Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, Annoys Irish Catholics and Anglicans In Equal Measure

Speaking the truth about Roman Catholic credibility in Ireland

Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, gave an interview to the BBC in which he expressed the opinion that the Irish Catholic church had lost all credibility.

I can see you shaking your head in bewilderment.

What’s your point? I hear you saying.  Isn’t he right?

Well, that’s what I was thinking too.  After all this is an organisation that first of all denies it’s an organisation and pretends instead to be a bunch of independent bishops.  And this non-organisation is responsible for hiding the worst sort of crimes against children and for protecting the criminals.

We know this because of properly-constituted investigations whose findings are documented for everyone to see.

We know that these people for generations have imposed their will on the Irish people while simultaneously raping their children.

This is a thing that would undermine the credibility any organisation.  After all, if Anglo-Irish Bank executives  had been raping children, it wouldn’t be getting government billions today.  Its executives would all be in jail, and yet, Anglo which was involved in financial criminality and not in child abuse, has no credibility at all.  None.

So why would you be surprised that an organisation hiding child rape might have no credibility?

Here we go, then.

Archbishop Rowan Williams says as follows, in the course of an interview:

I was speaking to an Irish friend recently who was saying that it’s quite difficult in some parts of Ireland to go down the street wearing a clerical collar now.  And an institution so deeply bound into the life of a society, suddenly becoming, suddenly losing all credibility — that’s not just a problem for the church, it is a problem for everybody in Ireland, I think.

Well, he’s right and he’s wrong.

The wrong bit is that it’s a problem for the people of Ireland.  It isn’t.  It’s a problem for the people who imposed their will on us for all these years.  A big, big problem that will result in their destruction as a force in Ireland.

The correct bit is that they have lost all credibility.  Despite the efforts of Diarmuid Martin, this organisation has no moral authority whatever left.  It doesn’t matter that individuals, no matter how many in the clergy, are trying to salvage something from the disaster.   They are sunk.  Nobody believes anything they say.

And therefore, Rowan Martin is correct.

The Catholic church in Ireland has no credibility, just as the Pope suggested in his recent letter to his bishops.

Why are Irish people so upset about an English cleric saying this when a German bishop has said more or less the same thing, even if this German cleric happens to be the pope?

More to the point, why are senior clerics in the Church of Ireland so upset at a fellow member of the Anglican Communion speaking the truth?  Isn’t that the job of a man in Rowan Williams’s position?

9 thoughts on “Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, Annoys Irish Catholics and Anglicans In Equal Measure

  1. Its like black people calling each other “nigga” but when a white person says it they all get angry. The Archbishop of Canterbury or Catholic lite mentioned the problems of another church and while many would like to pretend its only a Catholic thing well it isn’t , if yer neighbour fills his yard up with horse shit yer gonna smell it .
    While there are many good priests and nuns out there who only mean to help people its usually the turds that rise to the top as the former aren’t ambitious and have no need for designer loafers, the church/Vatican is full of out of touch codgers who only care for their cause and will sacrifice children as is the way of many religions.

    Father Raniero Cantalamessa mentioned the Jews which was a big no no but Rowan Martin only did a wee no no because he wasn’t being a twat about it. If the Irish people are upset I suggest they keep and focus their anger at the cause not someone pointing out the obvious or does that mess with them trying to life in denial?

  2. I hear this is Martin’s “revenge is a dish best served cold” moment,after the Catholic Church tried to poach Anglicans who didn’t like the idea of woman priests. Certainly he seems to have little time for Benedict.

    It is sad that this institution is so ill-served by the people at the top. I read today that Cardinal Law only resigned when, along with a grand jury subpoena and the threat of bankruptcy, he had 55 priests publicly calling for his resignation. It is too bad there is no historical precedent for a pope resigning. So instead this fiasco looks fated to run and run.

  3. When there’s a pimple on your ass you have no choice but to sit on it – Williams was right, straight-talking, tell it as it is, the record speaks for itself.


  4. Rowan Williams always struck me as a sensible, levelheaded man. Well, about as sensible or levelheaded as a man of the cloth can be. He looks like an owl though.

  5. This is the first bit of sense ever to have emerged from the oral cavity of the bushy-eyed one. And then he bottles it and says he’s sorry he said it, he didn’t mean to offend anyone. Fucking moral coward, as I always suspected.

    So now he’s lost all credibility too. What a shower of fuckwits, every last one of them. They are so far out of their depth in the 21st century. Please everyone – wake up and see what’s going on, and kick these fuckers out of our collective conscienceness. We don’t need this supertitious claptrap.

  6. Hi Knudsen, can we look at the good clergy business?
    “While there are many good priests and nuns out there who only mean to help people …”
    Do you actually know these good people?
    I’ve met loads of them (clergy, that is, not good clergy). Every single one of them that I know is hell bent on promoting and defending the church, that is, themselves. And they will abandon all morals to do this.
    If there are decent catholic clergy, now that the whole world knows about the systematic enablement of paedophile rapists by the church, where is their voice?
    Why are we not witnessing an outcry of rage from decent catholic clergy?
    I’ll tell you why: it’s because ‘decent catholic clergy’ is a self-contradictory term.
    The catholic clergy are all frantically busy hiding the money.
    Battening down the hatches on the schools and hospitals.
    Playing at being a foreign country in central Italy.
    They couldn’t give a fat fucking rat’s arse about the victims present or future.

  7. Right Cynical Joe, no credibility whatever. Whited sepulchers the lot of them! You hit it on the head Leo, Power and Money, Money and Power!

  8. The Irish Catholic church has lost all credibility.
    Archbishop Martin, you still just don’t get it and you are meant to be one of the “good” guys?
    Every single person I have spoken to about this statement think that it was nothing but the truth.
    Anyone giving out about it is in denial.
    No credibility.

  9. Irish clergy know Irish people can now call their bluff, challenge their dominance. They are digging in for the siege. Bishops are calling in “their” teachers in groups to intimidate and silence them. After all, our cowardly state has put the carreers and livelihood of these public servants in the hands of these witchdoctors. Far from fixing anything, we will now see the clergy using all their bullying powers against any Irish person they hold something over, and that’s a lot of people.

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