But It Was 1975!

When dinosaurs roamed the earth, 35 years ago, we didn’t know it was wrong to screw children

I keep hearing people saying it was 1975 in discussion about clerical sexual abuse.

It was 1975.  We didn’t understand.  It was before the dawn of time.

We didn’t understand because it was 1975, as if 1975 was when proto-humans finally crawled out of the primeval soup.

This talk is usually to explain why the Catholic bishops didn’t tell the cops about priests raping children, as if in 1975 dinosaurs were roaming the earth.  Dreadfully, this argument has created a savage alliance between the apologists for abusers and those who are 35 or younger.

Bishops say it because it suits them, and the 35-year-olds say it because they know no better. In 1975  they weren’t born.

What the fuck is this talk about it was 1975?

Hold on a fucking second.  Listen guys.  It wasn’t 1875, or 1775.  It was after Elvis and the Beatles.

In 1975, the Sex Pistols played their first gig.  Bruce Springsteen released Born to Run.  Dylan released the astounding Blood on the Tracks and Patti Smith was rocking New York.

Bill Gates was founding Microsoft, the Birmingham Six were wrongly sentenced and the movie industry produced Jaws, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Monty Python’s Holy Grail and Dog Day Afternoon.

Don’t give me this it was 1975 shit.

That doesn’t get you off the hook for boning children.

There isn’t the same gigantic chasm separating 2010 and 1975 that there is separating 1975 and 1940, except for the bishops, admittedly, who always lived in a time warp.

But for everyone else, please.  Give me a fucking break.

You knew exactly what was going on.

16 thoughts on “But It Was 1975!

  1. Look I am under 35 and I think the 1975 excuse is the most pathetic one yet.
    As if morality or the basic difference between wrong and right wasn’t introduced until the 80’s.
    Anyone who uses that as an excuse obviously thinks we are idiots, anyone who accepts it proves them right.

  2. Just been watching The Trials Of Henry Kissinger. Every few years I have to pick at this scab and it makes my blood boil that he is not locked away in a dark, very quiet hole with only the screams of Cambodians, East Timorese and Chileans to fill his mind’s ear. His apologists argument for not indicting for war crimes in the same league and worse as Milosevic and co? “It was different back then.” The rules were just “guidelines” , the laws of the US and of war and of the international community? Just nuisances to be got around “deliciously and illegally” (direct quote from Kissinger’s gob). I agree with statutes of limitations on things like say library fines and petty supermarket theft. There ought never be one on sexual abuse nor war crimes nor murder nor profiting through murder. especially when they have no basis in law and are just kind of made up in a kind of “Aaw, give them a break, that hardly knew it was wrong in those days”, lame-arsed, and deeply offensive way.

  3. Bock, the relevance of 1975 is important. Not because its a long time ago and everyone wasn’t aware that raping and abusing children was wrong. If the church was as adept at teaching the Bible as it is in covering up child abuse then the hierarchy including the Bishops would know child abuse is wrong : Luke 17:2 states “It would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a millstone tied around his neck than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin”.
    Leaving that aside, 1975 is important because it was a time of the all powerful church in Ireland. To question or go against the church was simply not done. The priests had the power and they knew how to use it. People all over this great land lived in fear of sin. Sex was wrong (unless it was an altar boy and you could keep him quiet through fear), we all lived in fear of our souls being damned. 1975 is important because at that time whatever the Church said was effectively Irish law.
    All that being said, i’m sure that the Bishops, priests etc back then and today knew that abuse was wrong. The first rule of spin is to deflect from the true story, introduce doubt and create confusion. By creating the illusion that these crimes were committed in some far off time when people were more innocent and child abuse was not fully understood is the first of many waves of spin. Perhaps Brady et al. should stop and think about their actions and focus on what their role is meant to be. Nowhere in the Bible (as far as I know) does it suggest that facilitating and covering for child rapists is a step on the path to Heaven.

  4. They must think that protecting the reputation of The Church and It’s Pervy Priests is more important than the damage done to a relatively few alter boys and girls and nuns and whomever. Going for the greater good. Go figure.

    I was just going to share a relevant YouTube video, but couldn’t bring myself to. But I found this instead:

    Pissed Catholic Mother

  5. if i go home to dublin an an an i see a priest can can can i fuckin smack him full on the face cos cos cos—-its 2010———————i feel like doing it the fuckin cunts————-sorry my blood is boiling—fuck it no- i am not sorry- snot every one of those cunts

  6. When all this business of clerical sexual abuse of children first became a public debating topic one the first excuse given was “well, we didn’t know these people (paedophiles) were so persistent and recidivist”. I could never buy that one. An organisation like the Catholic Church whose very business is dealing with evil and whose confessors for centuries have been listening to every known perversion known to mankind; and then expect us to believe they did not understand the seriousness of these vile crimes?
    We don’t hear much of that excuse now. As public deference to the Church has lessened the emphasis is now on escaping the legal consequences.

  7. The way that this church treated women who had babies outside of marriage makes me have zero sympathy for them in 1975, 1875 or 2075!
    Named and shamed them from the altar (but not the men!); threw them into laundries as slaves; sold their babies; told the women that they were definitely bound for hell…..
    Those women didn’t get a second chance, not to mind a 20th chance like these evil creatures who raped our children. They weren’t protected by “Mother” church.
    It was wrong to have sex outside of marriage in 1975.
    Full stop.
    How come there wasn’t a full stop to the child raping in 1975, “Fathers”?


    The latest spin from the (Roman) Catholic Communications office is that the oaths of secrecy extracted from Smyths rape victims in 1975 weren`t permanent.

    Monsieur Mossie the Magnificent Dooley, chief wizard of canon law whipped out his magic sceptre and sprinkled some holy water on the oaths and cast a spell – Well of course under canon law permanent does not mean permanent, unless I feel like it – when the stupid mortals were asleep.

    I wonder does this miracle apply to all oaths and vows taken in the RC Church in 1975?

  9. And this, by Fintan O’Toole in The Observer, Guardian.co.uk, Sunday 21 March 2010:

    Arrogant, corrupt, secretive – the Catholic church failed to tackle evil:
    The Catholic church is finally losing its rearguard action


    “The cover-up of child sexual abuse by the Catholic church is not about sex and it is not about Catholicism. It is not, as Pope Benedict rightly argued in yesterday’s distressingly bland pastoral letter, about priestly celibacy. It is about power…”

  10. Pheasantfukker, dear friend, the little ones didn’t sin. They weren’t caused to sin. They were just overpowered, raped, assaulted and abused. Over and over and over. To suggest that they sinned, or even that they were caused to sin (a peculiar moral imposition of blame upon a victim) is to rape them again.
    Tonight, not only the victims, survivors, suicides, are wronged again by this pope and this church.
    Ireland, stript naked, hangs high on a cross.
    The priests that raped the children, the bishops that covered for the priests, the governments that share our sovereignty with the bishops, the parishioners that funded the church, are the living rot, the leprosy that is Ireland.
    Rome is the rapist. Ireland is the rapist.
    Never mind if the church can repent, renew, reinvent itself as a new bully. Who gives a flying shit.
    What about my country?
    When will Ireland, through her craven politicians, extract herself from this sewer?

  11. Makes you wonder about the mindset of people who appear to hanker after those “good old innocent days…”

    One of the many, many magpie rhymes goes…”One for silver, two for gold, three for a secret never to be told…”

    Not innocence or ignorance, but the leaden, deadening weight of secrets upon secrets, many even yet untold, is the meaning of 1975.

  12. Stay Safe is a child protection programme for primary school pupils.
    It teachers children how to stay safe.
    It is a lovely, child-friendly programme.
    One aspect of it is to teach children the difference between good and bad secrets.
    A good secret is e.g. a surprise for Mommy’s birthday.
    A bad secret makes you feel uncomfortable and / or frightened.
    Children are taught (including role play) not to keep a bad secret.
    The Catholic Church in Ireland mobilised during the 1990s in an effort to keep the Stay Safe programme out of schools, saying that it would damage family life and children’s innocence.
    I could not understand this opposition at the time.
    It is clearer to me today.

  13. Well said, Bock. Please don’t give up on this fight until justice is done.

    The Church has tried the Nuremburg defence. When that failed they moved on to the “everybody else was doing it, why can’t we” defence, which doesn’t even work for 8 year-old schoolboys. Time to stop defending the indefensible and face the musak.

  14. According to the Guinness price index, known as thee index on everything round these parts, the price of a pint in euro was €0.45 in 75. The average industrial wage was around €65 per week. I remember the auld fella saying – we’ll follow it to ten bob and that’s it. We’re still following it. A fiver and that’s it.

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