Does Your Dog Bite?

Light relief

Ah, look, we all need a laugh now and then.

What better than Clouseau?


5 thoughts on “Does Your Dog Bite?

  1. Great stuff !
    Most unfortunatly I no longer have the pleasure of the company of a biting dog, However many years prior to his demise he became confused about a peculiar game the kids used to play with him, In this confusion he bit the wife of a Gardai in the arse, The following day the dog warden came to take him, The outpouring of tears, hysteria and brutal begging from the children softened the stoney heart of the warden and our biting dog lived out his days under the directive of Probation, hence his change of title to ” Probation dog ” Ah the good old day’s I miss them, I would surely get 10 to 20 these days for possession of such a loyal friend.

  2. One of the great funny moments in cinema along with Groucho wooing the rich widow and telling her he’d dance with her until the cows come home, or better still, he’d dance with the cows until she came home.
    Marry me!

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