Bishop of Ferns Asks Parishioners to Pay For Rapists

Bishop asks abused community for money

I see Denis Brennan, the Bishop of Ferns, wants the  the parishes of his diocese to give him money for  compensation and legal costs as a result of his priests raping children, and his predecessors covering up their crimes.

He told parish representatives last night that the diocese had to pay out more than €10.5m in claims, as well as paying its lawyers to represent it at the Ferns Inquiry.  Money also went to treat the rapists.

Brennan also said that the actions of the abusing priests, combined with mismanagement, poor understanding and a lack of resolve had caused the tragedy, as he referred to it.

Let’s just pause to examine this.

Mismanagement, poor understanding and a lack of resolve is what the bishop thinks caused this monumental disgrace.

Do you notice any mention of the cover-up by the bishops?  The deliberate concealment of crimes.  Any word about that in the bishop’s statement?

No.  But he does mention poor understanding, which I can only presume means a failure to understand child abuse.

They didn’t understand that child abuse was wrong, or a crime, which is odd, when you consider that these are the very same people who, for generations, lectured grown adults about putting a bit of rubber on the end of their dick.  They understood that well enough, but not the rape of children.

Now, let’s have a look at the money.

The diocese had spent over €8m on 48 civil actions and another 13 cases are pending.

€750,000 went on treating the rapists. I know what I’d treat the rapists to, and it wouldn’t cost €750,000.

€1.5m went on legal fees for the  Ferns Inquiry, which was necessitated solely because priests of the diocese had been raping children.  This cost would not have arisen but for the crimes of the priests in the diocese, and now the bishop wishes his parishioners to cough up for it.

The meeting was also told that insurance covered one seventh of the total cost — an insurance policy that was taken out, presumably, during the time when the bishops didn’t understand child abuse.  Isn’t it lucky that they took no chances and insured themselves all the same, even though they didn’t understand what they were insuring against?

I notice that the bishop made no mention of sending a letter to the Vatican asking for a contribution, nor did I hear any mention of the Pope offering to kick a few shillings into the rape fund.

Instead the bishop wants the people of Ferns, whose children were raped, to foot the bill.

How about that?

20 thoughts on “Bishop of Ferns Asks Parishioners to Pay For Rapists

  1. The really scary thing is that this bollox of a bishop claims that he made the request on the back of inquiries from concerned parishoners as to how they were going to pay this bill. Who in the name of fuck would inquire about that? Parishoners should be concerned as to the safety of their children.
    “Over €750,000 had been spent treating offenders, which Dr Brennan called a long-term investment in protecting children.”
    How exactly do you treat a fucking child rapist and believe that it is to protect children. The only treatment necessary is a scalpel and no fucking anesthetic!
    It fucking boils my blood that some people in this country are so fucking backward, corrupt and downright nasty.
    Anyone contributing any money to the legal fund should consider themselves complicit in child abuse.

  2. How on earth did you think they were going to pay all these legal fees – Certainly not by selling church assets…..

    Scum – the lot of them and the dozy sheep like parishoners will cough up as they always do….

    Religon is a strange drug. Makes people do the strangest things…….

  3. They genuinely don’t recognise the gravity of these crimes. They keep up the line, “Yes we made some terrible mistakes but the country needs to move on.” Well it would be a lot fucking easier to move on if these perverts were properly punished. This was the ultimate manipulation of power.

  4. I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard this story.
    What a cheek!
    Still living in denial.
    After all we’ve heard!?
    The creatures and familiars of the rapists and rapist-minders are as sick as the religious.
    People shouldn’t give one cent to this fund, that Ferns say will need to continue for about twenty years!!!!!
    People shouldn’t give to any other collection either in protest.
    Will they ever learn?
    Will we?

  5. When i was home in Wexford last month, I noticed, all the priests cars, were mostly 09 cars, lets start with selling them

  6. How about sending all of the priests and the Bishop of Ferns out to work!
    Get a paying job, boys!
    Stop having the hand out all the time.
    Grow up!
    Try a Fás course.
    If you can’t get a job in Ireland, emigrate like thousands of our young have to do!
    See how the rest of us have to come up with a few bob!
    Get real!
    It would do your soul good!

  7. I’m really cross now!
    How about asking the Pope to sell off a bit of gold?
    What about selling the Bishop’s Palace? his ring? his robes? his books? his crozier and other majestic items?
    What about taking responsibility for your actions, lads?
    You did the raping, the covering-up, the moving on and the enabling!
    Now, you should foot the bill!
    Pay it yourself!
    There would be few legal costs if you hadn’t fought tooth and nail to deny, cover up and to call the victims liars!
    Shame on ye!

  8. Carlsberg don’t do barefaced cheek or necks like jockeys bollix, and its easy to see why with this sick shower of cunts. How dare they ask for money, just sell up and get the fuck out of here and take your voodoo paraphernalia with you.

    Talk about life imitating art. Was there ever a better time to give Bishop Brennan a good kick in the arse.

  9. I think I can actually help out the bishop.
    I have the Email address of a Nigerian gentleman, who, if the bishop sends him his bank details, will deposit fifteen million dollars in the bishops account.
    The money would later have to be be split between the bishop and the emailer, but it’s a start.

  10. Extract from Vaticans financial situation;
    For the eighth consecutive year, the operating statement for fiscal year 2000 for the Holy See closes with a net gain of 17.720 billion, equal to $8,516,000 US at the exchange rate at the end of the year of 2,080.89 lire per dollar. The total expenses were 404.378 billion and the total income was 422.098 billion. Compared with the previous fiscal year, the income was more substantial, having increased by 64 billion.

    Taken from;

  11. I’m so angry that I have spots in front of my eyes!
    Unfuckingbelievable! Please please let the parish rise up and tell them to fuck themselves!

  12. Makes a nice change from children Sm.

    I used to have sympathy for the lay followers of the Roman Catholic church. People such as my own late parents. The level of evil of the “religious” and the complicity of the hierarchy would have been impossible for them to comprehend. Whistle blowers like Paddy Doyle, author of The God Squad, were ignored and worse. In light of what EVERYBODY knows today about the evil that inhabits the church. the defence of blind faith has no standing.

    Any parishioner in Wexford who bails out the diocese financially is allowing the Vatican off the hook. Until the head of the Roman Catholic Church is held to account, the issue will not be resolved. It is up to the Vatican to take responsibility and not the ordinary decent Catholics of the Wexford diocese.

  13. Bock,

    it’s simple,

    “We raped your kids . . . . . now pay up . . . . it’s your God given duty”

    What a shower of cunts.

    BTW how much did the victims get? I can’t see it above. But then again it’s not as though they count though is it?

  14. Bertie just won €10k in the lotto down the Beaumont Inn last weekend…why doesn’t Bishop Brennan give him a buzz…he blew them €1.5billion of tax payers money not long ago for rogering our kids

  15. The phrase “Neck like a jockeys bollox”, should now be changed to “Neck like a Ferns bishop”.

    By the way, is there any likelihood of the bastards facing prosecution ,and hopefully jail, for concealment of their priests crimes?

  16. This may do some good. The catholic laiety are members of an organisation shown to be truly awful and quite rightly being call to account. Being asked to pay may make some reflect on the kind of organisation they are members of.

  17. The catholic church has never been, in reality, anything more than a money hoover.

    There is just one universal principal to remember when considering the catholic church: It is always the diametric opposite of whatever it says it is.
    This means, when they say they are charitable, they are, in truth, pathologically cruel.
    They don’t give, they take.
    They are not pure, they are rotten.
    They don’t protect anybody, they rape and bully people.
    They are not sorry, they are defiant.
    They are not humble, they are arrogant. Etc. etc.

    Did anyone see Brady in the Irish Times the other day, brazening out their grip on our schools? Guess what justification he was citing?
    Children’s rights.
    Could you credit it?

  18. IF someone burgled your home and was caught and after the event wrote to you to request you assist him with the payment of his legal fees you more than likely would tell him to fuck off
    Why dont the people of Ferns do likewise ,particularly as raping children is a more serious matter than burglary

  19. No No! Leave the Vatican as it is as I live here in Italy, and truly you would be depriving me of all that luscious artwork should there have to be a jumble sale in Saint Peters. What of all the years my family had to make financial contributions to the building fund for our new school, which of course I never saw finished? And what of all the pennies through all those years we had to drop in the ‘little black babies of Africa box’ every Monday morning to help feed them? This was not a choice, you understand, this was mandatory regardless if some families could afford it or not. Christ, I look at Africa today and it seems to be going backwards, with no end in sight to that particular population explosion in sight. Bono needs to beg harder I think, the lazy git. Now there’s a thought, he has more money than God, so why not tap him for a few bob? All kidding aside, if the Parish of Ferns pay a dime toward this, then they can consider themselves raped a second time. Best wishes.

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