Irish Blog Awards Documents Ireland’s Final Decline

In a time when we need adults, bring on the adolescents

You might remember years ago, the controversy involving the Tate Gallery and a pile of bricks.

They paid a large amount of money to a controversial artist called Carl Andre who made a neat arrangement of bricks on the floor of the gallery, for which he was paid, I think, about £25,000.

In their defence, and with some justification, the gallery explained that their role was to chronicle contemporary British art, however debased and shallow it had become.

Now, I’ve always admired Mulley‘s energy in organising the Irish Blog Awards.  He’s been unfairly accused  of rigging the results, of influencing judges and of deciding the results in advance.

It’s not true and it’s not fair.

He works hard every year to make the event work, but this year, I’m afraid, I have to say something about one decision.

It isn’t about the selection of the winners in the various categories.  Everyone won their category fair and square.   There were many categories in the Irish Blog Awards, and the winner from each category went forward to the competition for Best Blog.

The categories were as follows:

  • Pop culture
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Food and drink
  • Music
  • Photo
  • Technology
  • Sport and recreation
  • Business
  • Art and culture
  • Journalism
  • News and current affairs
  • Political
  • Irish language

(and a few others that don’t fit any category).

We live in a serious time, and most of these blogs address matters from the cultural nature of our society to how we’re going to survive the recession.

Each category had its own well-deserved winner and I have no objection to any of them, in their own areas.  The winners are to be congratulated.

But what bothers me is this.

In 2009 we had the Ryan report, the Murphy report and the revelations about Anglo-Irish Bank.  We had 1900 job losses in Dell.  We had the establishment of NAMA.

Yet the winner of the best blog was a site about make-up.

Really?  Is make-up the most important thing in Ireland today?  Can the economic crisis be solved by false eyelashes?  Will blusher send our kids to college?

I have nothing against  What they do is fine by me, in a shallow, inconsequential, juvenile sort of way.  If the best choice of foundation to apply is the biggest decision you’ll make today, I’m glad for you.  You don’t know hardship, and I wish I had your life.

But if this is what the Irish Blog Awards judges thought was most deserving of Best Blog, then the country is truly in deep trouble.

Eventually, everything turns into a parody of itself, and that’s what I think has happened to the Blog Awards. It’s a pity that this should have occurred as our country faces its greatest ever challenge, but after last night, and considering the serious issues this country faces, I’m not sure I want to find myself competing against a couple of make-up demonstrators.

It seems that the Irish Blog Awards has arrived at the same point as the Tate Gallery.  No longer a place to find the most challenging, but instead a means of chronicling the most shallow and vapid.

Does my arse look big in this?

Ironically, the theme of the night was about predictions that Irish blogging is dead.  The show started with a fake funeral and veryone was presented with a little coffin.

Next year, I fear, there will be no need for irony, unless someone takes control of this trend.

Irish blogging will still survive, as strong as ever, but I’m afraid the annual meet-up will be dead.  Killed by lipstick.



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132 thoughts on “Irish Blog Awards Documents Ireland’s Final Decline

  1. Bock, strangely I agree with you. However, being a woman I am only too reliant on make up myself and would never let the world see my beastly mug without being caked in seven inches of orange shite, false eyelashes and green eyeshadow. The beaut blog does exactly what it says on the tin, it gives hope to lots of average looking women that they too can look presentable if they spend enough money on chemical products for their pasty pallors. It’s big business, almost as big as porn and prostitution. If blogging ever had a chance to be taken seriously, it was lost by a make up blog getting the oscar. Pity, and we were really getting somewhere…

  2. It takes a lot of energy to organise any event………..agreed.
    I was just having a peek at some of the ” Winners” and I was quite taken aback at some of the choices.
    The overall winner was downright ludicrous given what’s really going on in peoples lives but it’s also a bit telling…
    Generally I have to say Award Cermonies are rarely about talent, relevance or even reality I think they are about something else entirely.
    I know nothing about Blog Awards, Are there impartial judges ? Is it a public vote ?
    Whichever or However I can’t believe this Blog was’nt a winner, in it’s content, access, visual appeal, the timely relevant and insightful updating.
    Anyway it does’nt need awards, the “Readership ” is the award surely ?

  3. Norma – The point is about the site that won the supreme award. The judges decided that a website obsessed with how big its arse looks is the best thing on offer in Ireland today. Reality disconnect.

  4. I think it’s a little unfair. appears to be a very good, well presented and designed blog. I know we mostly gravitate towards more weighty sites, but I think it deserves the award for doing what it does well, if you know what I mean.

  5. Well I don’t mean that. I mean that blogs can be anything, shallow, deep, wide, narrow. I thought the point of the award was to celebrate a site well done. I mean in that case, we should stop allowing pop music because it gets in the way of Dylan and it doesn’t address social problems, each has their place no?

  6. OMG, it’s so, like, the wrong lipstick!

    I have to admit that I was baffled that the most superficial subject in a blog (imo) won the best blog award. But it seems that in times of multi-crises escapism is the thing to go for. The discussion about the colour of the just so happening eyeshadow is so much more “refreshing” than being reminded that pretty soon you can’t even afford a Nivea lip balm anymore – and that you can’t eat mascara.
    Or maybe it is because everyone wants to remember the fat years when there was no need to think for yourself because you could any thoughts emerging underneath the costly hairdo plaster with make-up and smother yourself in fluff.
    Or maybe the award was more to do with the stubborness to cling on to something which ignores everything what matters in the world out there. Or it was because it’s still a society where pretty girls concerned with their appearances are more acceptable than a contrary old bat. See, I said it. Opinionated women are too scary to be considered for an award. Maybe.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like make-up, I have a whole Boots shop in my bathroom, but I never felt a need to read about it or to discuss it.

    Anyway, I don’t always agree with you opinions, but I still think that you are the best blogger in Ireland. No, I’m not brownnosing. I came back to you after some time trying to read elsewhere, well, back to your blog, because sometimes it makes me angry, sometimes it makes me feel understood, often it makes me reconciled with a society I feel has no brains whatsoever. And most importantly, it never bores me. And you are a skilled writer. Oh, and thanks for some interesting blog-links.

    I like perfume by the way. I’m a perfume-junkie. Did you come across a perfume-blog, by any chance? Just asking… ;-)

  7. Yes, I would agree that their should be criteria, but I don’t think it would be exclusive to “Must be relevant to how terrible our country is right now”

    That’s all I’m saying. I have never visited the site in question, although I am sorely in need of a make-over / surgery / demolition. But if it does what it sets out to do and does it well, then it is deserving of celebration.

  8. Good for you, Bock, in making this point. It would be very easy to shut up and not give begrudgers the opportunity to hit you with the sour grapes card, fair play to you as usual for talking up. (I know it is NOT sour grapes in case anyone hits me with that one).
    I agree with you. It is incredible that such a blog (good as it is, in its own sphere) should win the overall award. Surely, the winner should reflect Ireland in 2010, I thought?
    Then again, Bock, maybe beaut does reflect the empty-headedness of Ireland today? Don’t get me wrong, I’m with Val on my personal need for the cake, but listening to people (women) go on for weeks about a dress they saw, then bought, then returned for a nicer one gives me the absolute pip. Listening to them during the tiger going on about the fake tan, nails, waxing, hair do, brows, toes, facials, massages etc… on a weekly basis nearly made me die from boredom! I find it all tedious and artificial. No wonder women get the rep for being airheads, but they seem to have won this particular day? A lot of people seem to have turned off their ears and their brains from media overload? I can’t get enough of it, but then it’s different strokes for different folks, and those airheads probably think I’m a weirdo who can’t talk about the best dress in town for one second, but can talk about politics and sport 24 hours a day :-)

  9. Robert — I’m not trying to define what the criteria shoud be, but I’ve never yet seen a schema for judging anything that didn’t include the category “relevance”.

    You wouldn’t exclude it as a criterion, I assume?

  10. Don’t get me wrong, I believe woman should adorn themselves as they wish.
    I also believe though that women are incredibly misled in regard to that adornment, The entire business of same is all smoke and mirrors to lead the the female consumer toward profit for huge companies, I have a degree of inside info on the whole industry and it’s very profitable and very fake.
    Carrig. If you are a true perfume junkie, check out the smaller independent companies who use genuine organic and ancient methods of harvest, Most of the big names are pure rubbish.
    Its not necessarily due to current global crisis that this particular winner seems an odd choice, but more because its an ever ending ” hamster wheel ” that works so well that women find irrestible, that endless hunt for the perfect whatever is what keeps the whole industry in major profit, And anyway the market is so saturated with all of that.

  11. Norma — How do you feel about a make-up blog winning the top award? What does that say about our society today?

  12. Agree with you there Bock and the other ladies.. I wear make up but would have absolutely no interest in reading about it. Can’t understand how a site on make-up won the top prize. Are people really interested in reading about make up and the likes as opposed to be informed on very relevant societal matters?
    But also in terms of “we live in very serious times”.. had the thought that life will always try to convince us to take it seriously.. however we return to the nothingness out of which we came almost as soon as we arrived.. without trying to sound too airy fairy.. :) so best to not take it too seriously I find..
    “You don’t know hardship, and I wish I had your life.” Not meaning to be too presumptuous Bock, but you seem to have a pretty good time of things.

  13. I can’t say I’m surprised at the outcome of the blog award. I have come to realise that people are obsessed with the trivial. The mass media doesn’t help and seems intent on distracting people from important issues. The masses don’t read broadsheet newspapers or listen to good radio.
    Everyday I have lunch with my building crew where they read the Sun, Mirror, Star. The discussion descends to some celebrity story or other. When I go to the pub for lunch I meet people who discuss equally banal subject matter.
    I havn’t had a TV for about two years so have no idea what pople are talking about most of the time. When I am in my Mum’s house I watch TV and it amazes me how dumbed down it has become.. Programmes about peoples dirty houses, endless game shows.
    Regrettably, I feel the crisis unfolding in Ireland and indeed the World is all that can wake people from their slumber. What may appear as a crisis may might in fact jolt people into thinking, questioning what life is about.

    Would people have questioned their faith before the Churches demise? Would people have questioned our Govenrment before the realisation that they have bankrupt us all?

  14. Norma, i do love lovely smells, and I know about the business side about it and about alternatives. But my comment was more jokingly added. I love freshly mowed grass or the salty smell of the sea, as well. Or honeysuckle in early summer. It’s a sensual thing, not a fashionable one.
    Oh, and I surely could give you or anyone interested advice about the merits of anti-wrinkle-cremes….

    But that’s beyond the point.

    I understand the need – for a certain populace – the discussion of make-up, of fashion, of appearances. It’s a niche, and be they happy with it. What I don’t understand is that an Irish blog awards ceremony, which I considered as awarding the most thinking/thoughtful, broad-minded, socially relevant or interesting blog, chooses to main-award a blog about lipstick!

    I’m simply speechless about it. And it makes me think again about a society which votes for the same old, same old incompetence to run the country and still sticks to the hierarchy of a church which in the name of some hippie from 2000 years ago still manages to show the middle finger to the world.

  15. Bock, I would never exclude “relevance” from any criteria. But the point I am trying to make (badly I suppose because I keep having to clarify it) is that for certain people, cosmetics, fashion etc are relevant. That we don’t share understand, or appreciate its relevance (and I don’t and I am assuming you don’t either) is neither here nor there.

    It is a blog

    It’s a well constructed and designed blog (from my visit to it tonight as a result of your post)

    It covers its remit well and inventively.

    Therefore it was entitled to win and it won. It wouldn’t be my choice of best blog (for the record neither would yours, but that’s just opinion) but once it was nominated, it came down to whether it was a blog done well, and it appears to be.

    I agree with your general point that we have a lot less trivial things to focus on, but in the context of this award, the winner’s subject matter is not the point.

  16. Robert — I would be very interested to see the various parts of the judging scheme to determine what constitutes the best blog.

    If a blog about lipstick and eye-liner is the best we have, then so be it. I’ll accept the new reality and stay away in future.

  17. I think we are arguing at cross purposes here. You are looking for what is, for want of a better word, “worthy” and I am suggesting that they are looking at “best” regardless of subject matter, and therefore worthiness doesn’t come into it.

    They cover their subject well, it’s not my bag, but that does not detract from the fact that they do it well.

    I’m sorry for the constant back and forth, so I’ll leave it at that.

  18. Robert, I’ve read that blog, though superficially I admit, but even for someone like me who likes cosmetics, make-up, perfumes, it says nothing. It’s an advertisement-blog, it’s like the women’s magazines I’ve read in my youth when I still thought I needed advice in the looks department.

    These magazines were as manipulative as the local priest in my village or elsewhere: They try to tell women how to look and how to behave. They play with insecurities.
    And this blog is as uncritical to all the cosmetic industry and their manipulating charms as is the pope to paedophilia.
    As simple as.

    Defending the beaut’s merits for it’s “make-up”, as you try to explain, just means you fell for the lipstick.

  19. Robert, I clicked on beaut for a total of 2 seconds.. don’t have the inclination to read about lipstick myself.. in saying that it might have some merit to win in the category it won, but to win best blog out of all the other category winners seems silly. Don’t you think?

  20. It would remind you of Roy Jones versus Park Si- Hun in the 1988 Olympic final in Seoul. Park won 3-2…….Jones landed 86 punches to Park’s 32, but other than that Jones, er, lost. To sustain any credibility
    World amateur boxing chiefs AIBA had to introduce a new scoring system for the 1992 Olympics. A wise move -if they believe in credibility that is.

  21. I’ve just had a quick nosy around the site, As a site it’s fine, visually, accesibility etc.
    My dilemma with such a blog winning an overall award is not just that it’s very predictable and even if it’s all about “make up ” it’s not insightful or objective.
    I don’t want to rush to judgement on the site for what it is because i only had a quick peek but even if it had won it’s catagory fair enough.
    I don’t think it deserved the overall award because it’s too one dimensional for these times we live in, both for men and women, Its typical though for people to be drawn to something flippant and distractive as a means of possible escape, We might not want to delve into the deeper issues as to why we are who we are in Ireland to-day but the leap from relevance in our life to what is in the broader view of todays reality, fripperies ,is a bit degrading to our intelligence as a people and possibly even somewhat discouraging to other bloggers passionate in effecting real change in the lives of real people.
    Before i get savaged by women for appearing anti the ” indulgence ” of a lipstick, i’m not, like any other woman i like to feel good and take care of myself, I resent deeply however anyone trying to manipulate me into believing a product will change anything vital about my appearance, most of the beauty products promoted by beauty editors in magazines and newspapers are done due to the freebies they recieve from the companies and the amount of advertising those companies pay for in their publications, that and who you know and who you are connected to..
    The entire motivation behind the business of fashion and beauty is to project via well known celebrities what they wear and what products they use in the manipulation of the customer to strive to look and feel as these celebrities do,To buy a product in the deception of buying into a lifestyle or a particular herd, its not subliminal, its blatant but it seems to work on women in a very subliminal way.
    The irony is that the celebrity pays for nothing, their endorsement will be either freebies or they will be paid by the fashion and beauty companies to lure in the paying customer who actually creates the balance sheet of that company, So therefore its all a lie,
    What does it say about our society?
    It might well be saying that we are a very willing people to be led, not for superficial reasons but led without question toward investing in products that do not live up to their hype and i would think the vast majority of are not produced by us,
    Do we as a society want to be fed lie’s and hype ? Are we beginning to find a comfort in believing the imagary which assaults our senses in the deepest psychological manner ? Is all of this a replacement for deeper more primitive losses ?
    I think we are being deluded as a society toward the ” brightest penny ” and this stems from influences outside our cultural points of reference, but thats a whole other discussion.
    I think we might be addicted to the easy option as a society, What appears to promote is a multi trillion euro industry that can be accessed with a relatively small spend per person and marketed toward the ultimate buzz, But is it really providing a service to women, not for me, and i’m not at all adverse to being as healthy and looking as presentable ( most days ) as possible.
    Looking good and feeling good is basic, the persistent sales driven info on products is in reality a very miniscule role in the overall end result, So no , as a woman i cannot see the justification in the overall winner being that site,
    As a woman , it just does’nt stretch me or give me any indication of a meaningful way forward , Blogs are a huge avenue of information and communication now The delivery of information needs to have an individual feel to it and not any rehashed publicity release, So i suppose i’m just not feeling it. I do feel it’s important to display a high and well rounded standard, so for me just did’nt cut it at all.

  22. Doesn’t the site have relevance to at least half the population!
    With respect are you not being a little difficult with Rob he has made his point fairly clearly, someone said the criteria was that it was the best blog in its field, who are we to argue? By the way looking at the way makeup is shoveled on to womens faces in this country maybe it is more relevant than we think!

  23. I posted a comment on the blog awards site on one occasion pointing out that religion had a significantly larger level of involvement than most of the categories and asking why there was no religion category – the comment was ignored. Last year I was nominated by a friend in the specialist category; I didn’t make the shortlist and didn’t consider entering again.

    Blogging is very post-modern – there are no rules and no authorities. The IBA people are self-appointed and can make whatever claims they like; equally anyone is free to rubbish those claims.

    Was it Fintan O’Toole who said that Irish blogging had never really achieved what it might? When one looks at North American blogs like the Huffington Post and Steyn Online (sorry, Bock, I know you don’t like him) and consider that a cosmetics website is what Ireland is offering as its supposed best, then the criticism seems fully justified.

  24. I see no problem here.

    It’s a shallow, poorly disguised advertisement warehouse with no obvious substance.

    Ignore the man behind the curtains, everything’s OK, la la la la la I can’t hear you, ooh look at the shiny!

    i.e. a perfect representation of Modern Ireland.

    Perhaps the site is secretly awesome because it becomes a self-parody, deconstructing the socio-political diamorph and becoming, if you will, a Canterbury Tales for our generation.

    Coming soon: Burger King Menu wins Irish Book awards.

  25. Hey, Bock. In my humble opinion, this site is well overdue an award but you know my feelings about this thing. I think it is absolutely pointless having the fucking awards in the first place. I’ve been longlisted a couple of times and, the first time it happened, I was genuinely pleased that someone had recognised my little blog. However, having reflected on the idea of having an awards ceremony for bloggers, I have to say that it is utterly pointless. Yes, it pushes a few more readers your way but you have plenty of readers as it is. It’s even more pointless this year as I don’t think the ever-present Twenty Major won anything. That’s just incredible. Somebody called the top award an oscar but I feel that these awards have more in common with the Eurovision than the Academy awards.
    It’s an absolute joke that a site dedicated to make-up won the overall award. Let’s not sugar-coat it. It’s a fucking disgrace. I’m sure would have been quite happy with the top award in its category but the overall award? Really? Bock, you don’t need an award to tell you how good and, indeed, how important this blog is. You didn’t win because it probably wasn’t your turn this year. Sorry to put too fine a point on it but awards in general are all just about back slapping and pretence. Fuck the blog awards.

  26. Rob No 2 — I’m not being hard on Rob No 1 at all. Just querying his logic. There’s no difficulty whatever with a blog winning a prize for being best in its field. I’m asking what criteria are applied to determine what makes it the best of the lot, in every category.

    And I find it a bit dismaying that a blog about lipstick should be considered the best of the lot.

    If we knew what the judging guidelines were it would be easier, but I would imagine they might include design, presentation, writing quality, relevance and probably many other things.

    Steve — You’re being a little harsh there. I wouldn’t compare it to the Burgerking menu winning the book awards. Bella magazine, maybe.

    Cap’n P — It isn’t about the category winners. I’m sure was the best in its class. It’s about what we consider the best of the best.

  27. That’s almost exacty what I said, Bock, with the exception that I think the whole thing is a lorry load of festering bollox. As a social commentary on what we care about most in this country, were we to read too much into the Blog awards, we would be depressed.

  28. Its entirely possible that this ” Award ” world is just altogether a ” bit Irish ”
    Blog Awards, Style Awards, Best Dressed, Sexiest Donkey, How can they be adjudicated on a basis of reality, Have to agree with Cap’n ” was’nt your turn ” is most likely the basis of a ” decision ” That and the general ethos of don’t be seen to connect with anything controversial, Let’s stick with the faerie stories, isn’t it what people love about us.
    Fact is though, this morning you could buy 50 AIB (not that you would ) shares for a tub of “anti wrinkle ” goo, For me that say’s it all.
    Having said that, you could probably feed 10 people well for the same money.
    So how can what is basically an Advertising site, at least a Promotional site be an overall winner in the arena of public commentry ?………….Astounding but in reality not so surprising.
    It also says something about us that the most successful commercial and retail enterprise in Ireland at the moment is The Kildare Outlet Centre, apparantly parking is nearly impossible there, People out in hoards hunting the ” bargain ” or just ” hunting and gathering ” As i said earlier, ” Primitive ” but we are addicted now.

  29. Anyone can be a judge for the blog awards. The criteria for each round are clear, there is a marking scheme and each entry is judged by a number of judges. is not to everyone’s taste- big deal. Anyone who has taken the time to actually read it (like, you know, the judges) will recognise that – whether the subject matter is of interest or not- the blog is well written, up to date, critical, humorous and has a ‘community’. lots of blogs are recognised as the best in their area. After that, you can’t be judging which ‘area’ is best- is photography better than food?- it has to be on how it’s done. Judges decided that does it best. Try harder.

  30. To be fair to the blog though, they have had a lot of success in the last year, what with the book being published and all.

    The best Blog award should be a measure of the blogs success, and there is no doubt have had a successful year.

  31. This is pathetic. I’m staggered at the self-important, earnest, whining begrudgery on show here.

    Firstly, the Irish Blog Awards are a privately-run enterprise. It’s a guy that knows a group of bloggers, they’re all very friendly and self-congratulatory, and they decided a few years ago that their blogging abilities deserved some form of award. So it was set up and it grew. To be nominated you didn’t need any standard of excellence, you simply needed one mate to recommend you. Now, most Irish blogs are in some way or another involved – whether it’s being nominated, judging, winning, bemoaning the lack of a win, whatever. Some have nothing to do with it. To them, the recognition or praise that comes from a circle of bloggers intimately aware of one another has absolutely no relevance. It’s not official is it? Was a nationwide ballot of readers cast to determine the best bloggers? No. A small group of judges from a fairly insular group gathered together and doled out their awards.

    The country is apparently really, really in trouble now – because a group of bloggers chose a beauty site as their blog of the year. Will you get a grip? Can you see the self-absorption? The whiny, moany self-importance?

    You honestly believe these blogs are the definitive marker of Ireland’s sensibilties? God Almighty.

    This is not a profound social commentary in the slightest. It is the judgement of insular, backslapping bloggers. It has nothing to do with the mood of the man, or woman, on the street. They don’t give a bollocks about this gathering in Galway. The fact that some people chose as their blog of the year, and not a commentary on child abuse, NAMA, or the failed goverment of this state means absolutely fucking nothing. Get your head out of your arse. Do the IT, the Indo, The Examiner, RTE, TV3 etc etc spend most of their time talking about make-up? Or do they in fact talk about those serious issues? What does the man in the street talk about? Of course it’s not make-up.

    The mainstream media, and those who partake of it, are a far more accurate barometer of Irish concern, and Irish opinion than a group of self-important, self-absorbed bloggers, who think their representation of Ireland is the most telling.

    God Almighty

  32. Speccy,

    Your comment vindicates the critique of Irish blogging; what is adjudged ‘best’ in Ireland simply does not make the grade at international level. It is a microcosm of a wider political and economic malaise.

  33. Ian
    glad to be of help, tho I hadn’t realised I’d come across a critique of Irish blogging. To a mere reader it looked more like a case of sour grapes;a wild overreaction to not winning at pass the parcel.
    Ah well, must go and learn more about blogging

  34. Which is better, physical appearence or economic destruction?

    Why Mr Bock, that’s a lovely pair of toeless boots you’ve got for yourself there.
    What’s that, some Haitan Missionaries were kind enough to give them to you when they saw you there in your cardboard box and heard your tale of woe about how the cardboard in the box was now worth more than the house you used to live in?
    Well that’s nice isn’t it. Maybe tomorrow you’ll be able to beg enough money for some socks to go with them, but sure if not I hear that no-one is wearing socks this year in Milan or Paris, so it would probably be just as well.
    Toodle pip!

  35. Conor, the only whiney, moany comment on here is yours, but you make a fair point about the blog awards.
    I couldn’t care less about those awards.
    I care quite a bit about Ireland seemingly rushing towards the mediocrity of the herd.

  36. Mairead, I was exceedingly moany, but I think Bock’s argument is utter bullshit, and I got carried away. Sorry about that.

    A group of Irish blogs is not indicative of Ireland. Mediocre blogs does not mean Ireland is rushing towards the mediocrity of the herd. Read a book, listen to a new Irish album, read the broadsheets, watch the news. Sorry for the condescending preaching, but seriously, those are far more accurate barometers of Ireland’s intellectual health than a number of insular, self-involved blogs.

    Ireland is fucked because a number of bloggers (is there more than a thousand? two thousand?) chose as their favourite blog. Well fuck me. Get a grip.

    I’m aware of the unbelievable irony that comes with posting these opinions on a blog.

    Blogs are valuable, interesting, provoking etc, but they are not the most accurate representation of the contemporary Irish psyche. It is quite possible to talk all day about the important issues, and post enjoyable fluff on your blog in the evening. Don’t overplay the importance of your blog world

  37. Yes,exceedingly condescending, Conor, but you make a very fair point.
    The thing is, that I fear that quite a number of us do seem to be happy with the mediocre – see the election of FF three times in a row for proof of that. See the herd flocking into churches every weekend, despite all that we now know. What will it take for people to stop?
    Beaut is probably just a trigger for this conversation, but I think it’s a valid one to have, don’t you?
    P.S. I read a lot, listen to radio, get involved in politics, have reared children to think critically etc… but you know that already.

  38. Conor — I don’t remember saying that the blog awards caused Ireland’s problems. Could you point out where you saw that written down?

  39. Bock, you and I, in our rare interactions, sometimes agree and sometimes disagree but have always been friendly and respectful and, I like to think, hold each other in some esteem and affection.

    And so with all of that in mind, I say I think you’ve got hold of the wrong end of an ugly stick here. As you point out, “It isn’t about the selection of the winners in the various categories. Everyone won their category fair and square.” The Best Blog is picked from that bunch, which gives us 21 entrants for 2010. I’ve seen the judging criteria from past years, and looking at the 21, they would have scored very, very highly with the points system in place. They blog like clockwork, they write well, they garner a massive amount of comments, etc. The award isn’t for Most Important Blog in Ireland. None of the criteria is “how relevant is this blog to the current economic train wreck?” If that’s what you wanted, I don’t think any blog other than the much-lauded and completely wonderful Maman Poulet could have made it from the list of winning blogs to the Best Blog prize, and that’s not much of a contest.

    I understand there is history here I was blissfully unaware of, and as I like you, Damien and the girls from a great deal, I wish to know none of it. But whether you like or their niche or not, they are a powerhouse site. Last I looked, they’re the most popular blog in Ireland and pull more traffic than any other Irish blog I’ve been able to find. I think they deserve a great deal of respect for what they’ve achieved – certainly more than you’re giving them.

  40. “Firstly, the Irish Blog Awards are a privately-run enterprise. It’s a guy that knows a group of bloggers, they’re all very friendly and self-congratulatory, and they decided a few years ago that their blogging abilities deserved some form of award.”
    And you call the rest of us self-important. So all it takes is to be self congratulatory and to be a mate of Mulley’s. Listen, my blog is utter shite and it in no way deserves an award for anything but, even if it did, I wouldn’t have the slightest bit of interest in attending. Total shite. I still update my blog anytime I feel moany, whingey or just plain bored. I read this blog to read a decent blogger. Self important ,my fucking left one. Grow up Conor.

  41. Speccy, a couple of thing you might not be aware of.

    “Anyone can be a judge for the blog awards.” – no they can’t they have to submit themselves and then they are selected – who does the selecting and on what basis?

    “The criteria for each round are clear, there is a marking scheme and each entry is judged by a number of judges. ” again not so. Last year different judges ended up judging the same blogs on a different basis because of lack of clarity around things like actively blogging. It was raised public and nothing was done about it. Also, the criteria are have not been made public, why?

    “Try harder.” At what exactly? Another blog last year or was it two years ago posted about how they found the experience of being nominated and shortlisted strange in that they had no idea after the awards what they might do to improve as a blog. And they were targetted by the clique for abuse including by the main man behind the awards.

    Last year I sought to raise some issues, rather inexpertly, about the process used and the lack of transparency and consistency around the rules for the awards and again it brought the mob around the house. Year in, year out people ask questions, are hounded for it and nothing changes. Running the church or the country requires a lot of work too but that’s doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed ask questions.

  42. “You don’t know hardship, and I wish I had your life.”

    I wish I had time to keep abreast of all this self-sustaining blog nonsense, let alone construct and maintain a website.

  43. “Conor — I don’t remember saying that the blog awards caused Ireland’s problems. Could you point out where you saw that written down?”

    Bock, my comment was fairly ineloquent at best, so I think there is a slight crossing of wires there. I know you weren’t saying the blog awards caused Ireland’s problems, you were saying they were an indication of Ireland’s problems. Your title for instance: “Irish Blog Awards Documents Ireland’s Final Decline”

    In other words, you see a group of bloggers choosing a beauty site as blog of the year as a definitive sign of cultural and intellectual collapse in this country.

    On my part, I think this is pretentious, self-important, and laughable. I take issue with your viewing the privately-run Irish Blog Awards as a significant cultural marker. They are not. A certain cabal of bloggers thinks that is the most important Irish blog of 2009. That does not mean that the Irish population thinks make-up is more significant than NAMA. A small number of blogs, and the resultant blog awards, do not speak for Ireland.

    The Irish Blog Awards do not document Ireland’s final decline. God Almighty. They do not represent the 4m citizens living in this country. Not everybody thinks is important. Just a few bloggers.

    Capn P, I was taking the piss out of the blog awards/criticising them. I share your sentiments exactly. I’m just not good at illustrating sarcasm in a blog comment obviously. I read this blog because I almost always like what I read here, and because, as a Limerickman, I like to see Limerick presented online, and can often connect with the posts. Blogs are absolutely for boredom, when you’re feeling moany, whatever. That’s exactly my point, I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s why I criticised Bock for declaring that the blog awards documented Ireland’s Final Decline. For God’s sake, how pretentious and self-important is that?

    In the scheme of things, blogs are nowhere near that level of cultural significance.

    I will try to grow up though

  44. Sabrina — I don’t know what history you refer to. To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never had anything to do with the people from Beaut. Could you elaborate a little on what you’re suggesting there?

    Conor — The post is about the blog awards. That’s a little thing that people go to once a year, meet up and get pissed. I happened to be there, I happened to have an opinion about it and I happened to put that opinion up here. I write about lots of other things too, as you’ll know if you’re a regular visitor, but this particular post happens to be about the blog awards. There’s nothing wrong with expressing an opinion about the blog awards, is there?

    I have often written about gigs, parties, dinners I was at, holidays I was on, and often drew general conclusions from specific examples without being buried under an avalanche of adjectives: pretentious, self-important, laughable, insular, self-involved, whining (and this is only a selection of your own terms).

    You might equally say that the man in the street cares nothing for the movie I saw or the dinner I cooked and you’d be right, but I haven’t seen such vehemence on anything else I’ve written.

    This is ironic considering how irrelevant you consider blogging to be.

    You’ll also know, if you’re a regular, that the general dumbing down of society annnoys me, and in my opinion, the choice of Beaut as overall winner is another instance of the trivialisation that has been going on in our society for decades.

    I have no problem with them winning the Hair, Nails and Cellulite section, by the way.

  45. I’m reluctant to say anything because even after only about a year of blogging, the Irish ‘blogosphere’ as people refer to it is still new to me and I’ve yet to grasp the politics of it all. However…

    Whilst I take your point about more pressing issues in Ireland today, is there any need for the Best Blog or all blogs for that matter to address them? Not all blogs, certainly not mine anyway, address current affairs so what if for instance, a Photo Blog or a blog from the Personal Category had won ‘The Grand Prix’? I’m not sure what the criteria was for selecting the Best Blog but I’m assuming it is measured by success even if that is in terms of hits. From what I can tell (and have been told) seem to be incredibly successful at writing about what they do even if personally makeup etc doesn’t interest me. The ‘Best Blog’ as they call it will never offer something for everyone.

  46. Hmm. Perhaps I need to revise my earlier remark.
    [Joke]I hope you will all join me as I launch my own online billboard “”[/Joke]

    Ok, well done to, very good site –honestly, well put together and although I don’t like the content it is obviously written with skill and flair.
    Although, pink and green colours? wtf?

    I didn’t realise that the IBA was a private affair, i.e none of my business, therefore I have given up my right to have an opinion about who shoud have won.
    But I will say, given that blogging in this country is a growing medium, and that more and more people are getting on-line and reading blogs, and participating in them, and in some cases, are actually taking something of value away from the discussions they have on forums like this, I think that the IBA missed a golden opportunity here.

    I think that there is a real need to promote the more “serious” side of blogging, which is to say that blogged content (is that how one says it?) should be of substance, and not just for its own sake.

    What we’ve seen here is an endorsement of style over content, which can surely only lead to a devolution of blogging in general into “meta-blogging”?
    OK, maybe I don’t know what I am talking about. Probably not. And it’s not my business. After all, I don’t have a blog and probably never will. Too lazy and not enough original thoughts in my head.

    Wouldn’t it have been better for everyone if that blog that won had some kind of relevance to our current affairs, because God knows, if you take your opinions from the TV, you’re already fucked.

    Bah, I know it’s just the romantic in me, and 5 years ago the eternal cynic in me thought blogs were a pointless watse of time. After all, it’s not like the Gutenburg Press changed the world or anything….I had changed my mind up until recently. Now I am confused again.


  47. “Wouldn’t it have been better for everyone if that blog that won had some kind of relevance to our current affairs, because God knows, if you take your opinions from the TV, you’re already fucked.”

    But there is a specific category for news and current affairs, that’s the only thing. It’s difficult to select an overall Best Blog from the winners because the categories are so different.

  48. I don’t know very much about specific blogs, Irish or not. And even less about Blogs’ Awards anywhere.
    But here’s my opinion, wanted or not.
    Any blog-post, which taught a French Canadian girl (in her 70s) how to cook fabulous ribs, should win an International Best Blog Award.

    À votre santé, Mr.Bock. Keep talking. Keep cooking. I’ll keep learning.

  49. You know what? Maybe I’ll set up a Hair, Nails and Teeth section. That’s Beauty, Woodwork and Cookery.

    How about

  50. Error: please fill the required fields (name, email).

    Argh. Teach me to write a huge reply and then forget to ctrl-c it before posting over a dodgy internet connection.

    White Rabbit: I agree with you in principle, but I was more trying to say that I personally was disappointed in the same was I was disappointed when District 9 didn’t win Best Picture, as I felt it had more to say about human nature and the world we live in than the hurt locker. But that’s just opinion and as a non-blogger and non IBA associate I don’t really consider my opinion valid in that sense.

    I just felt that a chance to show that sites which try (even though they may fail) to engender some kind of positive social thought on the problems we face in our society, were more valued than sites which serve no real purpose to society by and large, would have been FTW as they say in the internets. But then again, if it was up to me, I would also ban the x-factor and anything with the word “reality” in it from TV, so maybe I do need to chill!

    Anyway, congrats on your own win, please do keep up the great writing.

    Right, Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, submit cannot be found, error: Clipboard says “ha ha!”

  51. As this is about Irish Blogs, please allow me to mention another one: “SENTENCE FIRST.” It has been a great help in improving my English. It was listed for a prize. It didn’t win. But any blog which taught me to use GALORE and METAGROBOLIZE is Number One in its category. As you can probably see, in my comments, I still need to learn a lot. both in Language and Cooking. I’m grateful to the Irish! Slàinte!

  52. Bock- I was directed to your Blog from Twentymajors site….you are THE BEST my man! Finally, SOMEONE in Ireland ‘gets it’ and is not afraid to put it out. Keep on blogging! : )

  53. Cheers Steve. Hopefully you didn’t encounter those errors on the site because the fucker has been acting a bollocks for me recently.

    Following on from your point – I have always been reluctant to subscribe to the idea that an Irish blog has to offer something to Irish society to be of any value. I know that it’s easy for me to say that since my spot is a mess of a ‘stuff and things’ kind of place but I do think there is a place for casual, light hearted blogs to stand beside those which exist to provide a decent, original social commentary.

  54. Half the world gorges to obesity whilst half the world starves.
    Dont lose weight – give it to someone who needs it to stay alive.
    Half the world fritters away time and capacity whilst half struggle just to survive.
    Everyone has something meaningful to give – we all have a responsibility to spend at least a little time look ing for that thing. Those who wont simply occupy space and consume. May as well not be here.

    Keep going Bock.

  55. In 2009 we had the Ryan report, the Murphy report and the revelations about Anglo-Irish Bank. We had 1900 job losses in Dell. We had the establishment of NAMA.

    Yet the winner of the best blog was a site about make-up.

    Thats why they’re called the “irish blog awards” as opposed to the “irish poltical blog awards” or “irish current affairs blog awards”. You’re a sad cunt.

    Now, can you point out where exactly i said you were a sad cunt?

  56. Paul, make sure you always eat all your dinner young man, there are children starving in Africa.
    I occupy space, consume and fritter away a lot of time.. excuse me for existing. How about the capacity to produce good feelings in others Paul.. would that be something meaningful to give I wonder? How long would it take you to figure out how to do that?

  57. I hope this comment doesn’t clash with my shoes.
    Good for you Bock! I’m happy to see you say what you feel and stand behind it.
    That’s why I like this blog. Sorry you didn’t win your catagory or the Best of.

  58. Sour grapes and link baiting, shame on you. The Best blog is that, The Best blog not the most politically aware, or quickest onto the latest current affairs hot topic or most vapid blog, Seriously Bock I’m glad I stopped reading this site regularly, your a bitter and twisted sore LOSER and your really showing your true colours with your indignant princess bit.

    Congratulations on your nomination Bock and commiserations on not winning, but really the sour grapes are just pathetic

  59. George. One of the questions regarding ” overall winner ” was ” what does it say about our society ” ?
    We the Irish, So attatched to the art of begrudgery, Like to keep all of that expression of disdain and disatisfaction on the down low, Keep it to hypocritical conversation among those we like to think we can trust.
    We can’t be seen to complain or be vocal regarding a dilemma which might indicate poor choices, poor service or a reflection of a downturn in our values as a society.
    The subject put forward here for debate is a logical and valid question, The responses are entitled to be individual but are of course based on perceptions as opposed to facts.
    The fact’s are though, That a site based on the proliferation of information based on promotion of commercialism won out over any site based on providing accurate information and honest debate produced at the cost and time of the blogger to provide the alternative to mainstream media for the benefit of the public..
    What exactly defines a puposeful blog is not for someone as lacking in blog knowledge as myself, I do however think that the access to expression regarding a vast variety of subject matter affecting present reality and discussion regarding ways and means of discovering vital information toward a way forward via the view’s of other people expressed freely is of enormous benefit to those seeking solutions in their lives.
    We need to accept thats it’s ok to be honest and express dissatisfaction without the accusations of ” bad sportsmanship ” simply because that is very much an Irish reality and I for one applaud anyone with the ball’s to be open and honest about it.
    If you view it as ” sour grapes ” it says a lot more about you than the valid question put forward for debate.

  60. Sorry Norma, What’s being said here and on 1 or 2 other blogs when you cut through the crap is that did not deserve to be crowned best Blog because it talks about something that is seen by the author as irrelevant. It’s very obvious snobbery and it’s pathetic.

    It’s not a competition for best subject matter, it’s a competition for Best blog.

    And I stand by my comment that this post is simply Sour grapes and Link baiting as I have not been convinced otherwise by the author.

  61. Congratulations to on it’s superb win. Love to Bock also xxx, Brian.

  62. That’s a good question Bock and now that I think about it why am I bothered by this?

    I just don’t like what seems to be a rather grubby attempt to undermine the awards, make little of the organisers/judges time & effort and trying to profit from it by posting a deliberately inflammatory post to gain traffic, I guess.

  63. If you had taken the trouble to read it more carefully, instead of listening to the usual demagogues, you would have seen that it’s a complaint about the awards becoming trivialised. But you didn’t bother to read it properly, did you?

  64. I did take the trouble to read it Bock, I actually read it a number of times, but what I’m reading doesn’t read as a complaint about the awards being trivialised. It reads as Sour grapes because they won, blogging about a less weighty topic than others.

    Would you still consider the awards “trivialised” had a blog from Pop Culture or Music won the Best Blog award?

    Personally, I think the awards would be trivialised more if a “News and current affairs” or “Political” blog had won best blog just because of the subject matter rather than whether or not they were actually the best blog.

  65. George — I already said, not in one, but in two different posts, that Beaut deserved to win their category. How would you characterise that as sour grapes?

    My opinion is that a make-up blog is trivialising something that has been a vehicle for much independent and stimulating debate and thinking. That’s my opinion, and I won’t be browbeaten out of it by the sort of opportunistic gobshites who have stirred up this row.

    Are you saying that I should keep my opinions to myself?

    And as for link-baiting, I suggest you look elsewhere for that.

  66. As a newbie to this blogging lark, I was thrilled to be even nominated this year. However, I have to agree that a lot of the successful blogs seem to be about nothing at all.
    For example, I was casually browsing through the list of nominees when I got to a blogpost which basically went along these lines:
    “Sorry I couldn’t do a live blog from [mentions a specific event] because I had the sh*ts”

    I’ve already called for the criteria by which the decisions are made to be made public, on the grounds that this will aid in the improvement of all Irish blogs. However, if its the same sort of criteria that led to the above blog being nominated, then maybe they need to rip up the criteria and start again!

  67. Yes Bock you said that they deserved to win their category, but I can not find a mention of you approving of their win for Best Blog, in fact in the post above you say…

    “Yet the winner of the best blog was a site about make-up.

    Really? Is make-up the most important thing in Ireland today? Can the economic crisis be solved by false eyelashes? Will blusher send our kids to college?”

    That sounds pretty sour to me.

    It’s a competition for Best Blog not “Best social contribution” to say that they’re win trivialises the awards is insulting towards, the Blog awards and past winners, in my opinion.

  68. Fuck’s sake, George, I was hoping you were being honest about not visiting this site regularly anymore because I’ve always found your commentary purile and nauseating, but here you are, spewing forth your drivel time and time again. The fact is that I’ve now visited and I can’t see anything that would suggest it’s the best blog in the country. If anyone visiting sees that beaut is the best Ireland has to offer, then I doubt they’ll go much further into any other Irish blogs

  69. I am strongly considering setting up a blog, will you teach me Bock, you are my hero, giving an upper right hook to allcomers. I want to be fearless too, xxx Brian.

  70. “What exactly defines a puposeful blog is not for someone as lacking in blog knowledge as myself, I do however think that the access to expression regarding a vast variety of subject matter affecting present reality and discussion regarding ways and means of discovering vital information toward a way forward via the view’s of other people expressed freely is of enormous benefit to those seeking solutions in their lives.” Ouch my head hurts now.. sorwwee.

  71. Sabrina — Thanks for the clarification. I was afraid somebody had been telling you porkies (but that would never happen).

  72. I can’t stand fallacies being used as if they are somehow an argument.
    “Bock is only saying this due to sour grapes” – is an attempt to shut Bock up, it is not a logical argument, it is an attempt to obscure a valid point.
    I think that it was incredible that a blog about make-up should win the Best Blog Award.
    I visited beaut just the once.
    Guess who directed me and many others to beaut?
    Sour grapes?
    By the way, I haven’t felt the need to visit beaut ever again, it was fine, but it was not and is not the best blog in Ireland – in my opinion.
    If you want to disagree with this point of view please go ahead, but use logical arguments not pathetic fallacies.

  73. George —

    Hint: the reason you didn’t find find a mention of me approving of their win for Best Blog is because I don’t think they should have won Best Blog.

    Brian — Steady on. I didn’t pay you that much.

  74. It doesnt matter whether or not the blog was about make-up or heavy duty political analysis. Blogs are small scale, windbagging bits of fun. Having a Blogs awards ceremony seems to only serve to make some people believe that blogging is more important than it actually is.

  75. Well then why don’t you stay and enjoy? It’s all bullshit anyway, especially the fools getting worked up over this.

  76. While I think other blogs/posts were better the ones that won , won . If I won (Gog forbid) I’d be rubbing it in to everyone’s faces as some have told me I’m not media friendly for some reason, even if the other posts were better or more important than fisting midgets.
    The over all blog that won is justified don’t make me post pictures of Irish weemen to prove it. White rabbit was the code name of a British spy during WWII so hence I believe this is all a plot to tell weemen ” C’mon make the effort you mingers” I thought the judges were all weemen but have since realised them to be all men.

    I think there should be more beauty/diet blogs out there in Ireland north and south as double bagging harms the environment which is more important than man’s harm to each other………… Unless you use a plastic bag and keep reusing it though I’d had bad experiences with plastic bags.

  77. Ah shur up Old knudsen, have you not had a look in the mirror lately.. you auld man with man boobs. You’ll probably need to bag up your saggy old balls soon yourself..

  78. Any truth in the rumour that have offered Bock a free makeover?

  79. Surely it won because the judges can think outside the box and realise that to get our country off its knees and defuse the pension time bomb we need to start procreating fast, and because alcohol consumption in Ireland is dropping dangerously low for various reasons, it is make-up and such like that is essential to attract people, who would otherwise be mutually repulsed, into acts which will increase procreation. I can’t believe none of you can see this. To simplify, Tarted up women on their knees = Ireland off its knees.

    Now its obvious, right? Anyone? Anyone?…..

  80. Bock, I’m usually in agreement with you. I enjoy your perspective. However, I think you are a little off the mark here. Yes our popular culture is more vapid and shallow but beaut is a solid blog about a subject that seems not to interest you one iota. Fair enough. Would there be such an outcry if a sports blog won. For many, sports fanatics are also vapid and shallow, perhaps seeking an identity through an emotional alliance with a better physical specimen than themselves. An identity, a collective sense of team etc. For many others these fanatics simply make their eyes glaze over as they rant on and on about what “we” did, even though they sat on the couch, often hundreds of miles away. What would make that blog more vaild? It’s all escapist.

    That being said, can someone start a blog on Joe Canning. Even from three thousand miles away I can appreciate him:)

  81. I think Grandad (Head Rambles) put it best:

    Suppose for one daft moment that I were a judge for Best Blog and that I could use my own rules, what I would be looking for is a blog that is well written and is somehow inspirational. It should make people want to start their own blogs. It should have that je ne sais quoi that sets it apart from others. It should add to the overall gene pool of the blog world. There was a post in the finals of the Best Post category that struck me in that it could have been the starting chapter of a book. I wanted to read more. It was well written. [It didn’t win, though I’m not saying it was better or worse than the others] I am mentioning it purely to illustrate the kind of thing I call ‘adding to the gene pool’.

  82. Bock, since you did not pick my earlier posts on this forum as being the best example, I will be starting up my own blog to complain about it ;)

    All joking aside, Grandad’s was what I was trying to say, agree 100%.

  83. Interesting criteria for best blog Bock.

    I am not a regular visitor to beaut, I’m far beyond their help, but I think that by your criteria they may still have won, given a judging panel of diverse interests. Whatever the subject matter, it is well written, well edited and lively. Inspiration means different things to different people, and I think there can be very little doubt that beaut has been used as a model by many and prompted lots of people to start blogging. Not perhaps on topics that interest you necessarily, but blogs are nothing if not eclectic in their subject matter.

    I know exactly the best post entry you refer to. I too would love to read the book.

  84. Could the issue here be that have invented something new that just happens to use a particular technology (i.e: wordpress). That something new being an ‘Interactive Magazine’.

    Without a doubt they could win the Best Interactive Magazine in Ireland awards.

  85. I’m afraid not. There are plenty of interactive magazines. Most of them cover more than one topic though.

  86. Hmmm, so going a bit further, if the site had been developed in PHP/HTML etc, looked and operated exactly the same, but didn’t use a blogging engine, would it have been eligible for the awards?
    The point being is a blog a blog purely because of the technology?

  87. I know little or nothing about the technology behind it and care less.

    The concept of a weblog seems a little outdated now anyway, and my objection is not based on the word “blog”. It’s based on the word “best”.

  88. That’s why this site has changed over the last year or so. Now that you mention it, maybe we weren’t eligible to be there at all. Maybe we gatecrashed somebody else’s party.

  89. Its obvious to me ( as an independent observer) that the following comments from previous posters sum
    up everything regarding these so called awards.

    Conor wrote>
    Firstly, the Irish Blog Awards are a privately-run enterprise. It’s a guy that knows a group of bloggers, they’re all very friendly and self-congratulatory.

    ScienceWriter wrote>
    I’ve already called for the criteria by which the decisions are made to be made public.

    if you lads want to be taken seriously then there will have to be some form of transparency,
    now the only question is; does master mulley who is pulling the strings here want his influence diminished, me thinks not for obvious reasons.

    Bock you are right and obvously now not in the circle anymore, so perhaps you should setup the Irish Blogging Awards.

  90. I don’t think anyone is pulling strings.

    It just seems to me that the thing deserves better than becoming a vehicle for the multinational beauty industry.

  91. well said bock i think there was lack of categories, an additional of best academic bog (and or economic blog) might have given more chances for a more substantial best blog to emerge, i don’t think much thought was put into the awards ,they an annual awards so they just happen. Its a market exercise for someone business. Maybe someone needs to start a non-commercial awards.

  92. Steve – have a read back through the posts on the awards site and that of the organisers. Then you’ll realise the awards don’t just happen, that the categories change every year, that suggestions for new categories and changes are made every year, and that they themselves are non-commercial.

    Your suggestion of possibly adding a new category (or two) of best academic blog (and/or best economic blog) is a good one – so long as there are enough blogs in those categories to make them viable. You should make it on the awards site when the call for new categories goes out.

    It’s fine to disagree with how the awards panned out, or to not like how they were organized, or indeed the idea at all, but that doesn’t mean that much thought was put into them.

  93. I think one thing is important to emphasise.

    This post is not about the organisation of the Blog Awards, even though I know it suits some people to mkisrepresent it, perhaps for their own advantage or perhaps not.

    This post about what I personally regard as shallow, trivial and superficial. It’s about dumbing down. It’s about the triumph of fluff over substance.

    And it’s about promoting an industry that makes billions by feeding people’s insecurities and pushing unattainable and unrealistic body images on teenage children.

  94. i can’t find the judging criteria or list judges

    if you didn’t want to criticise the IBAs event you could have written a post just about the “beauty” industry. you rebuke anyone when they suggest you have some personal beef but then suggest it of your commenters?

  95. It’s not a rebuke.

    It’s a clarification.

    I don’t suggest that you misrepresent the post. That would be other people.

    Are you suggesting that I should write the post without mentioning the context? I don’t follow your logic.

  96. They gave the overall prize to that beauty blog because the only changes the Irish Establishment – the whole damn lot of them politicos, bankers, bishops, county council managers and civil servants – want to make are cosmetic changes.

    Come the revolution they’ll get more than talcum powder thrown at them.

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