I’m Not A Paedophile, Says Priest. I Only Abused Altar Boys

Shielding a clerical abuser not a thing of the past

Patrick Hughes, an 82-year-old priest, is upset that anyone should call him a paedophile.

I’m only attracted to altar boys, he told the police.  I’m not a paedophile.

Remember the Murphy Report, do you?   Remember all these bishops talking about how they finally got sense and started to cooperate with the authorities?

That was how long ago?  Oh, let’s see now.  Two months ago?

As recently as two months ago, they were telling us that they got sense by the end of the 90s and started to cooperate with the police.

Now we have a case of Patrick Hughes, jailed yesterday by the Circuit Criminal Court for abusing a child, and the police gave evidence that when they sought the help of the Church authorities in locating the abuser, they were given the run-around.

Was this in the eighties?


Was it in the nineties?

No.  It was eight years ago that a member of the All-Priests Synchronised Formation Child-Abusing Team was shielded by those who run the Dublin diocese.  Shielded from the police and the courts.  According to Hughes’s own lawyer, the church authorities were reluctant to deal with the matter in a candid fashion.

This is a man who thinks abusing an altar-boy is not paedophilia.

Once again, the Catholic bishops have lied barefaced to the Irish people, and once again they have shown that they do not understand how child-abuse could be a crime.

As I have said before,  these are the people in charge of most primary schools in this little republic  of ours.

57 thoughts on “I’m Not A Paedophile, Says Priest. I Only Abused Altar Boys

  1. To add insult to injury he was sent to prison for only a year having apologised to the raped boy for his “inappropriate” behaviour.

  2. He seemed to think that altar boys were there for his every convenience –
    pass him the water,
    get the wine,
    hold the pattern (is that what it’s called? In my day girls were not allowed to even step on the altar – we were disgustingly unclean -, so we could not “serve”. That “rule” was changed when they ran out of boys, and needed a few girls on the altar – even though girls are sill disgustingly unclean -),
    ring the bell,
    turn the pages,
    roll up his sleeves,
    pass the incense,
    light the candles,
    take a raping and shut up about it.
    All in a day’s work for the average altar boy, the ex-Fr. Hughes seems to think?
    The protectors of morality don’t seem to know the difference between right and wrong!
    A three year old has a better sense of morality than many of these “protectors”!
    Yet, still, parents allow their children to “serve” priests.

  3. Could someone explain why those that sheltered Fr.Paedo are not facing charges of aiding and abetting, harbouring a criminal, etc etc.. Or do clergy belong to that exalted group of corrupt politicians and bankers?

  4. Another disgusting case of clerical abuse. Also, Ger Doyle, former Olympic swimming coach was sentenced to 6 years on 35 counts of sexual assault on young boys in the 80s and 90s. This case was reported in last Fridays papers. I did’nt see any report of it here or is this just a site for discussing paedophile priests? Do we now stop children going swimming after we withdraw them from Catholic Schools?

  5. Question. Are this guy and the other priests actually paedophiles, or is it a convenient badge for these child abusers? According to the dictionary a paedophile is some one who is sexually attracted to children. Paedos have in the past tried to to have underage sex legalised. I think that these guys abused and raped children because they could, because they were untouchable. Because they lived in an unnatural state of chastitiy. Because they wouldn’t have had the ability to form a meaningful sexual relationship with a woman, because they are / were fucked up. This offers no excuse, no sanctuary to these bastards. Their club should be disbanned and those within prosecuted where necessary.

  6. Well Limerick lass, it would be nice if people had a choice to send their kids somewhere other than a Catholic school, amny of us dont.. As for the swimming, well parents do have a choice, you will not have social workers call to your home and take away your kids for not sending your kids swimming. However this will happen if you dont send your kids to school, and for many people this, of necessity, means schools controlled by an organisation that facilitates the raping of schoolchildren. And you approve of this situation?

  7. Limericklass — Why don’t you send me a list of things you think we should write about and we’ll just follow that instead of deciding for ourselves how to run the site.

  8. I have to disagree with you there no.8 nobody rapes children just because nor do they rape children because they’re living in an unnatural state of chastity, ffs if that was the case half the population would be paedo’s. I see atleast a hundred members of the opposite a day that i’d like to shag but i’m not going to rape any of them. I think these people rape children for some of the reasons that you outlined above but above all i think they rape children because they like to rape children. As hard as that is to accept i really think that’s why most do it and do it while being of sound mind.

  9. Limerick Lass, correct me if I’m wrong, but you seem to be saying that Bock should leave the nice priests alone and stop saying we should get priests out of our schools?
    Instead, Bock should talk about “other” child abusers?
    Is that what you’re saying?
    In the interests of fairness, is it?

    Well, let me just say that there is no fairness in the control the church has over education in this control.
    It is absolute.
    There is no fairness in the abuse that the church has meted out on little children all over Ireland, and indeed al over the world.
    There is no fairness in the way that these priests have been protected and NOT prosecuted.
    Swimming instructors and their ilk get sent to jail when they’re caught.
    Priests get sent to another parish when they’re caught, or another country if the abuse was horrendous enough.
    Is that fair?
    Give over with your pretend “fairness”.
    Fair is fair!
    Good man Bock for having the guts to highlight this disgrace of our time.
    Shame on you Limerick Lass for twisting it, and making Bock out to be unfair on the “fair” priests!

  10. I state for the record; I would willingly and with a professional and personal enthusiasm, tie the millstones around their necks and dump them in the deepest ocean. As suggested in their Bible in fact.

  11. Mairead, where did I say that “Bock should leave the nice priests alone and stop saying we should get priests out of our schools?
    Did I say that I agree that the Church should have absolute control over the schools? Have I indicated anywhere that the abuse meted out by priests is anything but horrendous? What I did say was that the reporting on this site appears to concentrate on priests. Gary O’Toole was extremely critical of Swim Ireland’s position last week with regard to abuse by coaches. A case of say nothing and it will go away quietly. Bock, it’s your site and you are entitled to write about whatever you like and priests should not escape your wrath. However, we cannot ignore the scourge of sexual abuse in all areas of society. Every day in the paper there are new cases. Another horrific one in the Criminal Court to-day of a father accused of horrific abuse of his son. Despite all the publicity, Childline, etc. many children are still powerless to get help.

  12. We’ll get to the rest of them in due course. The difference about the clergy is that they still have a good amount of power granted to them by this State, and that’s why the emphasis has to be on them.

    Did you know that every single training institution for training primary teachers in this country is religious-controlled, even though they’re all funded by public money? There is no non-religious training college for primary teachers in Ireland.

  13. @ Mairead: I have to agree with Limericklass. ALL abuse of children is horrendous whether it be from priests, swimming coaches or relatives. However, you extrapolate from the specific to the general: “There is no fairness in the abuse that the church has meted out on little children all over Ireland, and indeed al over the world.” This would be true if you had said the abuse that some members of the church meted out. It is not true of the Church as a whole. It is also not true to say that priests have not been prosecuted. Our prisons are full of convicted priests. Shame on you Mairead for twisting the facts to suit your own prejudice.

  14. Swimming coaches control nothing. The church controls the state-funded schools and the church actively hid and protected abusers. Don’t you read the papers?

    Did you happen to overlook the Murphy report and the Ryan report which detailed active collusion by the institution of the Catholic church in concealing crimes, and not the actions of maverick individual clerics?

    Are you trying to re-write history by spinning the facts of these inquiries?

  15. Limerick Lass you didn’t say it, but the inference was there.
    I agree with you that no abuse of children should be tolerated.
    The point I tried to make was that swimming coaches etc… when / if they’re caught get prosecuted.
    We know now that this didn’t and doesn’t happen with priests.
    They have been and continue to be protected, and have been and are enabled to go on and abuse more children.
    The courts are dealing with the coaches etc… that’s why I applaud Bock for continuing to highlight these guys.
    Apologies, LL, for going on a bit and misreading you.

    Southern, I’m not twisting anything, read the reports of 2009. If it’s a prejudice to want religious orders out of our schools because of what they have done to our children, well go on and hang me high.
    Ok, yes, some priests have been convicted, but it has been against all the odds. You must admit that most were just moved on, and nothing was done to stop them abusing more children.
    I am entitled to generalise, because the word “endemic” was used in the 2009 reports about the abuse. We have evidence that the religious in general worked in unison to protect their own no matter what they did.
    I know that there are good people in our church. I know that. However, they have no place in our schools, not after what “they” (the church) have done.
    Did the “good ones” whistle blow?

    It’s terrible I agree for anyone to abuse a child, but priests were always trusted so much, it makes it all the more shocking for anyone raised as a Catholic.

  16. Hi Southern, can we have a look at: ‘It is not true of the church as a whole.’
    Nobody is saying that every member of the rc church or even every member of the rc clergy is a paedophile. But it is true of the rc clergy as a whole in Ireland that it has considered itself above our State and our laws, that it has profiteered by running children’s hell camps, that it usurps the authority of the state to educate our children, playing dirty tricks with false numbers of muzzled, reluctant “faithful” whom they claim to represent, that it has systematically harboured and facilitated astounding numbers of paedophile beasts, that it has universally compounded the injury done to the survivors by intimidation and deception.
    There were probably some fairly nice people in the WW2 German Nazi party. So on that basis would you let Nazis own our schools, and give them total control of teacher training, and let them hire and fire our teachers, and exempt them from equality legislation in matters of ‘ethos’, thereby giving them legal mind control over public servants?
    Let me be clear. The rc church is not modeled on Nazism. Nazism was modeled on the same principles as the secretive, infiltrating, brainwashing, bullying, power seeking, usurping, ruthless, sick skullduggery of the rc church. And if you need a holocaust to convince you, look no further than the Inquisition.
    The Nazis did it in the name of the Fatherland, and the rc church in the name of the Father. Cheap tricks to fake their authority.
    And the rc church as a whole is culpable of enabling, defending and payrolling this monstrous machine.
    The clergy won’t release the children, the teachers and the schools, without holy war, because they know that if they don’t get you before you’re seven, it will not be possible to Santaclause you with virgin mothers and edible creators.

  17. I see the allocation of secondary school places was announced to-day. I wonder which schools had the highest number of applications? Maybe Crescent, Ard Scoil Ris, Laurel Hill, St. Munchins? A lot of parents out there have no difficulty with church involvement in the running of schools. In fact, most of them have no idea who runs the schools and could’nt care less as long as their childrens education is well catered for. I personally believe that religious instruction in primary schools should be outside of school hours and parent driven. I can see the changes in my own local primary school where the Communion and Confirmation preparation is very strongly focused on parental involvement. The monthly masses are organised by the parents in conjunction with the the parish priest but it is the parents taking the lead role and it works very well. Religous instruction outside of school hours gives parents the choice but I wonder how many are prepared to forego the “big day”, bouncy castles, etc?

    These Pervert Priests Don’t Seem To Know That The Chrildren, Young People And Vulnerable Adults They’ve Sexually Butchered Have Suffered, Nor Do They Care!! These Pervert Priests Don’t Accept That They’ve Done Anything Wrong. That They’ve Committed CRIMES Against The Laws of Man, of Nature and, Most Especially, of GOD!!!!!

  19. You have no basis for saying that apart from your personal belief. I know people who believe in the Tooth Fairy, and although they’re very nice people, they have as much evidence as you do.

  20. “You have no basis for
    saying that apart from
    your personal belief. I
    know people who
    believe in the Tooth
    Fairy, and although
    they’re very nice
    people, they have as
    much evidence as you

    Could that statement be thrown back at you bock, i mean what evidence do you have the tooth fairy doesn’t exist?

  21. I reckon your drifting into” If a tree fell in the forest, would anyone hear it scream ? “territory, there LL !
    My opinion of the ‘priest’ in question is’nt printable. Having this regime still running schools etc is insane. Good to see that decent people are not letting this issue disappear, as would be their preferred option, no doubt.

  22. Okay, Bock. I understand. I respect your opinion and, as a Survivor of sexual butchery by a roman catholic priest, I appreciate this site.

  23. Agreed i wouldn’t have a very good opinion of these people either and i %100 agree with bock about churches of any kind having power in a country, but the constant shitting on what people believe gets a bit much sometimes. I know he’s probably going to tell me fuck off and don’t read if i don’t like it, and he’d be right there too it is his site.

  24. In the sense that you can’t prove there isn’t a god. I’m with you btw logic tells me there isn’t one but i wouldn’t tell a person they have no basis to say there is.

  25. No worrie’s ‘LL’….. was only me thoughts on your 23 comment . (been 2 posts whilst I typed , though ! )

  26. I’ll have to leave it there for awhile bock cos i was heading down the tree falling in the woods thing like psychobill suggested.

  27. Or to quote another version —

    If a man speaks in the forest and there is no woman to hear him …

    is he still wrong?

  28. God has always been just a spurious explanation for everything people don’t yet understand. The less you understand, the bigger your god. God is ignorance. I believe in ignorance. It is eternal. It is ubiquitous.
    God is also the best frightener ever invented. And the best catch-penny. The ultimate fake.

  29. This makes interesting reading.
    Kevin Myers: I would entrust the teaching of my son to the ‘Jesuits’ of an almost Jesuitless Clongowes
    By Kevin Myers
    Thursday February 11 2010

    I wake up each morning in the madhouse that is Ireland and wonder, what next? What insanity will the banks, or the political classes, or the liberal mob concoct today? I’m never disappointed.

    No, never: some new witless infamy makes its grisly appearance each dawn, from one source or another. The latest comes from the dogmatic secularist liberals of D4 and D6, calling for the removal of the Catholic Church from its role as the lead-custodian of our primary schools.

    The idiocy is compounded by a general Catholic silence. Indeed, trying to get the Catholic Church defend itself these days is rather like getting a manic-depressive to discuss world history.

    etc etc etc deleted

    Educational standards for the working-classes in England never recovered from the ideologically-driven destruction of their great grammar schools. Why repeat the catastrophic errors of the English?

    Or perhaps, as yet another Irish solution to an Irish problem, WHY NOT?

    – Kevin Myers

  30. “But this is not the same thing as handing over all our primary schools, lock, stock and churchless barrel to secular management committees who very probably will not have the faintest idea how to create an ethos — or, indeed, what that ethos should be.” How about the ethos being getting a good education, period. I guess Kevin has a point, who is there to take over education if custodianship is removed from the Church.

  31. There’s no reason why clergy should be in charge of schools.

    The clergy have no qualifications in education. For similar reasons, we don’t put priests in charge of road maintenance or water treatment, or electricity generation. They’re not qualified, just has they have no qualifications in firefighting, public transport or fisheries protection. You’ll never hear a demand for a Catholic Fire Brigade. Or A Catholic Football Association.

    What ethos exactly are you talking about? Do you think there’s a Catholic mathematics? A Catholic geography? Catholic spelling? Catholic languages? Catholic chemistry?

    Never forget that ethics and religion are two different things and our local clergy have demonstrated little enough in the way of ethics.

    The correct people to take over education from priests are educators.

  32. Hey Bock and co.,
    Who, other than the govt, can apply to set up a school? I think it’s something like a group representing x people. Back in the day, priests decided that running schools was a great idea (access to a gaggle of kiddies) so they got the gigs. Now we’re left with a legacy of priest ‘owned’ but with thr state footing the bill.

  33. The primary schools in Ireland were originally established by the British government in 1831 as a non-denominational system. It wasn’t until 1971 that this provision was formally abandoned by an irish govermnment and religion integrated with the school curriculum.

  34. Hello Penny. Our national schools system originated in 1831. The British Govt set the scene, and allowed persons of good reputation / standing in the community to complete an application form for permission to found a ns. Why bother? The funding. In most communities in Ireland, it was the priest who was best placed to complete such an application form – best educated. The application was meant to be a joint application from all religions in that particular community, but (a) most communities were solely Catholic and (b) the Presbyterians and Protestants were in dispute with the commissioners early on in the ns system, so the Catholics got a head start. Garret Fitzgerald wrote a good piece on the History of Irish primary schools in Saturday’s Irish Times.
    Nowadays, Joe Bloggs (but usually Gaelscoil Teoranta or Educate Together) can set up a school and when that school has 17 pupils, it may apply to the DES for recognition (i.e. funding) as a primary school. Full recognition can be obtained after 3 years and if the school has 53 pupils. However, in 2008 Minister O’ Keeffe announced that he was reviewing this automatic entitlement to apply for recognition. He expected the review to take two years, he said. Therefore, in 2010 parents may in fact have even less choice than they currently enjoy. We may have a system that is even MORE denominational, offering even less choice than today, despite parental indication that they would prefer far less religious involvement in primary schools.
    What do you think of that, then?

  35. Fianna Fail is the political wing of the Catholic Church in Ireland. The Church is the spiritual wing of Fianna Fail, and the Garda are the military wing of both. Throw in the GAA for a bit of culture and the cupla fochail Gaeilge, and you have a nice little cosy fascist state. That’s why Fr Hughes got a token sentence. Willie O’Dea won’t be touched either

  36. Technically speaking, within the Mental Health definitions, he may not a paedophile, but actually a paedorast.

    A paedophile is someone who suffers an enduring sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children. A paedorast has a preference for post-pubescent young boys/men.

    He still deserves to rot in hell …. not arguing with that ….. but as a victim of a paedophile ring I can say there is a difference in the behaviour and psychology between these groups.

  37. I don’t believe that child abuse is a mattter of mental health.

    Anyway, the term Paedophile was actively promoted by abusers some years ago because it sounded more scientific. It’s their own word, not a scientific term.

  38. As a recovered survivor of multiple paedophile abusers with specialist knowledge in the field I can absolutely assure you that paedophilia is certainly a matter of mental health.

    Despite the priest and the stranger danger campaigns most people who are abused as children are abused by family and friends. Sane people don’t rape children.

  39. Sorry for your troubles, Matthew.
    Whatever about the other labels, that some people might use as an “excuse”, a child rapist is a rapist full stop.

  40. i am absolutly sick of hearing mental health being used as reasons for murder……………….. to hear a paeodophille being described as suffering from mental health issuses has enraged me. the problem to me is we dont have strong punishment for these criminals you can murder someone in this country and get life that means in real terms 10 yrs in prison then the goverment will let you out pay your rent in a posh appartment and give you some money to live on …. what are these rapists getting well very little jail time !!! child abuse is the murder of childhood …….if the punishment fitted the crime maby just maby we wouldnt have as many crimals in this country .and the ones that cover for these rapists should be found equally guilty

  41. ‘Vengeance is mine says the Lord’. I am not of any religious persuasion yet I have heard that saying many times from the mouths of religious people. So why do they seek monetary compensation or prison as solving anything when the answer is really very simple
    ie Choose between ‘Chemical Castration’, or death if you are convicted of crimes against children.
    Having some understanding of how the molesters associates at work and home have colluded in protecting them I would include most people surrounding the perpetrator in this simple arrangement. because, if they did not know what was happening they damn well should have made it their business to know. I will assure all you sweet innocents that with my firm management these practices will be stopped.
    Unfortunately I am not King just yet and will never get my chance because I would also make the ‘DO Gooders’ who wish to be nice to these murderers and molesters, be the ones who pay for their upkeep in a very secure establishment, plus all their Psychiatrists and other baggage
    I believe all the ‘Do Gooders’ who disagree with the death penalty should be put in charge of caring and nurturing all these rapists and/or murderers.
    As a schoolboy I figured that something created it all (the cosmos) and I had no problem with calling that something God. I also know it is natural at times of tragedy to try to communicate with our creator, for sometimes there is nothing else one can do. Hence the need for a religion to help and harness our good intentions to one another. There is a human need to belong to, and feel the comfort of a religious organisation to help through our direst times of distress.
    The trouble is the ‘Priests system’ is out of our control and does not function correctly and each religion want to dominate the world therbye proving they and their believers are the ‘Chosen ones’ and will be saved from ‘Hell’ or whatever their alternative is. The Catholics and Muslims both try to populate their way to domination, both grabbing the children and their minds as early as possible in order to indoctrinate them, thereby generating a hate campaign against all others. This has been a catastrophe for now interbred Ireland and middle eastern countries who are full of screaming fanatics unsuitable for our co-existing modern world. The common trait seems to be their hatred indoctrinated by fear of abuse etc. or of Hell. Unfortunately this ‘Mind Control’ is accepted as religeous fervor.
    Do they really believe they will have eternal life and all of their family will also be saved, by bombing some innocents. What fanatical nonsense people believe, whos intolerance unhappily is the cause of most terrorism in modern times.

  42. “I will assure all you sweet innocents that with my firm management these practices will be stopped.”
    Int that great.. we can rest assured now.

  43. Colin, speak for yourself, not for all humanity.
    “There is a human need to belong to, and feel the comfort of a religious organisation to help through our direst times of distress.”
    I assure you that I am perfectly human. There are no aliens in my family tree. I feel no need to belong to any religious organisation. I have come through my share of life’s tragedies by facing up to unpalatable realities, not by burying my head in mystical mumbo jumbo.
    That’s not a general human need. It may well be your need. You need to look inside yourself to see why you find comfort in silly nonsense.

  44. Paedophile Ring In Every School & Town– i learned this 30 years ago when i first came to Ireland

  45. mariolasagne..very true.I remember the town near where I grew up there was an old pervert who would go around the town asking schoolboys in the street for a “ride” and tugging at himself inside his pants while harassing them.You would think this dirtbag would get the living shit kicked out of him right?.Well anywhere else in the world he would and maybe worse.But not in Ireland oh no far from it.Indeed he was what they call..a popular member of the community.Had a huge funeral when he died and his obituary in the local paper stated that ”his place in heaven was assured”.I fucking kid you not.I figured out a long time ago that Ireland was a very strange and very sick place.

  46. Pope Rat was involved in the cover ups. He’s in this **** up to his neck.

    In 2000, he rewrote the secret code so instead of telling Archbishops to blackmail and bully victims … he got to do it himself (when he was in charge of the “Office of the Doctrine of the Faith” aka The Inquisition).

    Chickens are a coming home to roost.

  47. I would like to build a memorial to Roman Catholic child rape and child sodomy in Ireland.
    I envisage a 100m high septic tank made from clear acrylic. It will be filled with peaty water from deep in bogland.
    In it I would have life sized floaters labelled with names like Artane, Goldenbridge, Brendan Smyth, Magdalene laundries , Mc Quaid, Reynolds, Whelehan Fianna Fail. In fact any name traditionally associated with corruption and nefarious activity.

    It would be placed right outside the Oireachtas to let the Irish Population remember the help given to the Fianna Fail government by legally educated criminal barristers from the North doing “the work of God ( Opus Dei) who helped prevent the extradition of Father Brendan Smyth in 1994

    The floaters would naturally tend to find their way to the top of the device so it would start up every few minutes to propel the floaters around for all to see.

    Again with respect there would be a reassignment of the Irish flag to man Green for Roman Catholic rape and child sodomy and tolerance of these heinous crimes. The white would mean the innocence of all those children and the gold would symbolise the money or position used to pay off anyone investigating the malevolent crimes.

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