Good Friday Pub Licence Granted in Limerick

Rugby 3 – Catholic fundamentalism NIL

RUGBY fans will be allowed to get legally rat faced in Limerick on Good Friday.

Judge Tom O’Donnell, who we shall refer to as God henceforth, today granted Limerick’s publicans a special exemption to open between the hours of 6pm and 11.30pm on the night when Munster meet Leinster in the Magners League at Thomond Park.

M’lud, a learned man, noted that Thomond Park had a special stadium license to serve drink and that it seemed absurd to him that pubs in the locality could not open for business as well.

He added that he was granting the exemption for health and safety reasons.

Ahem. Health and safety? Has M’Lud ever witnessed the amount of alcohol your average rugby fan consumes? Still, he’s a wise man, a man of towering intellect.

The Judge made his ruling in response to a request from Limerick’s publicans, who are also God’s, to be granted a special exemption on the day in question.

Sanity, albeit with drink involved, has prevailed at last. But note the way that the only time Paddy acts logically is when his pint is threatened.

Stand by for the inevitable Catholic backlash. How will the monks out in Moyross react. Will they be throwing holy water over rugby fans as they enter Thomond Park for the match?

Meanwhile, will the oval ball game be responsible for the repeal of an antiquated law stretching back to 1923?

Is Ireland finally entering the 21st century?

53 thoughts on “Good Friday Pub Licence Granted in Limerick

  1. Only if we can hang the hierarchy from the uprights. Not wishing them any harm like…

    ‘ End over end, neither left nor to right; Straight through the heart of them righteous uprights; Drop kick me, Jesus through the goal posts of life’ (Bobby Bare, 1976).

  2. good decision by the Judge, at least we unfortunates who do not have tickets will get to see the game and enjoy a few pints. Bet thomond park are not happy about this decision as they must have thought they would make a fortune in there on that day for their plastic so called pints @ 5 euro’s.

  3. Tom O’Donnell used to play for Old Crescent in his day, has a solid understanding of rugby and the associated social aspect.

    Isn’t it great that the City of the Confraternity is the one to upturn one of the last bastions of Catholic control in this country. Those who don’t agree on religeous grounds don’t have to go to the game or have a drink, neither do those who do agree but at last we have a choice. Could this be Chapter one in the Non Fighting Irish saga?

  4. Maybe you’re right. Maybe it is the start of the Irish thinking for themselves.

    Tom is a good guy, and not beholden to anyone, but one thing that worries me is this: wil the town be full of piss-heads from 200 miles around, because our stupid licensing laws are closing the pubs where they live?

  5. Good point from the Ed, and the town will be full of piss heads you can be sure. Never know they charged that for drink in TP, the only time I was there was for an Andy Lee P Con. I reckon the Good Friday laws will fall after this, about time.

  6. Who ever heard of an Irish wake without a drop whiskey or a few bottles of stout. Surely the good judge Tom O’Donnell new that, when he granted the dispensation to the people of limerick, he wanted them to give Jesus a good Irish sendoff, before they headed up to the pitch. Too bad the Bishops didn’t think of it ,they might have regained some respect.
    Fuck and I’ll be stuck in Cork looking for any watering hole that might quench my thirst.

  7. I see the Franciscans are all in a froth saying they’ll hold all sorts of hoodoo-voodoo outside TP on the day.

    Any chance of a counter-protest at their place? A retaliatory secular,humanist wine-tasting perhaps.

  8. The Franciscans, just like every other catholic zealous cult group; harbour pedophiles.
    If I see them protesting I will react.
    They are no friends of any citizen in this or any country.
    Send the bastards packing.

  9. An economic analysis revealed the average Magners League game generates between 1.2m euros and 3.5m euros for the Limerick economy, but experts believe the Munster v Leinster game is worth more than this, says the BBC.

    Meantime, Shane McGowan sends his regards and says he’ll be in Limerick on the night of the game.

  10. at least Tom O took his head out the Gardai’s arses this time around, and went against them and made a constructive decision, one which he hasn’t made for some time! Maybe he’s getting his balz back :) and might actually do something construcitve with actual villians running this city as well. No more shall it be ‘thirsty Thursday’! We can all get blotto on Friday.

  11. Limerick will make history the weekend after next as this will be the first time in nearly 90 years that an Irishman – ladies did we mention that this new law only applies to men? – can sit in a bar and have a legal drink on Good Friday. Maybe we should have one of those American style end of prohibition parties.

    Meantime, the above fears about the town being invaded by boney arsed reptiles from the rest of Munster and beyond are already coming true. The Mayor has already invited the rest of Ireland to Limerick to enjoy the “carnival”

  12. About time these fuckers were told that their club rules shouldn’t apply to an entire society.

    With any luck, this is the beginning of the end of their influence in the lives of a people who should have run this organised voodoo sect into the sea decades ago.

    John Charles McQuaid must be turning on his spit.

  13. “ladies did we mention that this new law only applies to men? ” At least half of us wont be burning in the pits of hell for all eternity. Tis a mortal sin I say.. I will pray for yer souls to be saved.

  14. Prefer it if you bought us all a few pints FME. :)

    Prayer just doesn’t hit the spot.

  15. I would, but being a woman and the law not applying to me, I am being saved from burning in the pits of hell by force of law (as presumably I do not have the capability of abstaining from such debauchery as to be drinking on the lords day of ascension) A prayer will have to do. Might need to be a couple hundred decades of the rosary though due to the nature of the tresspasses.

  16. How times have changed indeed. This is from the 1927 Intoxicating Liquor Act:

    15.—(1) Nothing in this Act shall operate to prohibit—

    ( a ) the holder of an on-licence in respect of premises situate in a county borough from selling intoxicating liquor for consumption on such licensed premises to bona fide travellers at any time on any week day, or

    ( b ) the holder of an on-licence in respect of premises not situate in a county borough from selling intoxicating liquor for consumption on such licensed premises to bona fide travellers—

    (i) at any time on any week-day, or

    (ii) if his licence is not a six-day licence, on any Sunday during a period of summer time between the hours of one o’clock and eight o’clock in the afternoon or on any other Sunday between the hours of one o’clock and seven o’clock in the afternoon.

    Now what’s a bona fide traveller? You can be sure of one thing – it’s not what we would now mean by the word traveller! In fact, the law back then ENCOURAGED drinking and driving! Hard to believe but true. It was still good law when I was nobbut a lad. Fair play to Good Judge Tom on this one, but not surprising.


  17. Thank You Tom
    As a mark of respect to this upstanding person who isn’t affraid of what awaits him in the afterlife for giving back a slice of normality to the normal working class people I am going to abstain from drinking on Good Friday happy in the knowledge that if I wanted a pint I could have one!!! Not such a big deal really now is it.
    Whoever wants to protest good luck to them they may give up and just pop to the pub for a legal quickie

    Again Tom Thank You A True Legend for giving us the option to drink.

  18. Good decision in Limerick re Good Friday & Pubs – No religion should have its devotional practices enshrined in secular law! Freedom to practice yes,  but not to enforce on those who do not share their faith. I think in time this will come to be seen as a positive step both for people of religious disposition and society at large. We are not children and as mature citizens we do not need the State telling us we can’t have a drink in a pub on Good Friday. Those for whom this observance is important might find it all the more meaningful when it is a matter of choice not law and calls on them to witness in the face of the prevailing culture. After all Jesus was counter-cultural so why do Christians want their faith assimilated into the secular order?

  19. Is it not also time to get rid of the angelus bells on our national broadcaster twice a day. This may remind the faithful of there obligation to pray, but for some it only stands to remind of abuse and all thats gone before.

  20. it seems now that Michael Murray and Senior Gardai in Limerick are still trying to oppose the exemption!. They are preparing a report for the Garda Commisioner and there are talks of it being appealed to the High Court.

  21. I can see how this appeal or report from the Gardai could be succesful as, thanks to our Mayor, who has invited the rest of Ireland to Limerick for the “carnival atmosphere” , the town could be full of thousands of drunks creating public disorder etc etc.

  22. Seconds out ( ladies did we mention that this new law only applies to men) !!!!! very funny trust you to try an put another spin on it, don’t remember hearing that in Tom O Donnell’s ruling. I know I will be down the local having a few and enjoyng the game. Shame that they are going to try and appeal this, suppose we will have to wait until last minute to see if the attorney general will decide appeal to high court, yet another waste of money.

  23. It may be seen as a good thing that the catholic religion is not being forced upon people from other religions. A lot of people are praising the decision. That said, if this law ends up spreading throughout Ireland in years to come, those who initially praised the decision will be the same ones to complain when it is no longer a religious holiday and people will have to go to work instead!!

  24. “After all Jesus was counter-cultural so why do Christians want their faith assimilated into the secular order?” I heard he hung out with prostitutes and all sorts of outcasts and occassionally went ballistic on the priests in the synagogues.
    Why are these muppets appealing the case, stay at home and pray if they want.

  25. All people don’t get a day off on good friday, some still work as if it was a normal day of the working week.

  26. It’s not a public holiday, most of the private sector don’t get the day off. Even with bar staff being off for it, (previously) doubt they got paid for it.

  27. those who initially praised the decision will be the same ones to complain when it is no longer a religious holiday

    Good Friday will always be a religious holiday.

  28. worked in a bar myself along time ago, I remember the owner telling us to enjoy our good friday off as it would be the last one that pubs would close for, that was in 1994!!!! I don’t remember being paid for the day either and couldn’t enjoy the day off as no where open and no where to go apart from the Cresent shoppng center, and that place used to be packed.
    I think the practise in most pubs nite clubs etc is to use this day as a deep cleaning day so some bar staff wouldn’t even get it off and be only paid for the few hours they went in to clean for.

  29. Well there lads and lassies I wouldn’t crack open the champagne just yet an appeal has been lodged :
    To the attention of :

    Minister for Justice – Dermot Ahearn
    State Solicitor – Michael Murray
    Paul O’Connell – Captain Munster Rugby
    Leo Cullen – Captain Leinster Rugby team
    Kevin Kiely – Mayor Limerick
    Tom O’Donnell – Judge Limerick
    Jerry O’Dea – Limerick Vinters Association
    Cardinal Sean Brady – Catholic Church

    I would like Michael Murray to appeal the ruling of the Godless Judge that allowed vintners overshadow Good Friday. I call upon those rugby players to understand what they are doing before taking to the pitch and I call upon Cardinal Sean Brady to speak up and stand up for the people of God.I write to you and provide you the facts. Mine is to deliver them, not to get people to believe in them. What you do with the information is your own business. Ignoring it not an option. Before you laugh and sneer read the evidence :

    What you are going to do on Good Friday shows how much Satan has managed to penetrate the people of Ireland quite successfully. Mr O’Donnell there is only one judge and if you people go ahead with your blasphemous act on the day the Messiah died then you shall all be judged accordingly. Do not put me to the test, the church did and now their judgements are coming to fruition as you can clearly see. I have a job to do and you men are being asked in simple english to decide whether you are for God or not. To doubt me is to doubt God. Shame on you greedy Vintners.Before you laugh and sneer read the evidence :

    My name is James Clarke, initials JC, I am the son of carpenter and a seamstress and I have five stigmata. I have also written a non fiction book entitled The Second Coming and I am the awaited Alpha & Omega. Your belief is not required for this to be fact and before you doubt and laugh I provide evidence and it is up to you to provide evidence I am not he and if you cannot you better listen, and listen fast. Navan, County Meath is the New Jerusalem. Before you laugh and sneer read the evidence :

    The vision in Knock in 1879 was a prophecy that the second coming of the lamb of God would occur in Ireland. If you want to ignore this it does not mean it is not true it means you are in darkness.

    Jut so you know how serious this is and how serious I am I told the church to prepare for funerals on January 12th 2010 and 250,000 people died in Haiti on January 13th, Port Au Prince being the first port of call for the Prince of Peace which was then followed by the slightly larger quake in Chile and subsequent tsunamis. These just the beginning of birth pains and warnings. Before you laugh and sneer read the evidence : [deleted]

    Know that if that game goes ahead and those bars open the chastisement for Ireland that will follow will be swift, loud and clear but by then it will be too late and you will be cast aside.

    Woe Betide those that do not recognise this time of my visitation. Prophecy of Divine Mercy 1937

    Regards and May your souls be enlightened. James Clarke (JC II) The Mysteries of Light. – Christ will come again
    Before you laugh and sneer read the evidence :

    Now as a Limerick Lassie when I heard this I laughed and sneered……then i downloaded the evidence and it would appear this James fella has something worth hearing, the second coming is indeed happening in ireland…..????? am looking for comments from those that download the evidence first and then discuss it – it is not happening in the HOLY RElIGIOUS WAY everyone has been programmed into thinking it would…..

    People in Limerick are planning pickets on all bars and Priests are coming from all over Ireland to picket thomond Park – word has it that the match will be cancelled for another date.

  30. For clarification, this comment is not from regular commenter Limerick Lass but from the same maniac who used to call himself JC II in previous posts. I’ve deleted all the spammy links in his comment but allowed this so that you can see the kind of nutcases we have out there.

    I’m particularly worried about his threat that priests are coming from all over Ireland to picket Thomond Park. We’d better keep an eye on the kids.

    For using another commenter’s name, the wanker is now banned.

  31. ha ha, thanks for the laugh Bock. “before you laugh and sneer”.. he definitely has some psychic abilities though. :) He must have been let out for the day from the funny farm.
    I hope he doesn’t end up with a lot more than “stigmata” if starts spouting that crap too loudly at the rugby fans on the day.

  32. Seems kind of sad that standing up to the church revolves around nothing more important than getting shit-faced on Good Friday. Could you not direct some of this energy and enthusiasm into putting those degerates into jail where they belong? You can get to the drinking later, and have something really worth celebrating.

  33. Hilarious.. “D’ya want a piece of the Virgin’s Bush, Boss? It’ll keep your gutters clean and it can tarmac your drive. Go on. I’ll say a prayer for ya. It’s from a virgin forest.”

    Behold, we’ve been sent the second coming to stump us all..we’ve been stumped. Time for a pint after that I thinks.

  34. And who do you think bulldozed those silly laws into existence back in 1927 ( or whenever) ? Politicians ? They just signed the papers that were put in front of them by the holy fathers.

  35. I totally forgot about the auld BVM in Rathkeale. How is old Stumpy these days?Are they still praying to a log? tis knot on.

  36. Paulo — What point are you making? In a small way this is a reversal of the Catholic Sharia. What’s your objection to that?

  37. “And who do you think bulldozed those silly laws into existence back in 1927 .. They just signed the papers that were put in front of them by the holy fathers.” Indeed Paula.. Indeed.. you don’t need to ask us who.. you’ve been informed of this numerous times. Or it’s just rhetorical I presume..

  38. Could this O’Donnell legal decision be considered blasphemous under Ahern’s crazy law?…the plot thickens…some religious nut case might be sufficiently outraged to report him to the AG/cops…now that would be fun!

  39. Isn’t there something in the Constitution about not favouring the religious practices of one religon over another by the way? So Catholic religous holidays should technically have no bearing on pub opening hours.Anyone got a copy of Bunreacht Na hEireann handy?

  40. The constitution says that the State may not endow any religion, meaning it can’t provide any religion with material wealth. This in itself is laughable when you look at the funding of our primary schools and all the money Ahern paid out to cover religious orders’ sexual abuse claims.

    However, the constitution says nothing about enacting laws in line with the teaching of a particular religion.

  41. I reckon we should do away with St Patrick’s Day while we are at it. We were doing quite well over here worshiping whatever your having yourself this weekend unitl he showed up. Dam Welsh tried to do us out of the Grand Slam last year also.

  42. Just trying to keep the focus on the first cause of all the problems in Ireland, The Holy Catholic Church. Get rid of them, or at least separate them from the business of the state and the door is open for the country to come into the secular world where logic and common sense take the place of superstition and voodooism. What’s your objection to that?

  43. Poor journalism. The pub was granted a license to open it’s still not allowed to sell alcohol.

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