Bishop Magee Resigns

Weasel words right to the bitter end for bishops

They’re incapable of straight talk.  They just can’t do it.

Here’s an extract from John Magee’s resignation statement: —

I want to offer once again my sincere apologies to any person who has been abused by any priest of the Diocese of Cloyne during my time as bishop or at any time. To those whom I have failed in any way, or through any omission of mine have made suffer, I beg forgiveness and pardon. As I said on Christmas Eve 2008 after the publication report of the National Board for Safeguarding Children in the Catholic Church in Ireland, I take full responsibility for the criticism of our management of issues contained in that report.

Why couldn’t he have said To those whom I have failed, I beg forgiveness and pardon?

Why couldn’t he have said I take full responsibility for concealing these crimes from the police?

Really, there’s just no hope for them.  None.



John Magee, Bishop of Cloyne — Resign You Fucking Bastard

23 thoughts on “Bishop Magee Resigns

  1. No hope for them. As individuals.
    But then what? Which is better, to leave a totally discedited church to rot under the arses of its totally discredited leaders, or to endure the ‘reform’, the replacement of the present leaders with a bunch of more wised up tyrants? What will the next generation of bishops be like? When will we hear them say, sorry we stole your schools and hospitals, sorry for giving your children the guilts, sorry for the treason, the constitution, etc. etc? When will we hear them say, we will stop behaving as sneaky bullies?
    It’s not going to happen. We will hear “humble, humble, humble” and we’ll get rule, rule, rule.
    And our craven treasonous government will enable them in the implementation of foreign rule in our land, complete with the appointment of judges by cardinals, and the conduct of trials of Irish citizens on our own soil by cannon law.
    Who do these people think they are?
    They think, so we fucked the kids, and we facilitated the fuckers, and we were caught out, and we had to admit it, but hang on, we still have the teachers by the balls, and through them, the next generation of children.
    Bishops are now summoning National School Teachers to meet them. It is their intention to use the leverage of Ethos to blackmail all Irish Primary School teachers into supporting their tyranny.

  2. As people?
    No, how could there be?
    They agreed at some point in their lives to cut themselves apart from normality. There was some perceived advantage for them in signing away the chance of normal human intimacy. They walked away from making a home and a family. Anyone who can do that voluntarily, absolutely and permanently is not a complete person. They are abnormal and antisocial. They deny their every ancestor since the dawn of time.
    It can happen that a decent person just doesn’t meet someone they can share an intimate life with. That’s undrstandable. But to make a virtue of isolation, to vow to live by it, is anti-life.
    Whether they stick to their self prick tease, or end up raping children, they are never the right people to impose sexual rules of any kind on the normal population. They are sick outsiders and should not own and run Irish state institutions.

  3. Their choice of life certainly does seem pretty dysfunctional, and they have shown themselves to be deeply immature.

    Clearly these people aren’t fit to run a petting zoo, never mind pronounce on the lives of adults.

  4. What do you think about making them resign, and then having to wrest back our republic from the un-caught-out replacements?

  5. Exactly. The Irish state must remove churches from all official state functions. Separate church and state. But they don’t see it that way. We get blasphemy law to stop the escapees from exposing the bullies. We get denominational and multidenominational schools instead of proper state schools. Their way is to give away our sovereignty to more and more churches instead of standing up to these bloated bullies and their silly beliefs.

  6. Leo, I agree with everything you say except.. “They walked away from making a home and a family. Anyone who can do that voluntarily, absolutely and permanently is not a complete person. They are abnormal and antisocial. They deny their every ancestor since the dawn of time.”

    Lots of people choose never to marry or have children. What’s anti-social about that?

  7. Not many human beings are so desperate to become psychotic that they willingly condemn themselves to a celibate lifestyle.

    Its not hard to work out why some of the nuns turned sadistic. Some nuns just get juvenile and silly as they get older,a few seem to keep their psychological equilibrium but you can’t tell me that its somehow natural to have a community of men or women living in celibacy. Some took to beating the daily reminder of what was denied them by their cult- children.

    The male sexual abuse I don’t even pretend to understand but I do know that rape is about control, not sex.

    These people are either emotionally stunted to a degree that affects normal human emotions or are damaged by being members of a cult. That just about sums it up. In terms of social policy for the vulnerable in Ireland over decades what we are seeing revealed is an Irish psychological Jonestown.

  8. It’s important to remember that celibacy is not the same thing as chastity, even though the two might have amounted to the same thing in the past.

    A celibate person is somebody who chooses not to marry.

    In reality, and especially for the nuns, I suspect, most of these celibate people had no sexual experience at all, which might account for their apparent obsession with the sex lives of others.

  9. I don’t know if celibate means one who chooses not to marry but it is certainly against the laws of nature.

    I do know there should be a total separation of Church and State. Revamp the constitution to eliminate the influence of church. McQuaid is long gone, let’s take his influence out of our laws.

    Please stop all the apologies, because not all are sincere. It is so nauseating to listen to all these Bishops saying “I’m so sorry for all the hurt” because it seems, that given the chance, the organization will revert to the same old ways. Demonstrate to me how sorry you are. It reminds me of the judge who told the criminal “You have no remorse, you are only sorry because you were caught.” Let Ireland take back its own future instead of leasing it out to any particular religeon. Let our children be educated with the fine curriculum we have and give us a chance to continue without our teachers being subservient to any religeous organization.

    This cannot happen to Ireland again. We gave the Church total “carte blanche” with our children when we wrote it into our laws. Our beautiful, honourable ancestors positively honoured and trusted the nuns and priests, praised them and paid them with what little they had. Our people were encouraged from every alter to contribute “the widows mite” which they did faithfully. The damaged souls who went out into the world to earn a living when crippled by this awful sense of shame, which was carried to the grave in most cases, should now be honoured by the same apologizing clergy. Show me.

    I truly believe that we are an amazing people and we will recover, but only if this stops here and now.

  10. Still see too many people dancing the dance of mutual deception?
    How do you kill the music when it has been droning on for centuries – just keeps on going in the background.
    Still too many middle aged + faces dancing the dance – round and round the floor going nowhere.
    Maybe we need a few young guns with a different taste in music and the balls to shout and make changes?
    Must be some youngsters with balls and drive out there ? Lets hear the ipod generation (was going to say ghetto blaster – no fucking use to anybody!).

  11. Seems to me the best way to not have “intimacy” is to get married and have kids.. :)

  12. Paul, that’s ageist. What makes you think young balls are bigger balls or better balls than middle aged balls or even old balls? Your youth, of course.
    FME, as I said, there’s nothing wrong with not finding a mate. I just think it’s psychosexual self mutilation to swear to shun all potential mates. No fault to a person who starves in a famine. But where’s the merit in being a sexual anorexic? Or posing as one while raping kids?

  13. Hey Leo, Listen I never agreed with your sentiment that there’s any mertit in being a sexual anorexit. I can fuck and run with whom ever I want, believe me.. I’ve had more than a couple offers in the last few hours.. but get a grip..there’s not fucking famine now, do whatever you want snookums.. just don’t tell the rest of us that we’re anti-fuckin social.. ok chuck. According to your definition I’m psychosexual mutilating most nights I go out.. Don’t confuse marrigage and kids.. or whatever you’re talking about with peodophiles please.
    “No fault to a person who starves in a famine.” Are you saying you can’t get laid is it? sorry for your troubles Leo..

  14. FME, I didn’t say you were antisocial. I said that it is antisocial when people limit their contact with other people by taking a deliberate oath to avoid sex, avoid intimacy, avoid family life.
    You clearly haven’t taken an oath of chastity, so the ‘antisocial’ tag isn’t directed at you.
    I have no confusion between family life and paedophilia.
    As regards ‘whatever I’m talking about”, the confusion is obviously yours.
    A little anger management might help you to understand what you read. Or maybe not.

  15. I stand corrected Bock. Thank you.

    In this case I was thinking there is huge number unmarried. That cannot be healthy though. I also don’t believe a state of unmarried or celibate necessarily leads to the abhorrent behaviour these people engaged in. I do believe they should pay for their crimes. I do not believe that it had to do with sex. There is a marvelous study done by Susan Brownmiller who wrote “Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape.” I read it in the 70s. This shed a lot of light on Rape.

  16. Leo’s new proclaimation, instead of go and sin no more.. go and shag some more.. :)
    I agree totally that priests etc have no business telling us what we should/shouldn’t do in our bedroooms, but I wouldn’t want to be a hypocrite myself and judge anyone else’s choices, if it’s not harmful to anyone of course. It’s not virtuous to be chaste in my opinion or abnormal to have sexual abstinence.

  17. I just find all the self denial in religion tiresome and stupid and wasteful of human happiness.
    When someone takes a vow of silence, they might as well cut their tongue out. It looks very like self mutilation to me.
    The same with vows of chastity.
    Imagine being a Poor Clare during Lent. You’ve already cut out your tongue, but you can’t bite your arse off yet until Easter Sunday morning. Ih vewy vewy fuhim fwufwayhim.

  18. okie doke Leo.. do you have to be so graphic in your interpretations. You don’t understand why someone else would want to be silent.. fine. It’s not the equivalent of cutting their tongue out.. jeez. If you’re babbling all day, everyday and take a vow to be silent for a while.. it might turn your thoughts inward.. it aids clear thinking actually to be silent for a while.
    I think some of the self denial that religious people adhere to, has to be with transending the physical.. to become more spiritual or whatever.. to prepare for death maybe.. letting go of the physical. who knows.. whatever floats their boat.. don’t want to be lectured though in any way as to what’s normal and best practice.. by priests or anyone else for that matter.

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