that is definitely Sykes in Zambia. Would never forget him – even though he never taught my class I always lived in fear that on returning from Summer holidays he’d be teaching my class. He had his favourites – only those good at sport and gymnastics in particular.

  45. Ollie, obviously you don’t use a pseudonym, because I can remember an Oliver Ryan in my class. We were actually good friends at the time. I hope all is well in your life now despite having endured the terrors of Demonic Sykes?
    Best of luck.

  46. Thank you for your good wishes heedy mortal! Amazing to meet somebody online that was actually in that class along with me! Life is indeed good with me and I hope you are well and healthy. There were a few guys in that class I still remember too and even though it was mainly all doom & gloom and terror I still managed to have a good banter with some schoolmates. Best of luck my good friend.

  47. I remember all of them I went to sextons st CBS Guthrie Ryan miss Ryan Martin Cahill what a fucking nightmare Sunday night I would get this feeling about Monday. A Christian brother called maholly a blond evel bastard who beat the shit out of me for walking on the grass 6 slaps on each hand and wanted to choke me he caught me walking on the grass and told me to get back and pick up papers in the yard I went back in and went out the Parnell st side gate. The next day brother Duncan my teacher came in with Mahilyow and he brought me outside into the hall coats were hung in the hall there was another class room next to the cloakroom I thought he was going to kill me if I could find him now I would never get tired of kicking him I live in the us and I hate fucken limerick where I grew up no thanks to those evil bastards

  48. Fuck Limerick. I live in Boston and I only go back because my wife insists we visit the family. I hate that fucking rotten place. Fuck you.

  49. I achieved a lot in Limerick when I was young with sports. I got a good job that served me well and I didn’t realize how good life could be until I left Limerick. There was no support when I was a kid. You just got torn down. I hope it’s different for kids today. My memories of Limerick are of always being knocked down. CBS sextons st was bad I did have a really good teacher in 6th class mr power he was a good person thank u for ur site it brings back good we all went through shit there I really liked the comments everybody has a story. Guthrie should be hung but he was successful because he had protection from the church.

  50. When I was at CBC St Kilda in Melbourne, the good young lay teachers didn’t last long. In 1967, I had a Mr Colvin, who was fair and could teach. I ended up 9th in the class. Mum was very pleased.

    Anyway next year in Form 2, I had Brother Swanlin as room master. My marks fell away to shit. At the end of the year , I was in the bottom group of kids. My mother for years blamed Swanlin for my poor performance that year and future shithouse performance at CBC.

    i was never one that if you belted, you got a result out of. It just turned me to be more introverted. So when I finally finished at CBC in 1973 (after repeating year 12), I had a basic pass only.

    9 years for that.

    I was clearly so stupid, that later I did a BA, then LLB, and finally a LLM, about 20 years ago. All done on my initiative.

  51. Hello everybody,

    I was wondering if you could help me?
    I attended St. John the Baptist CBS School circa 1992. The head teacher there @ the time was a nasty piece of work called Brother Garvey or even maybe McGarvey? I was wondering if any you guys remember him?

  52. Christian brother called maholly a blond evel bastard

    I remember him well. Saw him kicking a kid who was lying on the ground several times. Absolute sadistic bastard. Also had Mr Meere in 5th class. He punched me twice in the face while holding me by the hair. Cut lip and bloody nose. I was 10. The christian brothers legacy is one of evil, torture, and hatred. The worst years of my life. Thank god i got out after primary school.

  53. Maybe its Moholly . . . Blond hair + glasses. He was young at the time. First time i ever saw a serious assault. Never forget it.

  54. Meere was a cunt. An animal. He drove a brown hillman hunter. I remember hoping the bastard would not come in then he would drive past me at the gate. That is 40 years ago and I still remember the bastards car. Leftwinger we were pro ally in the same class.

  55. Why isn’t St. John the Baptist School in Limerick not a Christian Brothers school anymore?

  56. I’m glad I’m not the only one who knows about that Yorkshire ripper of Christian brothers maholly or holly I would not be shocked if this guy has some shit buried somewhere forget about Guthrie spike prendavill sexton Ryan that bitch miss Ryan from Newport thought she was related to royalty this fucker Maholly was the worst

  57. Thanks bock love the site I’m 50 and want to find out more about this little cockroach maholly cbs sextons st a blond small sour faced fucker with glasses thought 4th class I had brother Duncan in 3rd class thank god I got Stan downing in 4th miss if I was chocolate if eat myself Ryan in 5th and ger power in 6th a sound man who loved sports the only goog thing that came out of my primary school education

  58. Thank u left winger hope it was not to bad for u I’d love to find Maholly and fuck him up. He reminds me of the guy in schinderls list in charge of the camp shooting people from his window The exact mentality

  59. Bro holly was the bastards name. He was known as ma. Holly. He is probally out in some 3rd world country now kicking the bollocks out of. The kids.

  60. It’s good we are ok those evil fuckers tried to drown everything good in us I have 2 beautiful kids who look forward to going to school I can’t believe it when u do well u get Rewarded everybody says good luck gives you a pat on the back. I live in the u s a. I am watching the masters leeds beat blackpool 2 nil today my wife and kids r ok happy days. Stay safe my friends

  61. Bro Kent used to keep me back after school to teach me how to paint. He touched me up several times and being only 12 yrs old I didn’t know what to do because back then I couldn’t tell my parents because they believed that priests and brothers could do no wrong.
    then when i went to sexton street. A bro Scully brought me to the monestary and made me drop my pants while he beat my bare bottom with a leather strap and touched me between the legs.Bastards all.

  62. In 1968 I contracted mumps which led to nerve deafness, and complete loss of hearing on my right side. What help did I get from the Christian Brothers at CBC St Kildain Melbourne?. Fuck all.
    I sat the Latin test at the end of first term in 1969, and got 19% out of 100.

    I had no chance. From then on of course it was hopeless.

  63. Exactly. But it goes further. Latin as it was taught involved pronouncing the words. If I cannot distinguish some words from others, it becomes a mish mash of words that run into each other, so no meaningful identification of those words can be made. If you cannot identify the difference in the words how can you decipher how to use them in the situation of phrases or sentences?

  64. I can only comment about CBC St Kilda. When I started there in 1965, in Grade 5, there were about 55 boys in the class. There is no way in the world even an exemplery teacher could teach that number. The school did not employ “exemplery” teachers, were they lay teachers or CB’s. In 1970 the school enrolement was 1100 boys. The teachers were poor and probably many of the lay teachers got a job there because they couldn’t get one at a “good” school. Most of the teachers had little in the way of tertiary qualifications. One of my happiest moments was in the train going home after my lase exam, with the carriage door open on a warm December day, and enjoying a smoke or two. I knew I wouldn’t be back.

  65. If I got enoughf information about this brother holly I would like to bring him to justice. Another fucken sick bastard Sweeney known as spike I know he was in Africa he’s old now and miserable I hope if anyone has any stories on brother evil bastard holly or maholly if love to hear them

  66. Anyone know of a Brother Kent, CBS The Green, Tralee in the 80s? He didn’t teach me but we met… I started secondary there in 85.

  67. Sykes is still in Zambia & may he burn burn burn in hell, him and his trumpets . Would love to meet him now & knock the living shite out of him like he did as a grown man to 10 year old kids in carlow years ago Saturday mornings were his favourite as know other lay teachers were around . Come back if your not a coward & face me now sykes ???

  68. I attended both Primary ans secondary in Sexton Street from 66 to 77, and had the misfortune to come across many of these people.
    ‘Beardy’ Meere, a lay teacher who would make the whole class point out tiny villages on a map of Ireland every morning, and hit everyone who couldn’t do it correctly.
    I remember Guthrie, though was not taught by him. I did see him poking someone in the stomach with a window pole in athe stairwell of c block once; a crazy, violent, and hateful man.
    In later years in secondary, there was Bro. Crowe, who used the leather every day, during Latin and English classes, and the notorious Sean Cox,who was so despised, even Crowe refused to lend him a leather once, when he sent a pupil round all the classes.
    Some one above mentioned Spike, and while I cant remember his surname, I do remember him, kind of a weird small greyhaired man who taught Latin and Irish. I remember he had a strange manner, but seemed relatively benign to me. Always said ‘go maith’ but made it sound like ‘go maige’.
    I have a few good memories of some lay teachers – Eric Lynch, Tom Moore, Jimmy Liddane, many of the rest of them affected me so much that to this day, I find it hard to have breakfast cos I always feel sick in the mornings. I wish they could be brought to justice in some way, but there all either dead abroad or ancient now.

  69. I am 52 and I would like to find brother holly or ma holly what ever or wherever he is I saw Guthrie on the internet he wrote some book about rte radio broadcasters on gaa Guthrie is from co Clare it astonishes me these people lived there life’s like normal people when there mentally ill when things don’t go there way they beat the shit out of people and there victims have no comeback because of the protection from the church. What a shit show Glad to be able to live a good life in spite of those horrible people.

  70. These twisted fuckers always picket on people who would not have a very good supportive family I have never came across poverty like I saw in the limerick in the 1970s and early 80s alcohol was a big deal the mothers of these kids did the best they could dealing with a drunk man with very little money. Thank god for the credit union we would de lost without that the areas south hill prospect the island and later Moyross were big poverty stricken areas the people who came up with that idea were no visoniaries they wouldn’t run a bath not to mind a city planning office the mothers of limerick my own included who felt with shit all there lives and came through scarred but not broken are my childhood heroes they protected us from those who abused the power they had and were well protected because of the church I thank god for saint johns boxing club on johns St I boxed for seven or eight years and I got an education like no university could ever teach me dealing with all sorts that’s another story the world is a greate place and our kids are all we have protect them from bad people

  71. Hi there David. Sykes is still in Zambia as you rightly mentioned and I’ve tracked him down. He is involved in the Chifwani skills training school. You can check it out in Google and Facebook, there are photos of him also if you look throughout. Still easy to recognise the animal.

  72. Those satanic bastards took everything a child was entitled to ..the loss of trust in all future relAtions..the isolation that these small people grew up with within the family homes..after this happens to you it becomes a very lonely existence..I know Kent took my innocence and every childhood lasts a lifetime

  73. When Ritchie bennis scored that 70ty againsed Tipp to win the Munster final in 1973 u can see Guthrie running on to the field like a mad man it always sticks in my my mind he was the manager of the 11 and a half sextons street hurling team witch we beat saint Patricks to win in the galick rounds when I got my medal Guthrie slapped me across the arse with a hurlie because I gave away a free what a wanker I can’t remember him being a famous hurler he will be remembered for being One of the greatest frauds whoever lived an evil man proceted by the church and the gaa yours sincerely pat leeds fan us citizen

  74. Brother Gutherie the evil bastard is dead. Died hopefully a long and painful death last March.

  75. Yes Pat Guthrie is dead. After leaving Limerick he taught in St. Michaels School in Inchicore in Dublin. He never changed and continued to be an evil sadist. I personally witnessed the after effects of the punishment Guthrie dished out. One boy suffered with depression another was submerged in a life of drug abuse. Still there are many who love him. He was also involved in the Artane Boys Band. Yes he was protected by the people in authority in the GAA and the Church. Don’t know if he was married as their no reference to a wife or children in the notice on RIP. So if it’s any consolation he died alone.

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