Unfair to Pick on Church Over Child Abuse, Says Bishop Christy Jones

Most of the abuse is committed in the home, says bishop, not by priests.

You’d think, wouldn’t you, after all that has been said and done, after all that has been revealed, after all the angst, the suffering, the investigations and revelations that the Irish bishops might finally start to get it.

You might reasonably imagine that this bunch of supposedly adult, mature clerics might at long last realise what a disaster they have created by their arrogance and their stupidity.

You might have thought that they’d finally grasp the opportunity to set things straight, make restitution and in all humility set about rebuilding their church to serve the people.

You might have assumed all these things, but you’d be wrong.

Bishop of Elphin, Christy Jones, spoke to the  media at the end of a two-day meeting of the bishops, their very first plenary conference after the horrors of the Murphy report on clerical abuse were revealed.

Christy said that child abuse is being covered up throughout society and couldn’t see why the Catholic church was being singled out.  According to the bishop, 95% of child abuse is happening in the home and has been going on for centuries.  He can’t understand why the Catholic church is being picked on and singled out.

Now, this is normally the part where I blow my top and start calling the bishop a gobshite, an idiot, an arrogant, overbearing fool and a danger to children.

But not this time.

I’m so staggered by this man’s detachment from reality that I’ll just end here and leave you to ponder the significance of such a statement coming from a bishops’ conference that was supposed to be contemplating the meaning of the Murphy and Ryan reports on clerical child sex abuse.

In the past, when I said, they just don’t get it, I was hoping that perhaps one day the penny would drop, but after this, I’m afraid there’s no hope for these old guys.

They didn’t get it.  They don’t get it.  They won’t get it.

They are a danger to our children.

Time to kick them out and take control of the schools we pay for.

28 thoughts on “Unfair to Pick on Church Over Child Abuse, Says Bishop Christy Jones

  1. Well you mightn’t be blowing your top but I fucking will. What is it about these fucking arse-reaming perverts that makes them plea like they’re the victims when they’ve contributed so much to the undermining of our fucking society. The Bishops that ask for financial help and this fucking reprobate should be jailed for inciting anger in society. Fucking typical shit from this morally fucking bankrupt, thoroughly perverted and absolutely corrupt fucking institution.
    Willy O’Dea claimed he was a victim and that was laughable. I laughed! This makes my fucking blood boil. It makes me fucking angry.
    Is my fucking language taking from my fucking point now? Or does it illustrate clearly the fucking seething rage I feel every time one of these soulless fucking maggots opens its mouth?

  2. Bock,

    These fuckers are just doing what it looks like Ratzo was doing when he was Bishop of Munich. Take a closer look at the German sex scandal. It started out with Jesuit schools and now the investigations have spread to Bavaria. His brother Georg led the Regensburger Domspatzen male choir for 30 years which had it’s own boarding school in Bavaria. Ratzo eile has admitted he “slapped” pupils and admitted to submitting them to a regime of “discipline and rigour” but that any abuse that occurred did so before he was there. You can either believe that or not.

    Questions are starting to be asked did Ratzo know of any abuse when he was Bishop of Munich, and what did he do about it if he did? This story has got a long way to go methinks. We’ll see it slouching towards Rome (not Bethlehem).

    Link to the story in the London Independent http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/popes-brother-linked-to-new-claims-of-child-abuse-by-clergy-1918357.html

  3. The Church is doing a very good job of digging itself into a hole. As a self preservation measure most of us know when to shut up when we’ve done or said something stupid. By shutting up we limit damage caused and let the storm blow over.
    The church, however, continues to make ridiculous statements about rugby on Good Friday, Catholics paying for abuse, not all priests are bad, the media is out to get us etc. Every time they say something they merely add fuel to the fire and the remaining faithful are forced to see how corrupt and obsolete this institution is.

    Keep talking Bishops I say. You are doing a great job in exposing the truth behind the church.

  4. Why, Christy? Why is your church being singled out?
    Perhaps because the catholic church is the single most dangerous organisation to children in Ireland.
    Or because your teachings don’t make a single bit of sense.
    Or because their isn’t a single valid reason why people who scrounge money like Charlie Haughie should be given national schools and hospitals to own, and fleets of public servants to appoint and bully and intimidate, and boundless control over workers and their families.
    Poor, poor misunderstood church, picked on and abused?
    No, Mr. Jones. We understand you right well. You won’t wriggle out of the truth.
    You really should read the Ryan and Murphy reports, but this time with your eyes open.

  5. dylans, ballad of a thin man comes to mind. ” something is happening here , but you don’t know what it is, do you mister jones?

  6. I’m not quite sure I get the logic Christy wants us to believe in.
    It might be akin to saying for example, we know our institution killed and tortured at least three to five million woman over a three hundred year period from the15th to18th century, but hey murders have been prevalent in society since the beginning of time and happen more commonly in the household and what about Hitler, Pol Pol etc.. they were worse than us surely.. stop picking on us.
    How disrespectful to the victims.

    (“Anyone who attempts to construe a personal view of God which conflicts with Church dogma must be burned without pity.” – Pope Innocent III )

  7. Erm… Mr. Jones is right. And very, very wrong. All at the same time.

    Most sexual abuse is committed by relatives or close friends of the family.

    This doesn’t in any way excuse the Catholic Church’s institutional abuse and long institutional cover up, however. The scandal has reached Cardinal’s Natzinger’s homeland – the German papers are full of cases coming to light. It’s just that the Catholic Church wasn’t as dominant there as here.

    They really have no sense of PR, apart from anything else.

  8. OK, so the church aren’t the only ones abusing children but isn’t that like saying, ‘Yeah but everyone was doing it…’?

    However, as you noted yourself elsewhere, the bishop is right in a certain way. The RCC weren’t the only ones involved in child sex abuse, because they could never have gotten away with it with out the complicity, in the act or in the cover-up, of high ranking members of the Gardai and the Government.
    So, in a weird way, he’s kind of right. The RCC must be taken care of in priority. Get them out of our schools and our public services. Get them away from our children. But if ever we manage that it won’t be game over, not until the peple who aided have been brought down too.

  9. I watched that on Vincent Browne last night and I just could not believe my ears or my eyes.
    I said out loud to the telly – You just don’t get it, do you?
    I was incredulous.
    Why are we on about all of this abuse, Bishop?
    Some priests keep raping our children and others keep letting them, that’s why!
    All over the world, Bishop!

    They say that they didn’t know any better – the priests, the Bishops?
    Universal morality is universal.
    Anyone who doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong should not govern our children.
    You’re wrong though, Bock, that priests don’t have much access to our children. They come several times a year to hear children’s confessions 1:1 in many schools. Altar servers? Sacraments? Religion inspection? Priests are in and out of our schools on a regular basis.

  10. Why does everyone get so righteous and angry and foul-mouthed and so judgmental with clerical child abusers but do not get so righteous and angry and foul-mouthed and so judgmental with every other child abuser, viz., the majority of child-abusers? Otherwise you are implying that it’s all right for everyone except the clergy to abuse children!!

    Treat all child-abusers equally and condemn them all; just don’t give us the usual shit about paedophile priests! Get real and cop on! If you must condemn child-abusers – at least condemn all child abusers – not just a minority class of child abuser. Me, I’d rather condemn child-abuse of all kinds. I’ll leave someone else to do the judging of the perpetrators.

    All child abusers are deserving of all your ire – not just those who are a good mark for compensation.

    Why don’t you speak up so angrily for the abuse victim who has no wealthy perpetrator to sue for damages?

    Or is just that you are using the sad plight of some victims to vent your spleen on one particular church?

    Seems to me that you are being parasitic and discriminatory, just to hear and see yourself blowing shit about the clergy, church and religion on-line! Do you really give a shit about the victims?

    Hope you never get on a Jury! Or be tried in front of a Jury of persons like yourself!

  11. Nicko,
    Other child abusers don’t have a large, well-respected organisation to act as their apologists.

    The whole point of the argument here is that the Church, rather than admitting that it was at fault, has consistently tried to sweep the matter under the carpet, and has systemically issued statements along the lines of “Child abuse? what’s that / ah sure, it was only a minority, we didn’t know / uh, we weren’t the only ones doing it”
    Furthermore, they themselves claim to condemn child abuse whilst at the same time providing shelter against punishment from their own members who were involved in the whole scandal. Odd for an organisation that really should know better, considering they claim to represent God

    That’s why the Church is being “singled out” – because it should be the last place you would expect to find that kind of shit going on.

  12. I agree with you, Nicko, that all child abusers are sick creatures and should be jailed.
    I find it unbelievable that you talk about victims suing for compensation, as if that’s why they sue.
    I do not agree with that notion.
    The Catholic church are getting criticism because they deserve it.
    The Catholic church are in a position of trust; they are supposed to follow the teachings of Jesus; they tell us how to live a moral life; they have access to our children; and they have an incredibly high rate of abusing children and they had a 100% rate of covering up the abuse of children.
    They should not have access to our children.
    Anyone who abuses children should not have access to children.
    Do you agree?

  13. Nicko It is the Catholic Church themselves who have come out with the claim that they are only responsible for 5% of Child abusers, Now how they came up with that claim is anyones guess.
    It is the Bishops responsible for the moral behaviour of their underlings who viciously abused children in their explicit and legal care who are now attempting to defend their actions in not applying for legal measures to the amoral and criminal actions of the people under their rule and in their employ, The point is that they sheilded and protected these vicious predators, So what remains is , What does that say about the workings of the Catholic Church.
    If another business sheilded it’s employees from the rigors of the Law, When explicit complaints were made to top level management what would you think about them ?
    All the clergy are men, just men , like all men are obliged to abide by the Law, its not complicated, The massive influence top Roman Catholic management exerted to cover up would not be tolerated in any realm of society and as with any other group, indentifible and responsible, These men are culpable by allowing the known predators to walk free and commit further criminality.
    I for one do not recognise this institution as anything other than a large group of men , Largely manipulating their followers for their own gain, I use the term Catholic Church only because it is what they call themselves as an entity.
    Anyone who sheilds a paedophile is culpable, any person, any organisation.

  14. Bock,

    I mentioned earlier that it might be worth taking a closer look at the German situation. Now it looks like the shit is starting to hit the fan. There’s a thread on politics.ie stating that the pope is directly linked to a known paedo priest who continued to abuse. Direct c & p from that thread: The summary of the story is

    1. As Cardinal Ratzinger he approved therapy for a paedophile priest in Munich in 1980
    2. Cardinal Ratzinger didn’t report this priest to to the authorities
    3. The therapy never happened see here
    4. Ratzinger lost interest in the case
    5. His deputy then shuffled the priest on again out into active ministry, where he committed more offenses
    6. The abuser was only then convicted and got a light sentence
    7. At that trial: did the Church Authorities mention his past form ? Seems unlikely given the sentence
    Link to the thread with secondary links to newspaper articles etc. http://www.politics.ie/culture-community/125664-pope-directly-connected-known-paedophile-priest-who-continued-abuse.html

  15. Nicko — Nice try at changing the subject.

    This is about child abuse by clergy.

    If you don’t like that, tough!

  16. I wonder do Hospitals still have chaplains working in them. That is to say visiting the sick, giving the sacraments to the old anfd infirm, saying mass. If so they should be banished. They are the last people I’d want to see if I was seriously ill. I dread to think what they could be up to if I had children in hospital.

  17. BFH the answer is yes to hospitals having chaplains, yes they do.
    So do schools (secondary).
    Easter is approaching and many priests will come in to many schools shortly to hear confessions.
    Generally, a room is organised and the priest hears confessions privately one-to-one with the children.
    Yes, I am serious.
    Many schools have had the sense to stop this in the last few years, and ask parents to take their children to confession themselves.
    However, it still goes on.
    Should it?

  18. This may have been posted on Bocktherobber before but I feel it’s worth looking at for educational reasons;

  19. FME, I posted it here after only watching the start of it and tried to delete it after I watched more. I agree it is in bad taste and hopefully Bock will agree and delete.
    Apologies for any offence caused, I’ll watch stuff to completion before posting in future.

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