Murphy Report — Four Bishops Gone

Time to take education and healthcare away from the clergy

I don’t know why people are celebrating the resignation of all these bishops.

What does it matter if they step down from positions within their private club?  They can dance around a marshmallow effigy of the Pope while wearing only a ring of bananas for all I care. That’s a matter for their followers.

Of much greater importance is the influence the Catholic clergy have on Irish secular life, in our schools and hospitals.  That’s where the problem lies, and no resignation by an arrogant old man will make the slightest difference since he’ll simply be replaced by an equally arrogant, if slightly younger, man.  These guys retain the power to hire and fire private individuals if they don’t like their beliefs or their personal lives, though they rarely used such powers against members of the clergy, preferring to sack teachers for being in loving relationships.

Today, on the brink of 2010, there are teachers all over the country hiding their private relationships in case some parish priest should take umbrage and have them fired.

This is a fact that no resignation by a bishop will change, and therefore it’s time to get our eyes back on the ball.

Forget what Diarmuid Martin thinks.  Forget what the Pope thinks.  Forget what these old men do as bishops.  That’s their own business.

The answer is for this State to show maturity and simply remove the clergy from any role in education and healthcare.

All of them.

They have nothing to contribute anyway, and there’s no reason to have them there.

9 thoughts on “Murphy Report — Four Bishops Gone

  1. That’s the point. These resignations are internal church decisions. We need to see action from the State to impose control on them.

  2. so far, I haven’t seen any sign that the catholic church actually believe they’ve done anything wrong. I don’t believe these bishops quit because of any form of sorrow, but merely because of the bad press they’d get personally if they /didn’t/ quit (and pressure from the higher offices because it will also reflect badly on them).

    no sign of empathy – just self-centred tactics.

    these bishops did not quit until they were named by the report. if the report had not come out, they would not have quit.

    it’s perfectly clear: the catholic church still only cares about its image – otherwise, the church itself would have done their own spring-cleaning and fired these bastards. instead, they waited until people /outside/ the church made it very clear what kind of stuff was going on.

    all of the current quittings are merely face-saving. nothing will change – it will just be hidden better.

  3. I have often heard it said by clergy in the media that the Church is the people. They, the clergy, are merely the, well the, clergy. The majority of so called Catholics went to mass yesterday and the ordinary Catholics will go this Sunday. People will continue to have their kids baptised, confirmed etc. If some of the above posters die tomorrow they will most likely have a funeral mass. They may not want thta but their relatives will do it.
    If the ordinay people of Ireland had the courage to overcome the pressure to conform and stop supporting the church by their conformity the church would quickly collpase.

    The churches collapse in Ireland and the World is inevitable. The question on my mind is what will replace it. How many Catholics know deep down that the institution is a sham but have invested too much belief in it. They see years of compliance with the churches teachings leading to a life in heaven. If that illusion is shatterd they then have nothing. They, maybe, see a future where they die and go to heaven because they went to mass every Sunday and conformed to all the other rituals. For this reason I believe people will defend the church and cling to any hope of it reforming. They will attack the likes of Bock for trying to dismantle the Church. Some may take extreme actions in the future against those seen to be enemies of the church.

    Interesting times ahead.

  4. You’re right, Bock.
    Teachers shouldn’t be afraid to go to work.
    Many are.

    You’re right too that the clergy have nothing to offer to our schools.
    They haven’t.
    They are there to watch out for the interests of the church, not our children.
    Be very sure of that.

    I’m sorry to say that I agree with BFH that people will continue to “go along” with things.
    People like the days out – the wedding, communion, funeral.
    They don’t go to mass very much, but they want the pomp.
    I have asked my family for a secular funeral when the time comes, but it would raise a mighty scandal in this small community – “and she a teacher!”. Lately, I’m asking myself – do I really want to throw that bother on my family at a time of grief?

    One way to get people to put their money where their mouth is would be to remove the teaching of religion from the school day. If parents had to make an effort to take their children to religion class and to mass, and to go themseleves also, they might re-evaluate their position?

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