The Priestitute

It’s time to remove the clergy from our schools and hospitals

So Donal Murray slithered off to Rome in the middle of the night, did he?

After two weeks of denying he had a case to answer, and after a pathetic rallying of his sheep to defend him, (65 intimidated priests and 15 religious zealots), even an old priestitute like Murray realised that people didn’t believe him.  So he decided to take his story to Ratzo.

History rewritten.  Murray as victim.

Never mind that he facilitated child abusers and covered up crimes of rape.  Never mind that he redeployed people he knew to be child-rapists to parishes where people didn’t know about their previous activities, and where they went on to rape more children.  Never mind that his callous disregard for a victim in Limerick ultimately led to that man taking his own life.

He didn’t understand child abuse, according to Murray,  but here’s the strange thing.  In theory, neither he nor his fellow bishops were supposed to know anything about sex between consenting adults either, but that didn’t stop them pontificating about a bit of rubber on the end of your dick, and it didn’t stop them telling women how to use a thermometer for contaception, the dirty old priestitutes.

Murray is still playing the victim.

Pray for me, he said.

And what about the victims? he was asked.

Oh, of course, well pray for them too.

But guess what?  In one way Murray doesn’t have a case to answer. The questions have already been asked by Judge Yvonne Murphy, and they have been answered.

We know that he covered up these crimes.

We know that he colluded in facilitating the rapists.

What more do we need to know?

This man – and others like him –  controls our primary schools.   This man, bizarrely, is exempt from the provisions of the Employment Equality Act, and can fire a teacher on a whim if he thinks that teacher fails to agree with his own religious beliefs.  This man is in charge of our children’s safety.

He’s completely discredited, but he isn’t alone.  All the other bishops mentioned in the Murphy report are equally compromised.  Priestitutes every one.

Take it a step further.   Who gives a flying goddamn whether Murray and his buddies resign as bishops?  I couldn’t care less if they stay where they are, waving their crooks at their sheep.

What I want to know is this.  Why the hell is any priest, anywhere, in charge of schools?  Why is any religious order in charge of a public hospital?  Why is any cleric sitting, ex officio,  on any board of the national university, except in his capacity as an academic?

If this country is ever to achieve the status of an independent republic, we need to prise the fingers of the priestitutes off the levers of power but I’m afraid the grovelling, obsequious  response by our prime minister was not an encouraging start.

Nevertheless the momentum has started now, and no desperate last-minute denunciations by Diarmuid Martin and Seán Brady will close the eyes that have been opened.

At last, even the most fervent believers are able to see clearly the consequences for this country of generations of priestitution.

Time to end it.


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12 thoughts on “The Priestitute

  1. Why do priests cling on to our schools, Bock.
    For power and to influence our young.
    If schools were non-denominational, the churches would have to teach religion themselves.
    They would have to prepare children for the sacraments themselves (how many parents would send their children to those classes, outside of the school?) or else pay someone to do it.
    They couldn’t expect teachers to teach religion, prepare children for the sacraments etc… for nothing, as they now expect and get.
    They couldn’t send in religion inspectors aka “diocesan advisors” to inspect the teachers’ teaching of religion.
    They couldn’t insist on catholic teachers, or catholic colleges of education.
    They couldn’t have the power without the work.

    Would it be so bad if the catholic church taught religion themselves, and the schools were non-denominational?
    Whoever holds the reins of education holds the reins of the future.
    Bertie and Brian are too deferential to the catholic church to do the right thing by our country.

  2. Child rapists and their protectors / supporters continue to be given influence and control over our children. Its great to be Irish to be sure to be sure. What will the historians write about us? How much more fucked up can we get?

    Reuters 3 Nov 2009
    RIYADH – A Saudi court of cassation upheld a ruling to behead and crucify a 22-year-old man convicted of raping five children and leaving one of them to die in the desert, newspapers reported on Tuesday. In Saudi Arabia, crucifixion means tying the body of the convict to wooden beams to be displayed to the public after beheading.

  3. The educate together schools are a good start but you are right they need to be banished from children’s lives. But , they won’t go easy. Expect to see a lot more tree stumps and statue movings to frighten the liv’in be jayus out of them and i’d say your one wont be long coming back to knock. They might drown in the floods this time.
    Patience. they will destroy themselves

  4. Why are we calling for the resignation of Bishop Murray? He is guilty of being complicit in the abuse of children. He has obstructed justice – even though justice has not been done. He has lied – an affront to God, in his own intitution’s blurb. Should we not be calling vociferously for a conviction and a long custodial sentence? Should his assets and that of the institution over which he helps to preside, not be stripped and shared out amongst the many victims? Resign? Stick the monster in jail along with anyone left alive that is guilty.

  5. Now that a Boxing coach has joined the gang, and let us not forget at least three swimming coaches the pyre grows higher . I hear the tumbrels roll. Madam le Guillotine awaits.

  6. I agree with Mairead the schools should be non-denominational. If you want to have your child make his or her communion then do it in your own time. We have no business giving so many school hours over to one branch of faith. Until it’s taken out of the Schools the Irish won’t be free from them. Still to this day people are afraid or reluctant to break the status quo. Even though those people don’t consider themselves Practising Catholics and may be horrified my these reports, their children will still be marching down the aisle to receive their first communions and even worse confessing their so called sins to those cretins.

    I asked a friend why he would have his Daughter make her communion if he agrees that the chruch is at best a currupt cult and he answered ‘sure what can you do? She can’t be the only one in the class not making her commuion. Tisnt fair on her’ ‘

  7. It was done in Québec, starting in the 60s. The education of children , from top to bottom (and what was taught) has been taken away from the Catholic religious communities. Some private Catholic institutions have remained. But they have to follow the general curriculum. Until this happened, other religious minorities were totally disparaged in the province of Québec. Of course, that move has emptied and closed many Québec churches. There’s a total lack of “religious vocations.” In many places, priests are recruited in Africa , and other Mission countries, to come and serve French Canadian Catholics .

    Just wanted to tell you that it can be done.

  8. Bock, thanks for putting up this heading. The question of who will control OUR schools and hospitals is paramount in order to spare many more children from sex abuse. How long more will the politicians of our sad “republic” play junior partner to this filthy church? We kicked out the brutal British empire, from our midst. We can defeat this Vatican empire and its lackeys too.

    Sm and Mairéad, the schools should not be multi-denominational, multi-racial, multi-gender, multi-cultural, they should just be schools. The National Schools should welcome every child, every parent. The only requirement for enrolment into an Irish National School should be, ‘are you a child?’ They should be for children and education, not for churches and skulduggery. Churches should be free to run private schools without state funding, but very closely monitored. Our state should open a countrywide provision of state schools, or take possession of the existing schools built and funded by the Irish taxpayer and make them be for children.
    Then if parents insist on exposing their children to clerical sex abuse, they can do so privately without involving the state, and not end up costing the whole taxpaying community millions to clean up the mess.

    Our foreign minister has had a crozier shoved up his ass by the nuncio. It will be interesting to see him wriggle.

  9. A foreign dictatorship controls the appointment of 96% of the teachers in Ireland and drafts the religious brainwashing to which our children are subjected. This dictatorship refuses to answer basic questions from an independent judicial inquiry into an organised crime in which it is the prime suspect. The dictatorship weilds enormous influence over the political leaders who purport to run our country, persuading them to outlaw public criticism of religion and grant their regime a plethora of special rights within our state.

    And not one senior politician seems to think any of this is a problem. It’s the ultimate Irish joke.

  10. I wonder is this problem more an Irish one than a Catholic church issue.I notice the priests accused of abuse in America all seem to be Irish as well.Yet the other Catholic countries such as France, Spain, Italy,Poland etc do not seem to have this huge Paedophile problem like Ireland has.Indeed it seems to go well beyond the Catholic church here.

  11. Someone mentioned church control of hospitals here – this is equally iniquitous, and has caused me more run-ins than the education of my children (as they have proven immune to religious instruction). When my children were born I found myself outside of the sanctified state of wedlock, however, their father was nevertheless essentially present in our lives. I wanted both our names on their birth certs, however, this simply could not be done within the hospital, which according to the policies of its religious managers, would only include the father’s name on the birth cert in the case of married couples. Both times we had to make a separate half-days’ return journey to the registry office in order to register that our children had two (albeit unmarried) parents. On another occasion, unbeknownst to me, I was (apparently mistakenly) referred to a hospital run by a religious order for the insertion of a contraceptive device, which caused hilarious scenes (but only in retrospect) when I turned up with said device in my hand. (Put it this way – if I had walked in with the blood of babies staining my teeth – I would have got no worse a reception!) Religious control of hospitals skews the delivery of healthcare in my opinion, and the sooner it is abolished the better.

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