Paedophile Sympathisers in the Catholic Church

A Rape Crisis counsellor’s perspective on the Catholic church’s refusal to deal with clerical abuse.

THIS IS a guest posting from a professional who works with victims of sexual abuse.


As a worker in a Rape Crisis Centre I have never been under any illusion about the Catholic Church. For many years now I have heard countless stories of clerical sexual abuse. Men and women often told their stories for the very first time to a rape crisis counsellor and sadly, many were actually believed for the very first time in a rape crisis centre.

In some ways the publication of the Murphy report is another day of vindication for survivors, who have been dismissed, ignored, ridiculed and condemned as liars by the very institution which condoned and encouraged their brutalisation.

There is clear, well-researched evidence which shows just how devious, manipulative and cunning sex offenders are capable of being. Abusive clergy had the additional advantage of the backing of the Catholic Church, a church which demonstrated time and time again a willingness, indeed an eagerness, to cover up the most savage crimes.

After World War Two, people who harboured Nazis were hounded and vilified as Nazi sympathisers, and now the Murphy report has exposed another type of sympathiser: the paedophile sympathiser.

Paedophile sympathisers are dressed up as men of God. Men who put Holy Communion into our children’s’ mouths while all the time plotting, fantasising and covering up their abuse.

In the wake of the Murphy report, the arrogance of the Catholic Church continues to shine through in its refusal to force the relevant bishops to resign and in the complete lack of an adequate, prompt response from Rome. And while those holy men contemplate their next move, survivors the length and breadth of Ireland try to get on with their lives.


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8 thoughts on “Paedophile Sympathisers in the Catholic Church

  1. I prefer the term ‘Paedophile Enablers’. It gets closer to what these people actually did, sometimes even by doing nothing much. Many bishops and priests let children fall into the hands of abusers by keeping their knowledge to themselves. It was culpable abandonment of the most vulnerable for the protection of the most depraved. It boils down to priorities. These vicars of christ cared more for fiends than for the innocent and helpless. Or in some cases they simply cared more for themselves, and spared themselves the aukwardness of rocking the rotten boat.
    But what can you expect when you see what is at the core of catholicism. Every day at mass young children hand the cruets to a priest or bishop on the altar. Water and wine, vestigial symbols of the semen and menses used in the Greek precursors of mass, the rites of the mystery cults that flourished in the Middle-East two millenia ago. People were ritualising the creation of life. The mass is, in its origin, a psychosexual pageant. Any priest with half a brain knows this. The rite of mass is age-inappropriate for children, yet there they are in the middle of it, in their ritual robes, in their innocence, duped, made to handle things they can’t understand.
    The catholic church doesn’t just mysteriously attract paedophiles in enormous numbers. It is inherently disrespectful of human beings.

  2. Personally, I don’t like the word Paedophile at all. It was invented by the abusers themselves to legitimise what they do.

    Paedophobe would be more appropriate.

  3. there was a crooked man who lived in a crooked house who walked a crooked mile (remember this old poem)
    yep learnt it in those places they called schools now i finally got the message.

  4. Sacking this lot of bishops won’t fix anything. What has to be sacked is the church. It’s an anachronism. It can’t coexist with democracy. It’s a dictatorship of skullduggery.
    Your local church building has a pair of outer doors, and an inner pair. These correspond in human physiology to the outer and inner labia of the vulva. The aisle models the vagina. This is separated from the altar by a barrier known as the communion rail, which of course corresponds to the cervix. Beyond the barrier lies the Holy of Holies, or altar, or womb. In this space our clergy mix red and white liquids, water and wine, in order to bring their god to life.
    This ceremony is parallel in meaning with present-day tantric ceremonies wherein semen and menstrual fluid are collected from the congregation and brought to the altar as an offering gift. The liquids are mixed in a ceremonial cup. The people drink the mixture. It derives from Greek mystery cults of two thousand years ago, popular during the early evolution of christianity.
    This goes some way towards explaining why the catholic church is obsessed with sex. That is its core. That is why its clergy sit in dark boxes and discuss masturbation with children, in the ceremony known as confession.
    Any Irish parent who still allows his or her young son or daughter to be altar servers, to change their clothes in little back rooms off a sacristy, together with a priest, to carry these cruets in the psychosexual ritual – any parent who allows this, knowing all we now know, is as complicit as bishop Murray and cardinal Connell.
    I hear the practicing catholics protesting – But we are the church. Yes you are. You condone clerical power. You fund clerical power. You enable child abuse and clerical cover-up.

  5. It’s alot older than Freud. It’s a mix of Pagan Ritual and Sex Magic (I shit you not, look up Alester Crowley). The Esoteric and the Exoteric mixed a sthe congregation take part in a ritual they have no understanding of . Gels with the RCC if yu ask me. It’s worth remembering that the greatest store of occult knowledge is the Vatican.

  6. Fourth century bishop Epiphanius of Salamis wrote about the ‘heresies’ of his time, and in the process revealed unintentionally some of the origins of christian rituals.
    Freud was only trotting after them. When you’re sitting in a synagogue, you can’t pinpoint your location by reference to the female human reproductive tract. In a traditional christian church building, there you are at the top left of the vagina and your auntie is waving at you from the right-hand fallopian tube. Newgrange is no different, only more explicit, when the shaft of the sun god fertilises the earth goddess. Freud didn’t invent sexual power or sexual obsession. He merely revealed aspects of it, and oversimplified.
    La Craic is right though, it’s not that simple. Mass is an eclectic jumble of older rituals. The water and wine are ritual sex, trying to tap into the creation of life. The bread is from ancient cereal worship, probably Egyptian, attempting originally to control food supply.
    The overall magic-talk of blood and sacrifice is clearly derived from ritual killing.
    Ritual killing was (is?) performed to appease an angry god. You gave him his revenge before he took it out on you, the original scapegoating. It derives from a desire to control fear. It’s described frankly in the so-called old testament. The story of Abraham and Isaac, it seems to me, marks a period of changeover from human to animal sacrifice.
    Personally, I find this a more satisfactory explanation of what is happening at mass. Others may prefer to believe that a priest is actually making a god from everyday kitchen groceries.

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