It Was The Queers, Says Deputy Pope

75-year-old virgin explains child abuse

According to a Catholic News Agency article, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone once boarded a bus in his long black cassock and red fascia, stunning a group of young people into silence.  By the time he reached his destination the prelate had engaged the youth in a deep conversation on love, sex, virginity, and chastity.

In other words, he’s a dirty old pervert.  If I did that I’d be arrested.

Bertone is the man who spoke as follows in Chile:  I have recently been told, that there is a relationship between homosexuality and paedophilia.

He went on to say, this pathology [paedophilia] is one that touches all categories of people and priests to a lesser degree in percentage terms.

To put it another way, priests are less perverted than everyone else, but the queer ones are the kiddy fiddlers.

That explains all the priests who raped little girls then, doesn’t it?  They’re gay.

This wisdom, incidentally, is coming from a 75-year-old man who joined a religious order at the age of 15 and who has never had a sexual relationship in his life.  You’d feel sorry for these old bastards if they weren’t so evil.


Meanwhile, here’s a rare thing: a priest who seems to believe in Christian values.

25 thoughts on “It Was The Queers, Says Deputy Pope

  1. Are they claming homosexuality is the real reason the priests in their church raped children?! What about the heterosexuals who are also paedophiles?! What does it matter, they raped children! What the fuck are they talking about?

  2. Is that the right article from the Catholic News Agency Bock? Clicking on it though, I see on the right there is an ad for “Catholic Match” – The leading Catholic Singles Community. You could meet the love of your life in there!

    It’s these incitements of hatred that spur on the likes of these lunatics.. protesting at funerals.

  3. So it’s all the fault of the gays then. Looks like (contrary to popular belief) these old geezers have a lot in common with Iris Robinson after all.

  4. It’s everyone’s fault but the church then?
    Wimmin, the media, “some” rare priests, now gays.
    Denial, denial, denial.

  5. And the Jews! Don’t forget the Jews. They have a finger in every pie, you know.

  6. It’s hard to know what to think! If ‘the man in the street’ as it were, made this claim I’d be frightened but these are supposed World leaders, leading us down spurious alley-ways just to avoid the truth – the very foundation of their organisation. If it wasn’t so insane and down right scary it might be laughable!! And what’s worse it’s been going on for thousands of years and it (the church) seems to thrive on it (the alley-way subterfuge). I suppose all we can do in times like these is look to ourselves and do what we can – our efforts might be like the old proverbial ‘drop in the ocean’ but they do add up….

  7. Irate Chemist — Bertone can’t tell the difference between sexual orientation and child abuse.

    FME — It’s the right article. In the case of these old churchmen, I think you’d need carbon dating.

    Jim — I’d call him a lot worse than that.

    CW — Nice observation.

    Mairéad — Women, Jews, gays, society, us, sexy children. Anything but their own fault.
    CHP — Noted.

    Peter — I’m not sure if I’d call them leaders of any sort. Pathetic old clowns would probably be more appropriate. You’re right about taking personal responsibility though.

  8. Last week these bum-rapers were blaming the Jews. Now it’s the Gays.

    Bock, if you want a laugh, listen to Saturday’s Marian Finucane show:
    Programme 29: Saturday 10th April
    Marian speaks to priests from across the country on what it means to be a priest in 2010.

    The priests take offence at the term “Paedophile Priest”, and compare it to the phrase “Paedophile Farmer”, which was attacked by the IFA when applied to one of their members. The Holymen thought it was just as outrageous that the term “PP” was applied to child-fuckers who just happened to be members of the RCC.

    HOWEVER – one important difference between the IFA, farmers, and the RCC: the IFA, to my knowledge, doesn’t protect childrapers, or move them from farm to farm to keep them out of jail, neither does the the IFA conceal evidence from the civil authorities to confound justice. It was amazing to listen to these twats liken the position of the RCC to that of a farming institution.

    Then again, logical analysis can’t be expected from men who believe the world was made by an old man on a cloud, and who take moral instruction from a cross-dressing transvestite who spent his childhood in the Hitlerjugend.

  9. I’d say the chances that Cardinal Bertone is a virgin are fairly slim. I strongly suspect that the top echolons of the church hierarchy were involved in this kind of behaviour themselves along the way. This is the only way to fully explain their cognitive dissonance – they cannot deal with the paedophile priests without confronting their own crimes, and since they are deep in denial, they prefer to try to hide the problem (move the priest out of the headlines) and hope it goes away. But it’s not going anywhere – we’re way over the tipping point on this one now.

    It’s such fun to watch them squirm on the hook, without any clue how to deal with the issue properly. Their only instinct is self-preservation, and the longer they behave like that, the more damage the are doing to the church. They are incapable of seeing that this simply cannot end well – there is no plausible scenario in which this church leadership can work its way out of the problem through denial and wishful thinking. The world does not work that way anymore.

    Imagine if Toyota said “Our cars are fine – only a small percentage will kill you. The media is conspiring against us to make us look bad, because they are evil. We’re not going to recall them or fix them because they are by divine right the best cars on the road. Trust us.” What would happen – Toyota would be out of business within a year. It’s not that different.

  10. Fuck the scum in Rome; bastards. May they burn in a hell.

    As it stands they appear to believe they have inherited the earth, with an option on every child.

  11. Very funny PE!!
    So, just to be clear, here is the official doctrine of the Catholic Church for 2010 regarding the Child Abuse scandal: It was Homosexuals in the Catholic Church responsible for molesting children, but there are no Homosexuals in the Catholic Church, it is all lies made up by the Jews.

  12. Polo: The principle of ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ can only apply if there is a properly constituted criminal trial to test the evidence and judge guilt or innocence. The whole point here is that the church has conspired, over many years and many jurisdictions, to protect offenders, destroy evidence, withhold cooperation with police, deny access to information anf generally obstruct the administration of justice. In my view therefore, the church has surrendered its right to be presumed innocent, much as the Nazis did. By all means, the church should go on trial, but we should treat it as a hostile accused, and minimise the courtesies usually extended to accused persons.

    If an individual conducted himslef the way the church has done, the court would throw the book at him for contempt and obstruction of justice.

    So let’s get the perverts and stick them in prison. See how they enjoy sexual power games when they are the butt end of the joke.

  13. One of these days someone is going to ask the catholic church an awkward question. Something like …. ‘How many priests removed from parishes for sexual misconduct are currently residing in church owned houses in the UK and the US’?

    You’ll soon find out whether the church is still hiding paedophiles from the criminal justice system. No one in the church or upper reaches of FF want a bunch of old priests and monks giving evidence in a courtroom- who knows how many Bishops they’d drop right in the legal shit?

    The peasants are down to their last scrape of the barrel now- they’ve blamed the 1960’s, secularism, the Jooze, Vatican II, gays, the media, and now they are down to a general whinge that they don’t seem to be appreciated.

    A simple question to ask the Xombies (catholic indoctrinated)- what other organisation in the world is currently protecting paedophiles from justice?

    Answer- none. Thats all anyone needs to know about the catholic church.

  14. @ Cynical Joe

    My comment was purely in response to Bock’s remark about Bertone’s sexual relations or lack thereof.

    My sentiments regarding the Vatican should be clear from my response to the Pope’s letter to Ireland.

    The Vatican is trying to weasel its way out of the whole thing. I would like to pin them down, to say the least.

    Clearly the Hierarchy is equally, but not exclusively, culpable.

  15. Jesus no wonder my dog is walking funny, the shirt lifting mongrel. Most dogs round here hang round the butchers all day, but not mutt, he hangs outside the hair dressers.

  16. The hierarchy right up to the Pope is implicated in child abuse. It is without doubt a criminal organisation. So fuck the lying pricks!

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