Health and safety my arse

These guys take a slightly different view of Health and Safety regs.

You have the Irish version of Health and Safety where losing bodily fluids or waste involves forms filled out in triplicate and then you have this….

13 thoughts on “Health and safety my arse

  1. Didn’t Fossets circus have something like this when they came to Glasthule back in the fifties, maybe without the cars? Oh right that wouldn’t really be the same, would it?

  2. The HSA is blamed in Ireland for implementing a nanny state, the role of the HSA is to ensure that we all come home from work the same way that we arrived, alive. What you choose to do outside of work is of no concern to the HSA. Ireland has a male expectancy of 76.8 while India enjoys a similar figure of 62.3, where would you rather live?

  3. No. 8, it isn’t the length, it’s the quality.

    At least, that’s what I keep telling myself and the wife :)

  4. The metal structure looks very flimsy, Being a spectator could be extremely dangerous…the mad bastards!

  5. Very disappointing – no matching costumes. I would pay money for that and nothing else. What’s the point otherwise?

  6. The cynicism on this blog is worrying.
    Here’s a valid reason why we need the likes of the HSA holding our hand;

  7. The drivers are not the mad ones. they only do aprox 28 mph. But the spectators, one slip from the guy with no hands, or if the throttle jambed open.

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