Vatican Talks Shit

Pope holds a pointless meeting about clerical child-abuse with sad, entrenched, conservative and sexually-inadequate old men.

Giuseppe Leanza, the Papal Nuncio,  sees it as no part of his role to appear before an Irish parliamentary committee to discuss the abuse of children carried out by agents of his State.

It is not the practice of the Holy See, he informed our sovereign parliament,  that Apostolic Nuncios appear before Parliamentary Commissions.

This is hardly surprising for the representative of a State set up by Benito Mussolini, but saddening nonetheless.  It indicates that these people have learned nothing.

It is not our practice, andf you will bend the knee to us.

There’s something deeply disturbing about the existence of the Vatican as a State with full diplomatic recognition thoughout the world, especially since this State has so much power within other sovereign nations.

Don’t forget, after all, that the Catholic bishops don’t report to anyone on this island.  They are not answerable to any cardinal or any archbishop, and yet they control our schools.  These men report only to the Pope and hold no allegiance to this country.  Their oath is to Rome.

Foreign agents run our primary education system and you, as a taxpayer, fund their decisions.  How do you feel about that?

Today and yesterday, we had the spectacle of the Irish bishops meeting the Pope in Rome to discuss the systematic sexual abuse of Irish children by clerics, and the cover-up of these crimes by the Catholic hierarchy.

Arising from this meeting of conservative old men, at which no victims were heard and no women were present, we were treated to a flood of condescending clichés, and deeply inadequate platitudes, proving that these old men are simply not up to the job.

If it proved anything, it proved that it’s time to remove control of our children’s education from these sad and sexually-disturbed old men.

12 thoughts on “Vatican Talks Shit

  1. Bock don’t you know anything???

    Yes yes yes of course paedophilia is a serious crime. But the “real” problem is a lack of faith. So it’s . . . . errr . . not their fault at all. This is the absolute crap that Ratzo is spouting now.l

    Still what do you expect from an organisation with an ex member of the Hitler youth as it’s leader and which also counts as one of it’s saints Josemaria Escriva founder of Opus Dei. But he also wanted to raise a Spanish brigade to fight alongside Hitler against the Godless Russians in 1942.

    See where all that faith gets you?

  2. The words catholic church and Fianna Fáil are interchangeable in nearly every article written about them, is this a coincidence?

  3. @Mark – exactly.

    From the statement:
    “The Holy Father also pointed to the more general crisis of faith affecting the Church and he linked that to the lack of respect for the human person and how the weakening of faith has been a significant contributing factor in the phenomenon of the sexual abuse of minors.”

    In other words, if the people of Ireland prayed harder, the priests wouldn’t have to resort to paedophilia to get attention.

  4. Self flagellation boys and girls thats the answer. Good old Josemaria was always at it. – Jose what in the name of God are ye up to in there – Self flagellation Mammy – Oh thats ok son, but be careful I`m not changing the sheets twice in one day – Ok mammy. JP2 the goalie was at it as well apparently and he`s progressing well on Bennies game of saints and Ladders.
    No.8 I have to disagree with you here. On the matter of dishonesty the vatican and FF are brass neck in neck, but FF were never into self flagellation.( Imagine Willie with the whip out, spanking himself about the affidavit.) Its true though the FF spindoctors must have been educated in the vatican. Tell the stupid bastards anything and have an ard fheis / novena and if they answer back tell them “they`ll all go to hell” -(FF edit Go to hell)

  5. Mel, maybe not self flagellation but surely self denial. Charlie wore Charvet shirts on our behalf and how Bertie must have worried when he was backing horses for the good of the country. I’m off to say the entire rosary.

  6. Mark Hitler and the Nazi regime hated the catholic and all churches and he and the Hitler youth would certainly have had no sympathy for paedophiles also the Hitler youth displayed great bravery on the battlefield.I dont believe that Ratzos short membership of this organisation and his present position has any connection at least not that I can see.Please do not take this post as in any way being supportive of Nazism it is not intended as such.It is simply to state historical facts.

  7. Well, as you could tell Ireland is – so to speak – no island.
    And thus you will neither be surprised about what a German bishop yesterday obviously considered his main statement: “This does enourmous damage to the church.”
    No word about what damage fucking priests did to their victims.

    By the way, what do you think when reading the title of the linked article? As far as I know the editor is no bishop.

  8. William, I was referring to the dictatorial attitude of Ratzo and the church. You know ein kirk, ein fuhrer and everybody else can go and fuck themselves.

    This is more about hanging onto the church’s ill gotten gains rather than anything else.

    I’m coming around more and more to Bocks line of thinking. Let’s treat the foreign state and it’s agents with exactly the same respect that they are showing to citizens of this island. Fuck em.

  9. Just to say that we are reading and hearing of this meeting and are wondering who runs Ireland?.

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