Age of Consent in the Vatican is 12

In the heart of the Catholic church, it’s legal to fuck children

It seems that the age of sexual consent in the Vatican City is 12.


In the Vatican, apparently, you can have sex with a child of twelve without attracting the attention of the authorities.

This explains a lot.  In fact, this explains everything.

Wouldn’t you agree?

8 thoughts on “Age of Consent in the Vatican is 12

  1. With all the goings on that have been exposed lately it was becoming more apparent that riding children has been a big thing in this organisation for a long long time. All these old bishops who turned a blind eye, it must be because they were indoctrinated by their seniors that it was ok, mustn’t it? This confirms it for me, they’ve been at it for god knows how long. I would in the past have associated words like paedophile ring and religion, when put together, with satanism. Looks like the real answer is a lot closer to home. If power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, what does 2000 years of absolute power give you?

  2. Fuck. No surprises ther ethough. I even googled it to be sure

    It says there also that Spain’s legal age of consent is only 13. Then again I’ve rarely been lectured on morality by a Spaniard.

    “I would in the past have associated words like paedophile ring and religion, when put together, with satanism.”
    Indeed and with good reason, though so much depends on what you mean by satan. That said, where is the biggest repositiory of occult knowledge in the world? I’ll give you a clue, it’s not library in Trinity college.
    It’s even been rumoured that there is an original copy of Alhasard’s Necronomicon down in those vaults. GIven the openly accepted beliefs of catholic doctrine in the Vatican, would it really be that much of a stretch for them to start believing in sky fairies of a different nature.

  3. For an organisation that holds chastity and immaculate conseptions in such high esteem this does seem a tad hypocritical.

  4. Why do they rape children under 12 so?

    They’re raping children all over the globe, it seems?
    We were talking about this last night at home, and there is only one conclusion that makes sense…
    International Paedophile Ring.
    Are our schools being governed by an International Paedophile Rng?
    An International Child Abuse Ring?
    An International Child Rapist Ring?

  5. Sean Brady …. “All that is neccessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing ” (Edmund Burke). Wheel out the canon lawyers and the double speak you like Cardinal. But until you deal with this matter in an honest fashion, you are without any moral standing whatsoever. Shame on you, may God forgive you.

  6. The Pope and ALL who cover up child abuse should be charged with ‘VICARIOUS LIABILITY’ – Due to the long and arduous legal battles of the ‘Medomsley Heroes’ a statute was set for ‘Vicarious Liability’ meaning those who witnessed abuse and who stood by and did nothing are also liable and could potentially be charged. Search: and

    International award winning film director Bill Maloney was brought up in the care of brutal UK authorities as were the rest of his Catholic Irish immigrant family. His passion to expose the truth and ‘tell it how it is’ led a group of courageous abuse victims to approach Maloney to tell their stories.

    Pie ‘n’ Mash Films and justice4survivors are part of a chain that is strengthening and linking up throughout the world to make is a safer place for our children – because THEY are the future. Please google ‘Adam Rickwood & The Medomsley Heroes’ and find Maloney’s latest video report about abuse at St Peter’s Approved School on YouTube: ‘St Peter’s Child Abuse Advert’.

    We’re with all abuse victims who just want to hear “You were NOT liars, we’re sorry and WE WILL bring the perpetrators to Justice”.

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