Letter from McCloskey Family to Mary Harney

Family of abuse victim write to Minister

The following letter to Mary Harney, Minister for Health, was sent to me by the McCloskey family.


Ms. Mary Harney TD,

Minister for Health and Children,

Department of Health and Children,

Hawkins House,

Hawkins Street,

Dublin 2.

Sent via Registered Post & Email to Minister’s_Office@health.irlgov.ie

Dear Minister,

A copy of the McCloskey Family Statement as issued on 3rd December 2009 is enclosed. I would be delighted if you could do me the courtesy of taking some of your time in reading same.

Following on that, on behalf of the McCloskey family, I formally request that in your capacity as Minister for Health and Children, you deploy an urgent audit into the Limerick Diocese. The name of Dr. Donal Murray is spotlighted in the Murphy Report; a logical next step is to examine the tenure of his dealing with similar cases as a fully-fledged Bishop.

Adding to the urgency of this audit is the Report written by Mr. Ian Elliott, on whose findings Cloyne is at present under audit. That same report notes the inextricable linkage between both Cloyne and Limerick. These two dioceses shared the same Joint Case Management Advisory Committee. The Report is severely critical of all involved in the process and says the following:

Any meetings that were convened by the Diocese, such as the Child Protection Management Committee, are apparently focused on the needs of the accused Priest. There is no documentary evidence that the ongoing risk to vulnerable children was discussed or considered at any time by them.”

The Cloyne audit stemmed from Mr. Ian Elliott’s Report. Then it seems imperative in the light of the Murphy Report, and the above highlighted linkage calls for swift action by you. If the accused were a priest, he would immediately have to step aside until fully investigated. I now suggest that Bishops be held to the same Standards.

I accompanied my brother Peter on that fate-filled day when he met The Joint Case Management Committee. The Chairman Mr. Diarmuid OCatháin and another committee member Fr. Gerard Garrett had acted for Bishop Magee. Both acted for Dr. Murray when Peter attempted to articulate his experience of “abuse as a child” by a Priest of the Diocese of Limerick. This triumvirate of Bishop, Solicitor and Canon Law prompted the Cloyne Audit.

The revealed story I am certain you are cognisant of given the media coverage. To honour Peter properly we as a family want you to launch an immediate audit into the Diocese of Limerick. This audit will acknowledge the untold story of Peter and hopefully bring closure to a bereft family.

Yours sincerely,


Joseph McCloskey

5 thoughts on “Letter from McCloskey Family to Mary Harney

  1. Bock just found this seems the unholy catholic church are seeking more influence over people in the EU.
    “The Lisbon Treaty came into effect this week, and first to celebrate was the Catholic Bishops Conference (COMECE) which issued a press release reminding EU members that religious groups — particularly the Vatican — are coming to claim the privileges that the Treaty promises them”
    Full item here..
    Thanks for posting this letter I’m sure government and church are hoping this goes away but they have to be held to account.

  2. My deepest sympathy and respect to Peter`s family. May you find justice someday. However I suspect neither Harney, her mandarins, or the Catholic church posess the moral courage or humanity to begin the search for justice for Peter and his family.

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