Paedophile Operates Educational Website

Pervert exploits legal loophole

I have just read some very disturbing news.

The person who runs an educational website (based in the UK) has been jailed for the second time for downloading child pornography!

It appears that he is a known paedophile!

The site owner – Samuel Kinge (aka Daniel Kinge) –  aged 28, used to teach Religious Education (!) at a primary school in Warwickshire. He was sacked from that job in 2005, after he received a nine month jail term for having child pornography on his computer.

On September 24th 2009, I read that he was arrested again after police found almost 424 deleted images of children on his laptop. He was sentenced to a 12-month jail term this time. He pleaded guilty to 17 counts of making indecent photographs of children. I read that Kinge has now been banned from using a computer unless it has a police detection programme installed on it. I hope that order isn’t too late for some poor child.

It seems that he was a member of a site called – “Under-5 Boys”, and admitted making several trips to Uganda, saying he was volunteering at an orphanage.

In between jail terms, he set up a highly successful teaching resources website, called SparkleBox  and many teachers I know (including myself) use it very often. It contains free resources for Literacy, Numeracy, Classroom management et al.   You are invited to download and print resources for the classroom, and to share your own resources and pictures also.

There is a “Sharing Zone” on the site and also a “Picture Gallery”. Are there any guarantees as to who is doing the sharing and what pictures are being used? It smacks a bit of the house made out of sweets and gingerbread in “Hansel and Gretel”.

Kinge also wrote a blog that could be accessed from the site. The blog seems to be unavailable now, but would have been a contact point to and from Kinge. Convicted paedophiles are not allowed to have contact with children. Is this a loophole in the law? Adults and children were invited to use the site, so children could potentially have been in contact with him.

Ironically, the site states:

“A note about your safety…
The safety of our visitors is taken very seriously at SparkleBox.  Not only do we provide excellent service, for free, but you can be assured of a safe and risk-free browsing experience when using our site.  Here’s how…

Family-safe content
Our website content, whilst aimed at adults, is safe for any age to view.  We carefully screen our advertisements (using Google’s ‘Adsense’ technology) to ensure that they are all family-safe”.

Family-safe (shudder) ?

I have used that site many times, but I never knew that the person running it had ever been jailed, not to mind jailed as a paedophile. I never would have gone near that site had I known.

I was unsure if I should include the name of the site here or not. The last thing I want to do is to give it free publicity, and line this man’s pockets while he’s in jail. On the other hand, I don’t want anyone stumbling upon this site and not knowing about Kinge.

Read more about this story here –

or here –

5 thoughts on “Paedophile Operates Educational Website

  1. Mairead,

    It is a fact that the pedophile is generally considered one of the more cunning type criminals out there. I take the biblical view; drown them.

  2. Very cunning indeed, it seems.
    I don’t know about drowning, but my father always maintained that he would sort them out in a different way.
    (He is a farmer and well-used to dealing with various breeds that cannot control their urges).
    I don’t know what the answer is….
    Vigilance and hyper-vigilance seems to be essential around children.

  3. Mairead,
    I just want to know how it is possible to “make” 17 indecent photographs of children without harming them? Have the children been identified? given statements? been counselled?

    Spreading the word is one of the best things you can do. As an educator, you are at a place that will draw the paedophiles like flies. It is important that educators talk to one another about any dangers discovered. Well done for putting the word out.

  4. Thanks, Scotlyn.
    I don’t know anything about the children concerned. We will probably never hear about them.
    It was a teacher friend who alerted me to the story late last week.
    I have asked the teachers in our school not to visit this site again and why.
    We all need to watch out for our children, and other people’s children.
    I never allowed my children to go for “sleepovers” when they were small. I was told that I was too fussy and one woman in particular put a lot of pressure on me to let my daughter stay at her house overnight. I wouldn’t, and I’m glad now even though I doubted myself fiercely at the time.

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