Archbishop Suggests Widening of State Inquiry into Clerical Child Abuse

Time for State to take responsibility

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, responding to the pope’s recent pastoral letter to Irish Catholics, has hinted that the official inquiry into clerical abuse should be extended.

Now, that’s all fine and dandy, and Diarmuid Martin is a decent enough fellow, but let me just point out one thing.

This whole scandal is about serious crime: organised sexual abuse of children and a conscious cover-up of that crime, as well as protection of the criminals.

Therefore, regardless of Diarmuid Martin’s undoubted bona fides, why are we waiting for a Catholic bishop to say the investigation should be extended?

Why doesn’t the government do what any responsible group of adults would do and investigate the full extent of the crime, whether the bishops like it or not?

Are they still so craven, in the face of all we now know about the activities of the Catholic church in Ireland that they must wait for the nod of assent from the organisation that committed the crimes?

While Diarmuid Martin is an honourable and decent man, he works for the organisation that actively suppressed investigation of child rapes, and hid the rapists from justice.

What does it matter, in such circumstances, what he or any of his colleagues say?  What does it matter what the pope thinks?

These are the people under scrutiny.  Let the State grow up and carry out its investigation with or without the say-so of priests whose credibility, as confirmed by their own supreme leader, has been undermined.

Time for Ireland to grow up.


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13 thoughts on “Archbishop Suggests Widening of State Inquiry into Clerical Child Abuse

  1. Guess why those in high office have`nt acted Bock?
    Maybe its because they are part of the whole rotten conspiracy.
    The inaction of, or abdication of responsibility by the civil authorities makes me think that this paedophile ring stretches wider than the Roman Catholic church.

  2. Is it my imagination or has Martin gone rather quite over the last few weeks?: He appears to have had his wings clipped.

  3. No Irish politican has the balls to see this thing through to its legal conclusion. No independent body can investigate and put evidence on the table without the political will to face it down. Think carefully about this – this country is not sufficiently independent of a religious institution to ensure that its own laws are upheld. It’s shocking.

    I’m still reeling at the audacity and sheer hypocrisy of the Pope, who actually quoted the line “The truth will set you free” as he tried to rally his remaining troops. After the most significant institutional cover-up of the truth in recent memory, if not human history. It’s just staggeringly arrogant. He should be in a prison cell, getting fucked up the ass in the manner preferred by his own instituion.

  4. I tend to the view that the church should commission an independent enquiry. Then the state (i.e. the people of Ireland) wouldn’t be paying for it.

  5. Maybe aul’ Diarmuid is trying to be sly.
    While the RCC may be the only ones guilty of the crime (though personallly I doubt it) they most certainly weren’t the only ones involved in the cover up. Looking at the state’s seeming inaction it strikes me that this position suits the state immensly. There’s many an over paid civil servant as guilty as any of the bishops, many still in the game, and it would seem to me that it’s better for their position if the mob is baying for the church’s blood, while making sure that no real justice is had tus insuring a maximum of frenzy.
    I wonder if Diarmuid Martin isn’t sending the ball back into the other guilty camp as away of saying to those people, “Go on, hang us so, but you’ll have to put yourself on the branch beside us to do it”.

    Just a thought.

  6. Fair point C`est. And in a peverse way Diarmud is right.
    Maybe if the civil authorities had faced up to their responsibilities a long time ago, this holocaust might have been prevented.

    In the same way that the clerical child abusers should be hung out to dry, so should the Gardai, social workers,doctors, teachers , judges et al.

  7. Is Diamuid Martin now suggesting the the Vatican will participate in such an Inquiry as they have been less then cooperative up to now.

    The Vatican should also be billed for the cost of any Inquiry

    Cant see either of the above happening

  8. The church is up to its usual bluff … they know damn well that Fianna Fail in particular nor that section of its membership whose arses are owned permanetly by the church want a load of elderly priests standing in the dock being asked questions.

    Neither the church nor Fianna Fail want that to happen as all sorts of interesting information could come to light about corrupt civil servants nudging records for the church, corrupt church-owned Fianna Failers covering up for the church etc etc. Who were the civilian visitors so far unnamed in two of the cases covered by the Ryan Report?

    Why were survivors dealing with the redress board forced to sign a document stating that they could be jailed for discussing their case outside the Redress Board?

    Why are all those priests and members of religious orders given anonymity in the Ryan Report? If it was to protect legal cases, how many of those given a pesudonym in the report are facing charges?

    This still smells of Belgium.

  9. Not sure where to put this but perhaps worthy of a thread of it’s own.

    If you are an Irish Catholic, and have suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a priest, you were recently read a letter from Pope Benedict that tells you: “You have suffered grievously and I am truly sorry. I know that nothing can undo the wrong you have endured. Your trust has been betrayed and your dignity has been violated.”

    For any practising Catholic in Rwanda, this letter must be unbearable. For it tells you how little you mean to the Vatican. Fifteen years ago, tens of thousands of Catholics were hacked to death inside churches. Sometimes priests and nuns led the slaughter. Sometimes they did nothing while it progressed. The incidents were not isolated. Nyamata, Ntarama, Nyarubuye, Cyahinda, Nyange, and Saint Famille were just a few of the churches that were sites of massacres.

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