The Anglo One Are Innocent

Free the Anglo One

The Anglo One sit hunched in their foul dungeon with nothing to eat but rat droppings, burning bank shares for warmth and to keep their sanity, reciting from memory old interviews with Marian Finucane.

What is to become of us? they whisper, but no-one listens, for the mob is ahowl and the tumbrels groan on the cobbblestones.

It is the best of times.  It is the worst of times.

It is time for sweaty nightcaps.

It is time for all good men to hold their tongues.

It is time.

In the distance, a dog howls, a blade thuds and a urprised head falls into the basket, blinking.  Its wig falls on the green.

The old crones knit.

But we are innocent, protest the Anglo One.

It matters not a sous to the toothless jailer.  He laughs and scratches his crotch.

Bah! he says.

And yet, there is hope.

One man will not stand by and see these brave Anglo One go to their doom undefended.

Lawyers and scribes who once ate their fill at the banqueting tables of the Anglo One, now eschew and contemn them, but there is one, versed in ways of the old law, who will soon return from his painful Portuguese exile, and he, if none other,  will defend the noble Anglo One.

That man, mark ye well his name, is Michael Lynn and he comes with all haste to fight this reign of terror.

He may die in the fight, but fight he will, and the noble Anglo One will walk free, though he may stand on the gallows in their stead.

He may well perish, but it is a far, far better thing he does than he has ever done.

16 thoughts on “The Anglo One Are Innocent

  1. I suppose the great anglo irish one will be granted free legal aid – courtesy of you and me – the tax payer to ease his pain !
    What a great countrythis still is

  2. Gombeen men are a breed and a law unto themselves. So embedded in our culture it is hard recognize them. Unfortunately they arise when most of us are on our knees too weak, and scared to do anything.
    That’s where you need strong inclusive community.

  3. All good things come to they who wait, are you all watching??? yes, you, the implicated, the ones who will slip out the side door while the great one takes one for the team.
    He will sing his song and all the bluster that comes with it, but fear not, we are not harsh.
    A little penance and some small donation will suffice…………………..

  4. I’m sure Seanie’s brief will have him out for a quick nine holes before tea. On a somewhat connected point; is anybody else furious that the large Irish law firms who advised and represented Seanie’s bank and its speculators through the boom and into bust, have been awarded the contract to give legal advise to NAMA. This means that the big law firms will be advising client number one: The developers, speculators and the banks how to survive NAMA’s pursuit of them for the money that they owe to that agency. Meanwhile, the law firms other personality will be advising NAMA how to pursue those same developers, speculators and banks for the money that they owe to that agency. Now, I’m not a solicitor, but I know that they teach ethics in Blackhall and I am pretty sure that there has to be at least one lecture on ‘conflict of interest’.

  5. When you step away you can see how similar the US and ROI are. If yer gonna have a hollow Celtic tiger for a few years you must know that this is what follows. How is the Catholic church involved in this I ask?

  6. That wasn’t me commenting above, and the link to the name is decidedly strange.

    That Anglo One has some cheek and brass neck.

  7. A march in support of the Anglo One will take place at the Winners Enclosure in Cheltenham this afternoon, prior to The Golden Circle Chase at 2:40.

    Incorrectly dressed people and those with debts of less than ten million euro are not invited to attend.

    Former Finance Minister Charlie McCreevy is expected to lead the march, which will culminate with an “how dare they” protest, hosted by Irish Nationwide at “Le Tent” . ‘Fingers’ food will be served.

    Your heartfelt support at this time for our Seanie, will be barely appreciated and hardly acknowledged…..Now go away, you …people.

  8. As expected , the Scarlet pimpernel has ridden to the rescue and Seanie is free to rampage again. Great little Country this is.

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