Evil Father Ted Takes Over Ireland

What kind of gobshite is Seán Sheehy?

It’s a moment when religion, comedy, horror and and science fiction meet.

We’re trapped in the middle of an evil  Father Ted singularity.

Just as two devastating reports are released, one of them detailing appalling abuse of children by clerics, and the other setting out how the bishops covered up the crimes committted by their priests, what happens?


In a climate of anger when the Vatican gives the finger to a Commission of Inquiry, what happens?


Just as the reports are published, and bishops are being sacked in all directions, and the entire country rises as one person waking from a Rohypnol coma, what happens?

This is what happens.

Some fucking fool of a substitute priest in Kerry walks up to a convicted sex offender, while wearing a clerical collar, hugs him and says Fair play to ya!  She’d be a bit old for me, but everyone to his own.

I would dearly love to have been in the bishop’s office this morning when he sacked the fucking idiot.



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11 thoughts on “Evil Father Ted Takes Over Ireland

  1. My limited experience of meeting priests at funerals etc. has been that when in conversation everyone defers to them. The subject matter remains safe ie. GAA, local matters. One would rarely raise the subject of religion, or some aspect of the Churches teachings. No one would ever dusagree witht eh priest. he would then go through life thinking everyone loves him, evryone agrees with what he says. Even at mass he can make a controversial sermon but the listeners don’t get a chance to dis-agree.
    This Sheehy guy, meets a reporter who, without too much difficulty, allows him to make an ass of himself. Under normal circumstances he could have said anything and no one would have criticised him. He was in new territory.

  2. There are people in this country who still belive that a parish priest, or a TD can fix anything. Not long ago the priest would have been able to infulence the garda’s inquiry, With a call to his bishop.
    We are being asked to belive that, 50 people led by a priest just happened to all decide to go to the court house,I wonder if it is a crime to try and influence the outcome of a hearing like this?

  3. The cretin Sheehy got a good whip of the Crosier. The snivelling shitepot of Listowel are all over the airwaves denying that are shitepot‘s. Yea rought!

  4. just saw that clip on youtube. Fr sheehy is the parish priest for castlegregory? is that right? seems very far to be going for a character reference. is there no priest in listowel? or is castlegregory and listowel in the one parish?

  5. What happens to “sacked” priests? I don’t see many on Dominic St. signing on. He’ll be kept within the sect and will be redeployed to offer his unique counselling skills to other victims. Although I did hear that himself and Murray were opening a PR firm.

  6. They are not moving, the Church I mean, should become an issue for the next general election along with the banking disaster.
    So many things need to be done about the perceptions in the norm of what a crime is and what a criminal is. It all stems from the rot at the top of not only Government but of the elitist mindset of the establishment institutions in this country. Medical, legal. religious and political. Complete routing of every single individual at the upper levels will be necessary.
    A whole lot of change is needed urgently.

  7. Evil Father Ted Takes Over Ireland Quote:

    “Just as the reports are published, and bishops are being sacked in all directions, and the entire country rises as one person waking from a Rohypnol coma, what happens?”

    What a powder-keg of a sentence!

    We are awaking from a “Deep Freez Sleep”, albeit that some have been awake for a while. The effects of the “Rohypnol Coma” are wearing off. We are entering a new dimension, and the power of the people is unstopable. Once the tide turns, it is a force of nature.

    Joseph McCloskey

  8. I like the Rohypnol ref, too – a bit of an echo of “the opiate of the people” there. Marx’s “people’s opium” – by which he referred to that religion that kept people from realising that their terrible condition was man-made (ie changeable) rather than god-made (ie better make the best of it) has been morphed by you, Bock, into a drug used to conceal from someone the fact that they are about to get royally screwed – nice one.

    PS – is it me, or has anyone else picked up on the implication that Mr Foley may have spiked this woman’s drink – every report I’ve read says she found herself feeling sick and dizzy, and with her mouth on fire, as soon as she drank from the Black Russian he bought her?

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