Sign of the Times

Tokenism? Here you go.

Here’s a bridge in Limerick, closed after the recent flooding due to safety concerns.

It’s good to see that the local authority is at least able to get the Polish spelling correct, if not the Irish.

17 thoughts on “Sign of the Times

  1. Irish was never a strong point with Irish councils, but Bertie could have got millions for them from the idiots in EUland. Luckily Bertie has gone into the shade.

  2. Close enough then?

    There seems to be little difference between Nowegian and Swedish.

    Did somebody once say that a language is a dialect with an army?

  3. I bet they looked up the Polish, and did the Irish from memory.

    Nice “communist” font they’ve got there… particularly like the nice strong-as-a-hammer ogoneks under the Es. the council are not trying to make any sort of subtle statement with that… no sir-ee.

    Aren’t those diacritics backwards, by the way?

  4. So they made a bollocks of the whole lot? Is that what you’re revealing? They didn’t even get the Polish right in a town full of native speakers, unlike Irish.

  5. Yes Kae, the diacritics are backwards. Maybe they used small ‘L’s and stuck them on!

    A lot of Polish people fish out there so it was actually a good move to put the sign in Polish.

    As for getting the Irish version wrong… is anyone surprised?

  6. Who is responsible for thhis bridge? Does he or she have a name? Is it possible to bring him or her back from the winter holiday to advise mere mortals when he or she plans to open the bridge or destroy the bridge or replace the bridge? Chin dobre (phoenetic only, sorry!)

  7. Still beats the sign outside the cemetery in Spiddal. (I trust it needs no translation for our overseas visitors)

    ‘FINEÁIL LE DUMPÁIL: €1269.74’

    Which is bureaucrat talk for £1000 in old money. You can check that at, the official changeover site we are still paying for (since 1998!).


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