FAI Screws Up Again With Ireland vs Brazil Fixture

Irish home game set for London

You have to hand it to the Football Association of Ireland (FAI). When it comes to being presented with an open goal they can always be relied upon to balloon the ball hopelessly over the bar.

If we were dealing with any other Football Association in the world fans would be storming the building by now, hauling the CEO’s out by the scruff of their necks for immediate execution.

In John Delaney’s (FAI CEO) case this would involve two executions. First, the insurgents would have to remove the badger that resides on his head and shoot it,straight between the eyes.

But be warned it will have to be put down with a silver bullet. Otherwise it will slither away and incubate on another CEO’s skull.

Following that, the insurgents can turn their guns on Delaney.

Meantime, as far as I am aware London is the capital of England.

I am fairly confident that Londinium, as it was originally named by the Romans, is not part of the greater Republic of Ireland.

Maybe someone should mention this to the FAI.

Ireland were handed a friendly against Brazil a few months back by way of part-compensation for being cheated out of the World Cup, first by the totally corrupt FIFA, and then by Thierry Henry’s Hand of Frog goal in Paris.

However, it was confirmed today that the game against Brazil has been fixed for the Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal FC for Tuesday March 2.

For those not too familiar with football, the Emirates Stadium is in Londinium.

That’s some compensation isn’t it?  First of all the glamour friendly is fixed for another country, and secondly, the game has been scheduled for the middle of a working week.

How many Irish fans will be there, it’s hard to know. The Emirates holds about 70,000 (note to the builders of the new Aviva Stadium which will only hold 50,000 when it opens).

According to a number of reports the GAA were willing to open Croke Park for the Brazil friendly at a special rate. They GAA usually charge €1.5m to hand over the keys to the front door.

But the offer appears to have been turned down. The promoters Kentaro, who more or less organise friendlies for Brazil in Europe, seem to be calling the shots here.   The FAI for their part are trying to cut costs by agreeing to move the game to London. Apparently the Gunners charge a lower rate to rent out their Stadium.

Bizarrely, given their attitude to football in the not so distant past, the GAA today said THEY are “disappointed” that the game won’t be played in Croker. Croke Park stadium director Peter McKenna told the media that he had been notified in writing by the FAI that the Arse will host the game.

He said: “It’s disappointing because a game like this brings a great deal to the city but it was their decision to make. The market and economy are a different place as compared to when Brazil came here in 2008 and our rate reflected that but unfortunately we still weren’t successful in attracting the game.”

So there you have it. The only ones that give a fuck about Irish soccer fans are the GAA. The FAI couldn’t care less about their supporters.

These are the same fans that followed their team throughout an arduous World Cup qualifying campaign, culminating in France shaming themselves in Paris in the play-offs.

These are the same fans whose money is being used to pay Giovanni Trapattoni, who still sounds as if he’s auditioning for a part in Godfather 4.

And what do Irish football fanes get in return for the above loyalty. They get the chance to see Ireland play Brazil, provided they pay for match tickets, flights and accommodation for a game which will be technically classified as a “home fixture” for Ireland.

That, thanks to the FAI, is their compensation for being cheated out of a place in the World Cup.

FIFA granted this friendly to Ireland as a gesture of goodwill. However, the FAI are refusing to pass on that goodwill to the fans.

What has the Minister for Sport to say about all this latest debacle?

85 thoughts on “FAI Screws Up Again With Ireland vs Brazil Fixture

  1. According to John Delaney on RTE, the game was supposed to be a friendly between Brazil & Portugal. But as they were drawn together in the World Cup, FIFA asked that we be invited. Brazil agreed. It is their friendly and their representatives who are running the show. They put it out to tender to a few stadia (Croke Park included) and Brazil felt more comfortable playing in London, as they have played at The Emirates before.

    So it was never the FAI’s decision to make.

  2. This is nonsense. If they had any balls, the FAI could have told them to shove their game up their arse. They didn’t, and that’s the measure of Delaney and the other fools he represents.


  3. I’m not disagreeing that Delaney is a buffoon.

    I don’t think it’s fair to suggest he could tell them to “shove it”

    In a practical sense, because it was their friendly, they could have held it in Brazil, Spain, Portugal.

    The point he was making was that the stadium decision was Brazil’s, that’s all.

  4. This, much like the Shannon Saga, is becoming very tiresom. Ireland were not cheated out of a World Cup. The tie stood at 1-1 when Henry “scored”, had it been disallowed it would have meant extra time / penalties / replay where Ireland were not guaranteed a win. I couldn’t give a fuck where Ireland play Brazil, as Robert said, it’s Brazils fixture. But why bother with the truth when you can whinge.

  5. If you don’t give a fuck and you find the entire thing tiresome then why comment?

    The Ireland v Brazil friendly should be played in Ireland. In the event of no venue being available (which there is) then the game should have been turned down and another friendly arranged for Dublin.

    Delaney is on every paper in the country today banging on about this game. The spin machine is in full swing. However, the bottom line is that if you are an Irish soccer fan that you will have to go to London to see your team play – on a Tuesday night – in a game which should have been played in Ireland.

    As it is, Ireland will get €500,000 for this game. Meantime, Irish fans have a right to ask why they have to travel to another country to see their country while a 80,000 capacity Stadium is lying idle in Dublin. It’s no wonder that soccer in this country has more or less being usurped as the nations second biggest sport (behind GAA) by rugby.

    Your looking at Henry’s cheating from the wrong angle. The illegal goal stood and was enough to qualify France for the World Cup. Consequently Ireland were cheated out of a place in the World Cup.

  6. Ireland would receive that amount, regardless of venue, as it is the fee being paid by Brazil’s representatives.

    It is technically, an away friendly, the venue is being chosen by the nominal “home” team Brazil.

    With respect, I do think in this instance you are letting a rant get in the way of the facts.

  7. This “rant” is on behalf of Irish football fans, who were to be “morally compensated” as one person put it, with a glamour friendly against Brazil.

    Can you imagine the IRFU securing a friendly with New Zealand and agreeing to play the game in Twickenham?

    With all due respect your letting the facts get in the way of a rant.

  8. It isn’t about Brazil, who are entitled to play their games wherever they wish. It’s about Delaney and his bunch of clowns jumping for whatever bone Blatter decided to fling in their direction.

  9. Bock – get off your high horse for christ sake.
    It is an away friendly – technically a tournament friendly – Ireland are only the “home” team in the sense that they get to wear their home strip and get to do the coin toss.

    What do you want? The FAI to tell Kentaro to shove off? Why? What would be the point? What good would achieve? What message would it send?

    Blatter may have had something to do with it – he might not have either? Big deal!
    More likely Kentaro done a bit of market research and found that there are more Irish in London than Portuguese.

  10. why the tuck are my comments going into moderation!!!!!??? what did i do!? explain it to me, very clearly.. i’m sllllooooow. : )

  11. Big Dave, market research has also found that there are more Irishmen living in Ireland than in any other country- there’s fucking “millins” of them over here for some reason. The research also found that there is more Irishmen and women living in Dublin than in any other capitol in the world.

  12. Are we all Irish commenting on this post? what the fuck are ye disagreeing about then.
    The friendly should have been fixed to be played in ireland full fuck-off fucking stop.
    If all the comment facts are true then the FAI And fee fixers for Croker have messed up.
    Might be interesting to see all the tender figures.

  13. you miss the point completely

    Kentaro – WHO ARE ACTUALLY ORGANISING THE MATCH – look for oppostion for Brazil to play, in the Emirates usually – but not necessarily .They have organised some games before ( Brazil v Italy in the emirates and V england in the gulf there recently ). For their next fixture ,they considered a few candidates Portgual Ireland etc etc.

    They try to come up with a fixture that generates as much revenue as possible. Why – because that is what comapnies are supposed to do. They tried out Croke Park to see how much they charged ( too much obviously) and decided to stick with the Emirates.

    The FAI are not organising this match. They are not allocating the tickets. It is NOT a home fixture- correctly it is a tournament fixture . just to make this clear I will say it again. THIS IS NOT A HOME FIXTURE.

    It could have just as easily been played in Croke Park – with Brazil as the “home” team. ( Weird — but theoretically possibe.)

    Just because ROI comes first in the referees report means very little. ( We get to wear our colours in the event of a clash – and who gets to do the coin toss….big deal!!)

    In the WC final in 1998 France were actually the Away team – even though it was played in Paris.
    The reason for this is that it was a tournament fixture – not a home fixture.

    “The research also found that there is more Irishmen and women living in Dublin than in any other capitol in the world.” Not necessarily! – London has about a million irish and first generation Irish

  14. You seem to be arguing against things that weren’t said, so who exactly is missing the point?

    The post didn’t criticise Kentaro. It didn’t criticise Brazil. It didn’t suggest the game was a home fixture.

    As I read it, this post criticises FIFA for being corrupt and the FAI for being craven, so really, there’s no need for you to explain IN CAPITALS for slow learners. That’s considered shouting, and is generally regarded as ill mannered.

  15. Big Dave: if your comment was an answer to mine then use a name reference, please.
    I did’nt miss the point at all. Delaney had the leverage and did’nt use it, And like You said,
    Crokers tender was obviously too high for the financial climate we now find ourselves in.

  16. @Bock – “Things that werent said” – obviously!!

    my point is that they should have been said – from the outset .
    (Although it would made this whole thread pointless, wouldnt it.)

    The title of this post is “The FAI screws up again” – The FAI have screwed nothing up ( well not in this case anyway) . They were offered an oppurtunity to make a few bob by playing this fixture – and they took it.
    How is that a screw up?

    The two friendlies in Limerick werent exactly resounding successes now were they?

    “It didn’t suggest the game was a home fixture.” – why does post exist then?

    How does Delaney have “leverage”? – he doesnt!
    It is Kentaro’s way or the highway!

  17. The reason for the post’s existence is irrelevant. It says what it says, and there’s no point disagreeing with what it doesn’t say.

  18. come on – admit it – this has been blown out of all proportion. this is not a big deal after all.

    We live and learn – we learn something new everyday – Discussions like these are quite informative…

    lets all be friends

  19. Jesus – and it was building up into a good scrap an all….fuck sake lads. Brian Peters has taken the offer off the table.

  20. I reckon this Paulo bloke above is only looking for a fight. You looking for trouble sham?

  21. I know that this is off topic – but what are people’s thought on the campaign by Martin Breheny ( Indo’s GAA guy) to have soccer and rugby games in Croke Park in the future.

    While I like Breheny for the most part – he almost singlehandedly keeps relations between the GAA and FAI sour.

  22. I don’t usually read him, not into GAA, cept a bit of hurling. I think it makes sense to use Croker – had a rant on this in here in the not so distance past- for its capacity. As it is soccer and rugby will be using the new Aviva Stadium which has a 30,000 less capacity than Croker, even thought rugby sells out Croke PK all the time and soccer most of the time. Only in Ireland would this happen.You have a demand for 80,000 bums on seats and what do you do? Why you build a stadium for 50,000. GUBU..

  23. I went to 3 rugby matches in Croker. None had any atmosphere, the crowd are just two far away from the play in my opinion. I agree about the new Lansdowne Rd, 50k seats is a joke when you can fill 80k, I’m resigned to never getting a ticket.

  24. “50k seats is a joke when you can fill 80k”

    we are actually discussing this on another thread here, if you want to get stuck it.

  25. The last time that a Brazilian saw the national squad playing in Brazil was 1999. Irish people are very luck to see their national time playing often here in ireland or sometimes no too far from here.

  26. Of course the writer doesn’t bother with facts or even logic. It was an opportunity to fill an existing fixture rather than a scenario that the FAI created but a great opportunity. There are around a million Irish born people in mainland UK and many many more second generation who consider themselves Irish, or at least part Irish.
    I am one of those people and I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to see my country’s team play down the road in Archway.

  27. We’d be thrilled if we got the opportunity to see them play in Dublin, the er, capital of the UK.

  28. Well they played Brazil in Dublin in 2008. And 2004.
    England played a friendly in the middle east a few months ago.
    That’s modern football.

  29. Mainland United Kingdom is a loose geographical term which includes England, Scotland and Wales. Doesn’t include Northern Ireland, Gibraltar etc etc.

  30. Indeed. There’s a very precise term for the political entity you describe: Great Britain, which also excludes NI.

    I don’t believe that Gibraltar, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands are part of the UK.

  31. I was about to jump in and say the same thing – but it looks to me that is actually quite ambiguous.

    Gibraltar is part of SW England as per European Elections, and hence recognized as part of the UK by the EU.

    I know that Zachary said “Mainland UK” so this doesnt apply here – but for many Irish people “The Mainland” is Europe, not the larger Island to our east.

  32. Hang on, I made a passing reference to the phrase ‘mainland UK’ to differentiate between Irish people who come from northern Ireland who would have UK passports and the people from the Republic of Ireland living in the main island of the UK (the one next to Ireland that has England, Scotland and Wales) and people are using it as an excuse to get into a pointless debate about political boundaries.

    I don’t care whether or not “for many people “The Mainland” is Europe” (although I would have thought OUR mainland would have been IRELAND) I’m talking abut the country that I live in now, because it’s the country that the match is taking place in.

    Any mention of Gibraltar or any other UK territories is irrelevant.

  33. I agree – it isn’t worth a fuss.
    how about everybody just says “England” from now on and let’s all leave it there.

  34. It s so annyin that they r gonna play in England.. I was so excited waiting for this match and now I cannot go…it should be played in dublin as the last time they met….anyways…., who is goin to england to see it??
    nd how much did u pay for it??

  35. I’m delighted it’s in London as I live here, although I completely understand disgruntled Irish supporters and agree it should have been played on home turf. However, my biggest problem is the price if the tickets. I paid a fraction of this cost to see Ireland play Colombia at Craven Cottage last year. Do not be surprised to see a LOT of empty seats.

  36. I live in London, and will be at the game :)

    Ever thought that there may actually be a huge support over here? Half the population of this feckin country is Irish!

    Cmon de Paddyss

  37. I don’t know about the £50 thing.
    I got my ticket for £42 and I believe that there are tickets for £37.
    Not peanuts but football matches are expensive these days.

    Just a question on an earlier comment.

    “This is nonsense. If they had any balls, the FAI could have told them to shove their game up their arse. They didn’t, and that’s the measure of Delaney and the other fools he represents.


    WHY should the FAI tell them to shove the game up their arse?
    It was either this fixture, in London, or nothing at all.
    We were INVITED to fill a gap arising because the original fixture was supposed to be Portugal and Brazil until they drew each other in the World Cup finals.
    And with the enormous Irish diaspora in London it makes no sense to refuse to participate.

    It seems the writer didn’t get the facts before they wrote the article and is now too stubborn to back down.

    Also bemusing is the criticism that “the game has been scheduled for the middle of a working week.”
    The vast majority of international friendlies take place on a Wednesday.

  38. Enjoy the game Alex. I hear that the English FA are scheduling their next friendly for Dublin by the way.

  39. It’s not a case of me fascistically “demanding that he change” his opinion. The point is he has formed that opinion on misinformation.
    Quote from the article:
    “The FAI for their part are trying to cut costs by agreeing to move the game to London.”
    That is completely wrong. Factually wrong.
    So the opinion he offers on the basis of that IS invalid.
    I’m all in favour of people having opinions but if they have gotten something wrong isn’t it better to point it out to help them amend their opinion to accommodate the facts?

  40. Yawn all you like Seconds Out but I assume you would classify your original article under ‘journalism”? You show some flair but there are a few staples of journalism you need to adhere to. One of them is to get your facts straight before you launch into a rant about something. Otherwise you just end up looking foolish.

  41. Zachery — Where did you notice anyone claiming that anything on this site is journalism? Point out the exact location if you wouldn’t mind.

  42. You’re finding a whole lot of increasingly desperate ways to get round the fact that the article is inaccurate.
    These blogs are by their existence a form of journalism, which Wikipedia describes as “the craft of conveying news, descriptive material and opinion via a widening spectrum of media.”
    I can only imagine the writer would want to do this well rather than badly. Surely I’m not mistaken there?

  43. Zachery — Get a bit of perspective here. This is a discussion about a football match. Nobody is desperate here except you. The world is full of disasters, misery, pain, starvation, and occasionally we like to lighten it up with a bit of meaningless banter about soccer or some other meaningless shit.

    If you want to win the argument let me pin a little star on your lapel.

    Zachery: you win. Does that make you feel better?

    But don’t flatter yourself that anyone here is desperate about an irrelevant soccer match. We’re not that shallow.

  44. Well then, if Wikipedia says so….
    Zachery, I won’t get personal with you, but it seems to me that you’re pushing your opinion on us in a bit of a condescending way.
    I thought the main thrust of this post was that Ireland should play a home game in Ireland.
    We should.
    The diaspora are all over the globe, and God bless them all.
    Ireland is Ireland though, home = Ireland.

  45. All I’ve been doing is discussing the football match. Bock, you were the one who started poking at the trivialities in my posts (see posts 37, 39 and 51). It’s actually quite frustrating that you’ve repeatedly engaged me over this, failed to acknowledge the actual points I’ve made and now imply that I’m being petty. Fine, feck it.

    I’m not trying to win the argument to get some sort of medal. I’m TRYING to get the point across that the article has massive discrepancies in it’s logic.

    Mairead, I’m not pushing my opinion on anyone. I’m simply being forced to repeat a fact because your post (58) in which you said “Ireland should play a home game in Ireland,” demonstrates that some people still haven’t gotten it. It NEVER WAS a home game, and that’s not my opinion, that’s a fact.
    By the way Mairead, I’m a bit confused as to your sarcastic “If Wikipedia says so,” comment. Do you dispute that definition?

    I only resorted to being condescending (which I probably shouldn’t have) when the author of the article posted a ‘yawn,’ to my comment.

    Look folks, if you want to just backslap a guy who has made a completely redundant point about this game, it’s up to you but if you can’t admit the guy got it wrong then what’s the point of enabling comments at all?

  46. Zachery — It’s only soccer. We don’t take it that seriously. Get with the programme. Read the other things on the site.

  47. Irish football fans have been so neutered in recent seasons that they are being invited to accept that home friendlies, granted as part compo for being swindled in Paris,should now be played in London. Sad.

  48. This fixture is an away friendly.

    Brazil made the formal invitation to the FAI, not the other way round.
    Then , and only then, can it be classed as a home fixture.

    It can not be argued that this game is a home game. . There is nothing about this fixture to enable one to characterise it as a home game , including the fixture notice.

    Also it was not some part of compensation deal – a deal that doesnt exist.

    Brazil originally invited Portugal, but cancelled the arrangement because they were drawn together in the world cup. Brazil ,with Kentaro, had several options – and choose us

    This argument was won ages ago – by me!! Lets move on and talk about the general election

  49. Totally disagree. The FAI were offered the game as “moral” compensation after the hand of frog incident. The FAI could have staged it in Dublin but opted for London because of the costs of staging games at Croker.

    AKA Seconds Out..

  50. You are entitled to your opinion, but you are completely wrong.

    This “moral compensation” thing is a just hot air. FIFA had absolutely nothing to do with setting up this fixture. That is all just idle misinformed speculation

    The FAI had no say in where the game was played.

    If you care to contradict, by all means do , but I do ask that you support your arguments with some evidence.

  51. Zachery, Hi again. Both of us got a bit sarcastic, I agree, and I apologise.
    I’m not disputing Wikipedia’s definition, I just wouldn’t quote it myself given the many and varied hack attacks it has had recently and in the past. That was probably me being condescending? Sorry!
    We’re a nice enough crowd here at Bock’s, Zachery, but the FAI are a right shower, so we may have used you as a surrogate punchbag? :-)
    I still really enjoyed this post though, as I do the very most of the posts here.
    Please do read a couple of the other posts, as Bock suggested. For example, look at the one I put up on childbirth in Ireland – now that is truly shocking and definitely worth causing a big, big fuss over. Let me know what you think?

  52. Thanks Mairead,
    Very nice and mature reply. As a result I will indeed check it out now.
    I retract any frustrated insulting posts I might have posted.

  53. This fixture was offered to the FAI as a home game. They, having no choice, what other venue could hold it in Ireland, went to the GAAfor Croker. The GAA, as usual, were looking for an arm and a leg to use their venue. The FAI baulked and Kentaro stepped in. The GAA, on a PR exercise, appeared on the papers saying they were willing to drop their price. They quite rightly pointed out that the fixture would have a good spin off for businessin Dublin in these recessionary times. However, Kentaro, one report suggested that a person working for Kentaro is Irish manager Giovanni Trapattoni’s agent ?, were now in control. The fixture went to London. Circa 40,000 showed up for tonight’s debacle, a joke of a game played in a surreal atmosphere. There would have been 80,000 in Dublinif the home team had opted to play in Dublin.

    Meantime, in breaking news the German FA announced tonight that they will be playing all their friendlies in Paris, whilst the French will play their friendlies in Berlin. England want to play their friendlies in Dublin, whilst New Zealand have opted to play their rugby friendlies in Sydney. GUBU

  54. Wrong – At no stage had the FAI any organisational input. This fixture was organized from beginning to end by Kentaro, who set it up originally for Brazil to play Portugal. ( who were since drawn in the world cup)

    What actually happened was that Kentaro went to the GAA asking if they can rent Croke park. The GAA refused to talk to them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Therefore the GAA actually never actually put forward a quote at all, so this thing about dropping the price could easily be a load of codswallop.

    Also – the last time they played in Dublin the attendance was 68,000 – not 80,000. But having played Brazil here twice before in recent years – would we have got that attendance again – in this economic climate. Not a chance.

  55. Are yourself and Zac, and he over there in London town, affiliated to Kentaro or the FAI Big Dave?
    A national newspaper december

    The FAI will offer their new manager a triple-header Croke Park test against Brazil, Argentina and Italy next year.

    John Delaney confirmed that he has concluded negotiations with the South American giants for Dublin visits.

    Brazil are first up at Croke Park in February with world champions Italy set to follow in March and Argentina due in town next autumn.

    “I have been negotiating with Brazil and Argentina to come to Croke Park and those games will happen,” said Delaney
    Delaney quoted in a national newspaper last december (unabridged as they say)

  56. Ignore the above copy and paste gone ape.
    Therefore, with the cash-strapped FAI looking to cut costs, staging the game in England could be easier than the expense of renting Croke Park. Old Trafford and the Emirates Stadium have been mentioned as possible venues for a showdown with Dunga’s side, who have travelled to Dublin twice in recent times – in 2004 and 2008 – for friendlies at Lansdowne Road and Croke Park respectively.

    Kentaro were told they would have to pay approximately €800,000 to secure Croke Park this time, with the cost of the Emirates believed to be around a third of that figure. “The pricing structure put them (the GAA) fourth in the list,” says Delaney

  57. No – Are you affilliated to the GAA?

    First – never listen to sports journalists on this type of stuff. They are uniformly crap at getting their story straight. If the story happens on the pitch – then they have some idea of what they are talking about.
    All the back room / Boardroom stuff – then their guess is no better than anybody else’s.

    The article you quote sounds like nonsense
    – “their new manager?” – Trappatoni is still there last time I checked
    – A croke park triple header – when the Aviva is opened? Rubbish
    – Italy in March – obviously that is wrong, Seeing as Brazil in 2008 barely broke even, I dont get why they would run the risk of losing money on friendlies in Croker.

    Can you put a link for it – as it will be testimony to my point about sport journalists made earlier.

    Kentaro had the fixture set up for Brazil and Portugal in London. Because of the WC draw – Portugal had to pull out, with Ireland replacing them. Delaney asked Kentaro to move it to Croke Park , continuing as we discussed earlier.
    Very simple

    and again – Peter McKenna , head of Croke Park, confirmed yesterday that he had no formal dealings with Kentaro,
    It is no use talking about what they might have quoted – the fact remains that they didnt make a formal quote

  58. your were asked to ignore post 73 on post 74, 73 was a copy and paste error.

    The GAA wouldn’t deal with Kentaro, they wanted to use the FAI as the condui. If we don’t listen to sports journalist on sport them who do we listen to – the religious affairs corrospondents?

    I still reckon your with either the FAI or Kentaro.

  59. I still reckon you are affiliated to Croke Park !! are you Martin Breheny in disguise?

    If the GAA are serious about attracting big events to Croke park – they should learn to bit of professional courtesy. They dont get to pick who they negotiate with – they have to negotiate with the people paying the money – otherwise no dice!

    I know what you are saying – but the fact is that Sport journalists should stick to writing about sport – the goals scored, the free kicks and the red cards- and not pretend they are experts on contract law, finance or event management. This is a totally different ball game, if you pardon the pun.

    Some of them dont know the difference between revenue and proft…..some dont even know the capacity of croke park ( 75,000 for soccer, not 82,000)

  60. And I reckon your John Delaney in disguise. If you have such comtempt for our fine, upstanding, at all times sober and honest, sports hacks, then you it would obviously be beneath you to read same. So where are you getting your info then?

    From internal memos between the the FAI and Kentaro maybe?

    Your a gas man John.

  61. 78 posts about a soccer match and not one mention of the performances or final score. A record?

  62. Ireland, the “home” team were good in the first half and brutal in the second and lost 2-0 or something, whatevre.

    Big Dave and Zac were at the game in the Kentaro Corporate box….

  63. Where am I getting my info – Peter Mckenna’s interview in the Indo – Straight from the horse’s mouth.
    I am not dissing him now – he is pretty good at what he does, and it isnt him causing all this fuss.
    He was given a set of procedures to follow for dealing with FAI and GAA.
    The problem was that these procedures were too narrow , and blocked him getting this fixture.

    Being an event management professional – I tend to know how event management professionals operate.
    I am not an expert on contract law , finance, and the rest, but I can tell when someone has a grasp of the basics, and when they dont.

    If Croke Park were going to sign any contracts for this – it was with Kentaro. And therefore they should have taken Kentaro’s calls.
    They didnt – and Kentaro walked away to talk to people who know how to handle themselves in this game

  64. Actually Ireland was officially the away team

    The fixture notice was Brazil V Ireland.

    We were good in the first half – we were crappy in the second. But players are being introduced to the team, and hopefully there will be an improvement for the next games in May

  65. No 8 – The post is about the organisation of the fixture, not about the match itself, and was written long before the game took place.

    However, I take your point, and I have instructed Seconds Out to try harder at predicting the future next time he writes about a forthcoming game.

  66. I predicted it right last night – again……
    also had a fiver on them to score the first goal -they being at home an all –
    and technically the did, the clowns.

    Bet Stake Ireland v Brazil Neutral – Ireland @ 9/2 -€10.00 (lost)


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