Treviso 7 — Munster 44

Comfortable away win for Munster in Italy

No plan survives contact with the enemy, as Treviso found out today.  Munster blitzed them in the first half, running in three tries in short order, and the home team’s composure fell to pieces.  Our man on the spot reported via text that the Italian supporters were shocked, which is understandable, since Munster had 20 points on the board in 20 minutes.

Haiti Appeal

Keith Earls was on fire, scoring two stylish tries and creating another.  Paul Warwick provided a moment of champagne rugby, running onto his own chip-ahead to glide over the line.  De Villiers was superb, watching over and protecting  O Gara with his physicality, grafting the whole time, and finally providing Earls with a sweet running pass to get him in for his second try.  Donncha O Callaghan is not the most elegant of athletes, and his try-scoring sprint will certainly make it to Youtube as the most ludicrous thing in sport this week, though not quite matching up to his red underpants moment.  Denis Hurley and Donnacha Ryan scored the other tries, but O Gara missed three conversions which was a bit worrying.  However, we’ve been writing him off for a long time now, and just when we were all saying he’s finished, he single-handedly turned the Northampton game in Munster’s favour.

Treviso are no push-over, as Northampton and Perpignan discovered, so there was always a concern that they might put up stiff opposition to Munster.  But as it turned out, the game was finished after about ten minutes, and the bonus point was wrapped up by the 35th.  The second half was more about McGahan working the bench than about competitive rugby.  Treviso’s only score came when Zanni intercepted a sloppy pass from O  Leary and ran away with a try.  Apart from that, and one other passage in the second half, they didn’t look especially dangerous.

That leaves Munster on 20 points and Northampton on 13.  In theory, if the Saints were to lose to Perpignan tomorrow, Munster would be through, but I can’t see Perpignan fielding a full-strength team for a game where they stand to gain nothing.  So in the end, as usual, it comes down to the final pool game, here in Limerick, at Thomond Park next Friday.

Munster play Northampton at home to decide the matter, as it should be.  We look forward to welcoming them.


Seconds Out adds:

It looks like it’s going to come down to next weekend’s clash with Northampton at Thomond Park.

Munster have one foot in the quarter finals of the European Cup  following a resounding away victory over Treviso at the Stadio Comunale di Monigo this afternoon.

Tries from Denis Hurley, Keith Earls, Donncha O’Callaghan and Paul Warwick plus two conversions and two penalties from O’Gara more or less settled today’s one sided encounter before half time.

Earls added another touchdown after the break following fine work from de Villiers and Ryan put the icing on the cake late on.  Warwick booted the extra’s.

The win moves the Reds seven points clear of Northampton at the top of Pool 1.

Northampton, who beat Munster at home in the opening Pool game between the sides, will be hot favourites to reduce the deficit when they meet French champions Perpigan at Franklin’s Gardens tomorrow.

But anything less than a win for the English outfit over the French, who have only an academic interest in the game, will leave them with a hopeless task in Limerick, where a  victory should ensure that the Irish province will have earned enough points to secure home advantage (23 points should do the trick) for the last eight.

However, Northampton will almost certainly  move to within at least three points of the two-time European champions tomorrow, a result that will set a grand finale at Thomond Park next weekend.

Nervous breakdown time again.



Northampton duly dispatched Perpignan 34-0, with a bonus-point try in the 81st minute.

Therefore, Northampton have 18 points and Munster have 20 going into next Friday’s match at Thomond Park.

37 thoughts on “Treviso 7 — Munster 44

  1. Looking forward to yet another great rugby night in Limerick next friday, great result yesterday.Watching northampton play now and not a great match so far!25 minutes gone and no score.

  2. northampton have won 34-0, they got their bonus point in the 81st minute!!!!. The stage is set for another epic match in thomond park.

  3. Yep. Saints managed to secure the bonus at the last second, bringing the points difference to 20-18.

    That means we face a huge one on Friday night in Limerick.

  4. Yep, their two points behind Munster now. Maybe Munster should play for a draw on Friday night….then again maybe they should put them to the sword.

  5. Right then. I bet a pint with any man or woman in here that Munster will win by at least 10 points next Friday, any takers?

  6. No they certainly won’t Bock but it was interesting to see them whinging about the 5 day turnaround afterwaerds.Interesting to see they werent whinging about their non try which Rolland awarded without going to the tmo,he did the same in a Munster match last season.Bring em on Friday night,great to see thew lads turn the season around when they were worrying us so much only a few weeks ago but as they say,form is temporary,class is permanent.

  7. anybody see the bit where Nick Mallet went down and took the ball back off the munster supporter? Class!

  8. yes I did and if I am not mistaking the lady was a well known Limerick female!!!, it was discussed last night in the local, amazing how many people who watched the match didn’t see the incident despite the fact that sky showed it a few times during the game and I believe it made the news on rte, delighted to hear seconds out that you were not serious about Munster playing for a draw!! Unfortunately cannot take your bet as I too think we(Munster) will win on friday, hopefully we will have a decent ref for the game.

  9. AFAIK It was the guy behing her who actually kept the ball, she just gave it to him.

    Either way – the look on her face was priceless!

  10. yes, she looked scared of him, would love to be able to lip read to know what the other lady shouted at him as he walked back to his seat.

  11. Just back, I thought you might be interested to know that very few Italians know anything about rugby, even in Treviso the locals did not seem interested. In the Sunday edition of “La Republica”, the equivelent of the Indo here not alone was there no match report, the result was not published. No reportage on rugby in italy at all. Mist

  12. once more into the breach dear friends.
    It seems to be like this almost every year, fucking great.
    Roll on friday night the town will be buzzing.

  13. “very few Italians know anything about rugby”
    They were able to get a good crowd at the San Siro when the All Blacks came to town. It must indicate a reasonable level of interest in Italy.

    “in Treviso the locals did not seem interested”
    Until the provinces started to doing well – there wasn’t a whole lot of interest here either. I was at an interprovincial back when I was a kid, where there was only about 300 people. ( that is an estimate – I was too busy running around the place like a lunatic to make an audit of the attendnace)

    National papers arent a big deal in italy – only about 10% of Italians buy them. It comes down to whether the results are in the regional papers. It is not like the London Times reports on the Ulster SFC, in fairness.

  14. Munster will beat Saints on Friday and secure a bonus point. Saints have taken their full allocation for the game plus I would imagine others will travek in the hope of getting a ticket. Munster could finish as no.1 seed while Saints could finish at no.8, which would result in a Munster v Saints 1/4 final in Limerick. Limerick will be the real winner yet again. Welcome to all Saints supporters and have a great weekend in our city.

    Red Mist, I played against Treviso in Treviso. Rugby is taken seriously and they have a fantastic underage set up, there are also rugby teams near by in Mestre, Rovigo, Padua. As was said national papers in Italy account for very little.

  15. Is there a thread here discussing the Magners league expansion to include 2 italian teams?

    I personally think it is a great idea!

    Slowly but surely evolve the magners leage into a european super league, and tell Serge Blanco et al to shove off!!!

  16. Munster have more or less qualified for the quarter finals for the 12th year in succession anyway. Even if they lose against Northampton they will almost certainly advance to the last eight courtesy of being one of the best second placed sides in the group. However, if they lose then they will be away from home in the knock outs. A win and they’ll be back at headquarters just three games away from winning the trophy for a third time.

  17. Snapper, do you think that Munster should play for a draw, pack the defence and keep booting the ball into Ballynanty….what do you think?

  18. A thread about the Magners League?

    We’d almost have to start a bulletin board, but then people might confuse us with the low-rent segment of the market, and we’d definitely attract a knackerish crowd, so I’m inclined to stay away from it. But maybe it would be a good idea to put up a post about it and see what people think.

  19. Seconds out, I think you know my opinion on that one, Munster should and will go all out to put this game to bed as soon as possible, but then it probably will end up being another nail bitter, not for the faint hearted,

  20. Re;Big Dave
    “in Treviso the locals did not seem interested”
    “Until the provinces started to doing well – there wasn’t a whole lot of interest here either. I was at an interprovincial back when I was a kid, where there was only about 300 people. ( that is an estimate )”

    True there wasnt much interest in the interpros but no interest in the game in Limerick?you obviously never attended munster senior cup finals/semi finals where there were at least 15000 in attendance year in year out.I grew up going to Tom Clifford park week in week out for AIL and munster cup games where you were lucky to get breathing space,not to mention the 30000 who attended landsdowne road in 93 when we won the national league.Rugby is part of our soul and our culture in these parts and has been for over a century,I’d thank you not to sully that.

  21. Who mentioned Limerick? When did this suddenly become about Limerick? What has Limerick got to do with anything. I never mentioned Limerick – so how can I be sullying it.

    I’d thank you not to be putting words in my mouth

    As it happens I am from Limerick and I used to go to those AIL games too….and they got great crowds – 10,000 – 14,000 for Shannon Garryowen. There is nothing like a good Derby

    But we arent talking about those AIL games – we are talking about provincial…..Munster and Leinster…and the fact is – interprovincial game attendances were paltry back then.

  22. Isn’t it great that the interprovincial thing has improved so much? All we need now is to see that success feed back into club rugby.

  23. When you say “here”Dave I could only presume you were referring to Ireland,Limerick is part of Ireland.Yes the rest of the country is only sitting up and taking notice of the wonderful game of rugby in the last few years but there was always farr more interest even on a national level than there would be in Italy.As for the interpro that is true there was miniscule attendances up until 11 or 12 years ago but as a viable representative entity it was only be feasible to put forward one team from this province as opposed to 3 or four clubs ,as have the Welsh and Scottish.

  24. Hear Hear

    The clubs are the lifeblood of the game and where the future Irish stars will come from.

  25. I am sure you would agree that most of the big irish clubs are in Limerick….Garryowen , Shannon , YM..or in South Dublin…in fact only a handful werent!
    But that much should tell you that Limerick’s and South Dublin’s rugby culture is not representative of the overall Rugby culture in Ireland.. before the Heineken cup changed everything.

    “on a national level than there would be in Italy” – at the moment yes – but the fact was there wasnt much interest in the Heineken cup here until the IRFUs decision to enter provinces was actually inspired!

    If the Italian clubs are successful – start getting to the semis – then interest will pick up.
    Success brings Fans!

    Further to that – I attribute the nationals team success to the success of the provinces. Why cant the same thing happen to Italy?

  26. True. But in fairness, the Northampton lads are a sporting bunch and they have the right attitude. We’ll look forward to welcoming them in our town on Friday night and I hope their supporters enjoy themselves as much as as all our other visitors have done.

  27. “Lads, we’re all talking the same story here. We won’t fall out. What do you reckon?”

    Group Hug Time

  28. Of course we will,as always extend the hand of hospitality to “the saints” and their supporters but have no doubt that hospitality will extend only to one side of the whitewash.

  29. Damn right, and they would expect no less. Isn’t that precisely the welcome they offered us when we visited them in Franklin’s Gardens, when they stood us back on our heels? Young Geraghty put manners on us and we applauded him for it.

    Here’s what we said back then.

  30. Bollox…look who’s ref for the Northampton match….the only ref ever to be booed off the pitch in Thomond park…Poite,the fuckin eejit who didn’t referee the All Blacks!!!!

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